Hey, everybody. I think the full English trailer to "Total Drama: Pahkitew Island" is on the Cake website:

If it is, then you know what to do.

But, in order to get the trailer downloaded, I need you guys' help (I've logged in, but Cake, quite frankly, won't let me see trailer) Here are the steps:

1. Log in to the Cake website, wait for the reply.

2. Download and Install a Screen Recorder program like Bandicam or Fraps (Tip: download only the free trial).

3. Once Cake lets you in the Screening Room, capture and record the whole trailer (if you are using Fraps, pause the video, put the trailer in full screen on the Computer monitor).

4. After you are done recording/capturing it, upload it to either YouTube, DailyMotion,, and/or

5. Enjoy the video.

Sounds easy, right?

So, thank you and enjoy.

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