This has been a shocking day for all Dawn fans like me, after I've watched tonight's episode "Backstabbers Ahoy!" there is an awful elimination that shocked the whole world even worse than all eliminations in Total Drama history. All I'm gonna say is...

Yep, that's right, Dawn got eliminated... BY SCOTT!!! I mean, some of the things that Dawn didn't do, as of now, is how she screams (except for the intro... WITHOUT ANY AUDIO WHATSOEVER!) I mean, she was gonna scream in horror in "Finders Creepers", but those moron editors of the show decide to cut that part out. And all of the other things besides stuff that Dawn did in the first five episodes of "Total Drama: Revenge of the Island", like meditating and all that stuff. But "TD:ROTI" is a decent season by far.

I mean, I wish that Gwen and Dawn would do something better in future seasons of Total Drama, but until then, only time will tell. Now, I should wait for Gwen's cameo in "TD:ROTI" soon. Until then, bye for now. And now, here's the song for all Dawn fans after her elimination in "Backstabbers Ahoy!"

(The song "You Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" by the Righteous Brothers has been removed due to copyrights.)

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