Well, since CanadaToons will not upload "Skatoony" anymore, then, I'll let one of you fill in for him, if you're in Canada, and if you have a capture card (ala Roxio: Easy VHS to DVD, Pinnacle Dazzle, Diamond, Hauppauge, etc.) and a recorder (VCR, DVR, etc.) you know, that today at 4:00pm on Teletoon is the Skatoony episode "To the Quiz Cave!" One of the Skatoony episodes that CanadaToons doesn't have! So, if you have all that equipment, and if you have a YouTube channel, you can do it, just say "I can do it!", that's it.

Or if you don't want it to be on YouTube, you can upload it to MediaFire, or just both.

As for the rest of you that don't have the equipment, if you want CanadaToons want to upload the episode, then go to this site:

and copy and paste this message:

"CanadaToons, you know, many people wanted the Skatoony episode 'To the Quiz Cave!' Which is today at 4:00pm on Teletoon, and that'll be your last video on your channel, it's the most-requested episode, you know? And everyone wanted it. Please record and upload it, for old time's sake."

Now for all of you who have the equipment, good luck, hopefully I can finally get to see the episode we've always wanted, and I'll se you guys later. BTW, please post a YouTube and'or a MediaFire link after you're done. Thank you.

UPDATE: If the episode is over, and if you did record it (or already recorded it), use a capture card, and upload it to YouTube and/or MediaFire, copy/paste the YT/MF links when you comment. If not, just say "I didn't record it!" And you really need to go to iTunes, right here: Download the episode and then, upload it to YouTube. Either way we want to see this episode. Thank you.

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