Episode 1: Orientation




Episode 2: English



Welcome students this is your first class of the year.Today's class is ENGLISH!Now the challenge is that one by one the two teams will spell a animal of any kind or object, but if the student spells the animal or object wrong then the student will get attacked by the animal or object and is out of the challenge.The last student who is not out will be safe and so will their team.WOW YOU NEED A LOT OF SMARTS FOR THIS CHALLENGE!Oh yeah and you have 5 SECONDS TO SPELL THE ANIMAL OR OBJECT.FIRST UP IS..... Lindsay!Lindsay your word is...STAPLER!"S-T-A-B-L-A-R".I'm sorry Lindsay you spelled STAPLER WRONG.BUT LESHAWNA GOT IT CORRECT.ONLY TWO STUDENTS ARE LEFT JUSTIN AND COURTNEY ALL THE OTHER STUDENTS GOT ELIMINATED BY THE WORD KILLER WHALE I GUESS THEY WANTED TO DIE TODAY!Courtney and Justin need to spell MIRROR but the one who spells it correctly first is the winner!!NOW JUSTIN LOVES MIRRORS and thats why Justin and The Killer Club are the winners!NOW THE SCREAMING COMMITTEE YOU GUYS NEED TO GO TO THE LIBRARY AND SEND ONE STUDENT HOME.NOW YOU STUDENTS WILL GET A CHRIS MEDAL WHICH MEANS YOUR SAFE.Chris Medals go to SIERRA, LESHAWNA, DUNCAN, GWEN, IZZY,TRENT, GEOFF, AND THE LAST MEDAL GOES TO DJ.BYE BYE COURTNEY IT'S A LONG BUS DRIVE TO DETENTION.SO I HAVE TO ASK YOU GUYS WHY DID YOU VOTE HER OFF?EASY SHE LOST THE CHALLENGE FOR US.BUT SHE WAS THE SMARTEST ONE ON YOUR TEAM.TO BAD THE NEXT CLASS IS MATH.

Episode 3: Math



Welcome back todays challenge is ultimate multiplication domination.This is mainly about solving easy multiplication problems but theres a catch if you get the problem worng then you will have to jump off a cliff.You need to jump of the height of the answer of the multiplication problem they got wrong.So lets say is Lindsay got 10 times 10 wrong then she will half to jump off the cliff at the 100 feet mark.I'm not going to eliminate you, you can eliminate yourself by quiting or if you refuse to jump off the cliff then your out.This is a non elimination challenge because someone is coming into the contest.Heres Katie.Katie you will be on The Screaming Committee.I can see the glow in your team's eyes because now the teams are even so there is no advantages.The Screaming Committee is up first.First we will start with Izzy what is 90 times 90."1"(Izzy)Okay Izzy you have to jump off a 900 foot cliff.The Multiplication Domination Challenge is down to it's final 2 students.Those students are Izzy from the Screaming Committee and Cody from the Killer it's in the thousandths.Cody what is 1000 times 1000."1,000,000"(Cody)That is CORRECT.Izzy your problem is ...Oh wait you cannot move on you fell of the cliff over a dozen times you need to go to the Health Room.And it's official the Killer Club WINS.Your reward is ALL DAY SHOPPING SPREE IN THE LIBRARY AND YOU MIGHT THINK IT'S JUST BOOKS BUT IT'S NOT IT'S FILLED WITH FOOD AND CLOTHS ETC.SEE YOU FIRST THING NEXT WEEK FOR GYM.

Episode 4: Gym



Welcome back to Total Drama Academy!This weeks challenge is Gym Class.Remember TDI where you guys had to play dodgeball.Well thats what today's challenge is but theres a twist.The twist is that you won't be using dodgeballs you will be using Mr.Coconut.And your playing field is this school.I won't give you Mr.Coconut you have to find it.You are eliminated if a person from the other team hits you.If your team wins that means they are safe.There is no time limit this game can go on for days so take a shower in case this game takes more than a day.I don't want to smell your stank.Now GO!It has been over a hour of gameplay and Beth, Cody, Katie, DJ, and Owen have been eliminated.But wait Justin just saved Lindsay from getting hit but what did he do that for?The score is The Killer Club-5 and The Screaming Committee-7.The people who have been eliminated can help their team by giving them Mr.Coconut.It has now been 5 hours and Gwen, Lindsay, Geoff, Trent, and LeShawna have been eliminated.The score is The Killer Club-4 and The Screaming Committee-3.Alejandro, Bridgette, Harold, and Heather are still in for The Killer Club and Duncan, Izzy, and Sierra are sitll in for The Screaming Committee.It has now been 24 hours of playing and only Harold and Duncan are left.Who will win?BOOOOOOOOM!Harold wins he actually wins The Killer Club is safe.Now The Screaming Committee you have voted and here are the people who are safe...Gwen, Katie, Izzy, Duncan, Geoff, LeShawna, Sierra and Trent.DJ I'm sorry but you're out now you need to go on your bus to detention.Now why did you guys vote off DJ?We didn't think he was a asset to our team.But he was your strongest player.Whatever your next class will be Health.

Episode 5: Health



Welcome back to Total Drama Academy!Today's class will be Health.The challenge is to find body parts of your monster.They will be all over the school.You can take only your monster parts if you take the other team's parts you and your team will be disqualified.So lets begin!The Killer Club has found their monster's head and right leg.While the Screaming Committee has found their monster's head, torso, right and left legs and tail.It looks like the Killer Club needs to catch up if they want their winning streak to continue.Meanwhile in the Cafeteria Cody finds the Screaming Committee's monster's right arm and that is their last piece to find.The Killer Club is almost finished with their monster but the Screaming Committee is having a hard time finding their monster's right leg.Oh and once your teams monster is complete the monster will come back to life and make the losing team stay up for a whole night.So be aware if you want that prize.And also the losing team will have to vote off a team member.The Killer Club just neads to find their monster's tail while the Screaming Committee is STILL trying to find their monster's right leg.WINNERS!The winners are...THE KILLER CLUB!They are still undefeated.Oh wait we have a disqualification here.Cody has stole the Screaming Committee's monster's last piece the right leg.So that means the Screaming Committee has won.Now the Killer Club has to vote off a team member and the votes are in.The people safe are...Justin, Lindsay, Owen, Harold, Alejandro, Beth, Heather, and Bridgette.Sorry Cody karma is a BUTTFACE!So ride the bus to detention and good ridens.And I don't have to ask you why you guys voted him off I already know.Oh and have a nice night while the monster is waking you up all night.See you at the next class which is Science.

Episode 6: Science



Ha ha ha ha.Welcome back to Total Drama Academy.This weeks subject is Science.Today's challenge is to play tag in a zero gravity chamber.Now you don't just tag the person to get them out.You need to hit their target with you science liquid.When you do that the person is out.And there is a eleimination this week so try to win.Now lets get SCIENTIFIC!The Killer Club has the green liquid and The Screaming Committee has the purple liquid.Oh and every ten minutes the lighs will turn off so make sure you know where the other team is.It has been only 10 minutes and Beth, Gwen, Heather, and Katie got out.The score is tied with each team having 6 students.Now if you get hit you need to get the heck out of the chamber.Now it has been 5 hours and Leshawna, Justin, Lindsay, Alejandro, Bridgette, Sierra, and Trent have got out.The score is The Killer Club-2 and The Screaming Committee-3.It looks like The Screaming Committee might have this one in the bag.Now Izzy is a sharp shooter so I think she may win it for her team.But The Killer Club can make a comeback.Oh and when it comes to the final 2 the zero gravity chamber will be turned off and the 2 will have only one shot to hit the other so lets get moving.Owen, Geoff and Duncan have been hit.And now for the final two.This is intense.Izzy has just missed but it bounced back and...Oh Harold dodged it.Now he has only one chance.Can he do it?(SILENCE)OWWWWWWW!And he does it!Harold and The Killer Club wins.So The Screaming Committeeyou have to vote off a team mate.You all have voted and here are the people who are safe Sierra, LeShawna, Duncan, Trent, Geoff, Izzy, and Gwen.Sorry Katie you have been eliminated.And to think I got trough all of this trouble to get you to be here.Well that was a BIG MISTAKE.I knew I should of picked Eva.Well you can go on the bus to detention.So now I have to ask you guys why you voted her off?Well Katie was very DITZY and she always got out almost first in the challenges.Well I have to agree with you she was very DITZY!So see you next time in History.

Episode 7: History



Hey welcome back to Total Drama Academy.Today's class is History.The challenge is to stay locked in a random classroom and their will be a mystery.Now your job is to solve that mystery.The mystery is to find out who killed fake Chris.There will be clues to solve the mystery.The team who solves the mystery will win and be safe this week.And the losing team will have to vote a teammate.Oh and none of you guys and girls actually killed the person so it's ok.The suspects are the people who have been voted off this season.So now lets go solve a MYSTERY.The clues in the room are a dagger with the initial S, a teddybear with blood on it, and a piece of paper wil the words "KILL CHRIS!".Oh and you and your team will only have 1 guess.The Screaming Committee are thinking that Courtney killed the fake Chris while the Killer Club thought it was Katie who killed fake Chris.Duncan over heard the other team say that Katie killed fake Chris.So now The Killer Club thinks Katie killed fake Chris.But Beth wanted to change her team's mind because she thought that the teddy bear with blood was DJ.So Beth pitched to her team that DJ killed fake Chris because of the teddy bear with blood.So they were forced to agreed with her.The Killer Club told me their one and only guess and told me DJ killed fake Chris.That is the WRONG ANSWER sorry.Now it's all up to the Screaming Committee.If they get it wrong each team will have to vote a team member off.The Screaming Committee thought it over and thought the dagger with a S on it belonged to Sadie which is Katie's besr friend.And the piece of paper that said "KILL CHRIS" looked like Katie's handwriting.And LeShawna saw a teddybear in Katie's bag when she left.So The Screaming Committee told me that Katie killed fake Chris.That is the RIGHT ANSWER!The Screaming Committee wins and they are safe.The Killer Club I'm sorry but you need to vote a teammate off.You all have voted and here are your results Owen, Lindsay, Justin, Alejandro, Bridgette, Heather and Harold.Sorry Beth but go on the bus and go on to DETENTION.Now why did you vote Beth off?We had the correct answer at first but STUPID Beth made us change our mind.We would have won the challenge.Oh now I get it.So see you next time in Photography.

Episode 8: Photography



What up?Did you miss me?Well I sure hope you did.This weeks class is photography.And the challenge is to use this camera to take pictures of the other team.Now this is not just any picture.No you have to take the most embarrassing picture of a student on the other team.It could be for example Heather taking a dump.But to not get any lawsuits we will censor the bad parts out.Now you will only get one picture to take for each person and the team with the most embarrassing photo wins.Now lets get digital.Now as a joke I placed 7 fake cameras that squirt out water and that person will not be able to take place in this challenge.Now Owen, Heather, and Lindsay got the fake cameras for The Killer Club and Sierra, Trent, Izzy, and Duncan got the fake cameras for The Screaming Committee.Now everyone is trying not to do anything embarrassing so their team won't lose.But I'm sure that one of these students will crack and do something embarrassing.Oh wait look.Geoff is starving for the camera he is posing for all of the people who have a camera but the students are avoiding him.I think Geoff will just do about anything to get in front of one of these cameras.Oh no.Geoff took all of The Killer Club's cameras and might waste all of their film.But Justin saved all of his team's cameras just in time but Geoff's face was kinda of freaky and Justin got it on camera.So I guess The Killer Club is in the lead.But to bad Geoff took all of The Killer Club's cameras again and wasted their film.Now It's up to LeShawna, Geoff, and Gwen .But Geoff also took Gwen's camera and wasted her film.And used his camera to take a picture of himself.Now it's all up to LeShawna.Can she do it.She has a chance Heather's butt crack is showing and just about as LeShawna was going to take the picture Geoff went in front of her and wasted Alejandro's film.Thats bad luck because if LeShawna got that picture they would of won.No it's time for The Screaming Committee to send a student to detention.The people who are safe are Izzy, Gwen, Duncan, Trent, Sierra and LeShawna.It's time to go Geoff.Now go on the bus to detention.I don't need to ask you guys why you voted him off I already know.Now see you next time in Band.

Episode 9: Band



Welcome back you pee wees.Chris isn't here today so I will fill in for him.YOU GOT IT?Alright this weeks class is band.And your challenge is to copy my beat on my drums.You may think that this will be easy but guess what?IT'S NOT!You all know from season 1 you had a challenge to face your fears well I think you got the easy way out to face it.So guess what?You will be playing the beat while facing your fear.You can't do anything to face your fear.You just need to stay calm under the pressure.So lets get started.First up is...TRENT!Trent listen to my beat "BOOM, TICK, BANG, BOOM, BOOM".Now memorize that beat cause here comes you fear.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!Trent don't be a wus hurry up because you only have 10 seconds to mimic the beat.5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0!!!Trent you are eliminated!Wow you punk I never thought you would fail this challenge.Whos!I will repeat the same beat I did for Trent."BOOM, TICK, BANG, BOOM, BOOM".Lindsay anytime now!"BOOM, TICK, BANG, BOOM, BOOM".Oh my gosh you got it correct.Wow now I think Trent is a huge wus!"Lindsay always surprises me.She can be dumb one day but she can be a total genius the next.Thatis why I like her so much.Oh wait don't put that on the air!"(Justin)"I think I really surprise people like Gretel.Oh I mean Ginger.Wait no I mean Gwen.See I even surprised myself."(Lindsay)Wow you guys suck!Only Lindsay and Duncan are good at following beats.The final beat is "BOOM, TICK, TOCK, TICK, TOCK, TING, TICK, TICK, BOOM".Now you have 1 minute to copy that beat.Your time starts now."BOOM, TICK, TOCK, TICK, TOCK, TING, TICK, TICK, BOOM".Who did that?It was Lindsay!The Killer Club WINS!Now The Screaming Committee you need to vote off a teammate.The votes are in and Chris medals go to...Gwen, Izzy, Duncan, LeShawna and Sierra.Sorry Trent you screwed up and now you rout of here.Join us next time for Dance!

Episode 10: Dance



Hey it's me Chris and not Chef Hatchet.This weeks class is dance.The challenge is that each team will compete in a DDR dance off.One by one a person from each team will battle it out and after everyone has gone we will add up all of the points and the team with the most pionts will win.Now The Killer Club you have 2 more students than The Screaming Committee so 2 of you can't participate.Okay I guess Heather and Lindsay won't participate.Now there is a twist all of you will be wearing blindfolds.Your teammates cannot tell you which arrows to step on you have to follow your instinct.Now there are some rules and if you break them you will be eliminated but not only for the challenge but for the whole season.I have seen mostly all of you cheat in challenges so if you want to pull a fast one on me I will do the exact same.So good luck.Oh and after this week the teams will be merged.Thats right the merger is coming.Now shall we get started.The first battle is The Killer Club's Alejandro vs The Screaming Committee's Izzy.The song you guys will be playing is "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.Blind folds on ready, set, DANCE!:My strategy is to keep pressing the same button.I kept pressing up.I guess it didn't work because I got 50 points."(Alejandro)The points from the first round are in.The Killer Club-50 Points and The Screaming Committee-1000 points.Wow Alejandro you suck.Next up is The Killer Club's Owen vs The Screaming Committee's LeShawna.The Song you guys will be playing to is "Shake It" by Metro Station.Ready, set, DANCE!Wait, wait, wait!Someone has cheated I can see HER eyes!LeShawna you have been eliminated from the show.Sorry thats how the cookie crumbles."I'm kind of bummed I left the show that way I really thought I was going to win this won.I knew I shouldn't of cheated."(LeShawna)Okay Owen just keep on dancing.The points from round two are in.The Killer Club-550 and The Screaming Committee-1000.LeShawna's points didn't transfer since she is off the show.Now it's the last round it's The Killer Club's Bridgette vs The Screaming Committee's Sierra.The song you guys will be playing to is "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha.Ready, set, DANCE!The Killer Club really needs a lot of points in this round because they are losing by 5000 points."This is one of the things I do best.I can do DDR with my hands and my head.Of course I can play DDR with my eyes closed."(Sierra)Okay this is the total points for all of the rounds.The Killer Club-100,025 and The Screaming Committee-500,555.Congratulations The Screaming Committee you have won and all of you have made it in the merger.Now The Killer Club you have voted and here are the people who are safe Justin, Heather, Owen, Lindsay, Harold and Alejandro.Sorry Bridgette you have been eliminated.Now you may think why did Bridgette go home.Well Bridgette didn't even help her team out she scored 0 points.She has never played that game in her life.So now the teams are merged and ready to face off.See you next class for Cooking.

Episode 11: Cooking



Hey are you ready for the merger?Well I hope you are because the merger is here.Today's class is Cooking.The challenge is that each of the contestants will have to taste the food at their station blindfolded.The students will guess what is the food on their plate.They will only have 1 guess.And if the get it wrong they are out.Like I said in the last episode if I see you cheating you will be out of the whole season and miss out on $500,000.So put on you blindfolds and let's eat.Now this is round 1.Now students take the lid off of your plate.Now 1, 2, 3 EAT!I think I know who is going to win this contest his name is O-W-E-N!But can any of the students prove me wrong.Let's see Alejandro whats your guess?"I think that it's a spam and egg omelette."(Alejandro)That is correct.Gwen what is your guess?"Cheese pizza.(Gwen)Correct.Duncan what is your guess."It's really gross pickles!"(Duncan)That is correct.Heather, Justin, Harold, Owen, and Sierra got the right answer while Lindsay and Izzy got their answer wrong.Now on to round 2.Ready, set, EAT!Alejandro what is your guess?"Taste like a ham and cheese hot pocket,"(Alejandro)That is correct."I need to win this challenge badly.If I don't win this challenge I will get booted of the show like that.(Alejandro)Gwen what is your guess?"Um?Sorry I really don't know what it is."(Gwen)Okay Gwen you are out.Alejandro, Duncan, Harold, and Owen has got their answer correct.While Gwen, Heather, Justin, and Sierra go their answer wrong.Now I forgot to tell you their are 3 challenges in this class.You four have passed the first challenge.Now the second challenge is a food fight.The students who are already out of this challenge get to stay around the arena and throw food at you threw a bazooka.There is trash can lids for you to shield yourself from the food.This challenge will go on until 2 students are left.Now bazookas ready.Go!These bazookas are very frightful but it win't hurt you at all.(BOOOOOOOOOM)Duncan is out of the challenge."Holy crud that hurt!Lindsay your gonna get it!"(Duncan) "Whooops!"(Lindsay)Okay only one of you needs to get hit so we can go on to the next challenge.(BOOOOOOOOOOM)Harold is out.Now stop the shooting.We are onto the next challenge.Alejandro and Owen you two will have to cook any kind of food for each of us to eat and we put it to a vote.And the student with the most votes will win the whole challenge and is the only student who is safe from elimination.Now cook.Owen what did you cook for all of us."Well I cooked you my favorite food to eat.It's a strawberry ice cream sandwich with anchovies, cookies, peanut butter, and chicken."(Owen)Oh okay thanks Owen?Alejandro what did you cook us?"Well I don't know how to cook so I cooked you all cereal with milk."(Alejandro)Okay I guess that counts.Now everyone vote who's dish was the best.The votes are in and the votes are Alejandro-9 and Owen-1.Izzy was the only one who voted for Owen.Okay Alejandro you are safe from elimination.Now the votes are in.And the people who are safe are Alejandro, Duncan, Justin, Heather, Sierra, Owen, Gwen, Harold and Lindsay.Sorry Izzy you need to catch the bus of shame and go to detention.See you all next class for Wood Shop.

Episode 12: Wood Shop



Welcome back to Total Drama Academy!We are down to the FINAL 9 but after this episode we will be down to the FINAL 7.Yeah thats right 2 students are getting eliminated this week.Today's class is Wood Shop.The challenge is to study a animal I give you and you need to build that animal out of wood.You can detail it too, to get extra points. Now everyone better try their best at this challenge because the student who has the least points at the end of the challenge that person goes home.But another person will go home in the elimination.Now let me give you your animals.Alejandro you get the duck.Duncan you get the bunny.Gwen you get the beaver.Harold you get the shark.Heather you get the deer.Justin you get the frog.Lindsay you get the squirrel.Owen you get the alligator.And last but not least Sierra you get the raccoon.Now you will only have 5 minutes to study your animal.And make sure to study them well.Now I put a chain on every animal and it has a letter on it.That is where I will give the most points.If they got the letter they are pretty sure of making it too the elimination.5, 4, 3, 2, 1 STOP!I hope that you studied your animal well because the person who has the most points are safe from elimination.You now have 2 hours to finish your animals."I really need to win this challenge because I'm pretty sure that I will go to detention if I lose.(Alejandro)"Do I hate Alejandro?Obviously I do.He ticks me off more than Justin does.He took a highlighter and drew on my toothbrush because I saw him talking to himself.Like even Justin won't do that.(Gwen)"Who do I think might lose this challenge?I like Lindsay and all but she isn't the smartest girl in town.It would be horrible if Lindsay went home because I actually like her like, like her.(Justin)Let's see our students progress.Alejandro is almost done with a hour on the clock left.But to bad he doesn't know what letter was on the animal.Duncan actually got the letter and it looks exactly like the bunny he studied.Gwen and Harold are at the same length of finishing their animals and plus they both have their letters.Heather is doing well horrible.She only did the head but in fact she has the letter which is good because Alejandro still doesn't remember the letter.Justin is actually done and I think that he just might win this challenge."Yeah I accidentally took wood shop in school and I actually liked it."(Justin)Lindsay is actually doing as good as Justin.I could not believe that.Owen and Sierra are doing as bad as Alejandro.I wonder which one of them will lose.We are coming across the 10 minute mark and Duncan, Gwen, Harold, Justin, and Lindsay have finished their animal.Alejandro, heather, Owen, and Sierra better finish soon.STOP YOUR TOOLS.This challenge is OVER!This is no surprise but Justin won the challenge with 100 points.In 2nd there is a tie between Duncan and Lindsay with 85 points.In 4th there is also a tie between Heather and Gwen with 71 points.In 6th place is Harold with 69 points.Sierra is in 7th place with 49 points.Now it comes down to 8th place.Who is it?Will it be Owen or Alejandro?And with 26 points Owen is 8th place.So that means Alejandro you have been eliminated.Your total points was 19.If you just remembered the letter you would of beat Owen.Now Alejandro take the but to detention.Now that one student is eliminated still another student has to go to detention.Now that you have all voted.Justin you are safe along with Owen and Lindsay.Heather and Duncan are safe.And Sierra you are safe.Sorry Gwen you have been eliminated now go to the bus straight to detention.We are getting down to the nitty gritty.See you all next time for Art class.

Episode 13: Art



Hello peoples!This is Total Drama Academy and we are down to the FINAL 7 but after this episode we will down to the FINAL 5!That's right students today will be just like yesterday.And after this episode the rules still apply.Today's class is art.The challenge is to draw a eliminated student eating a type of food that you will be picking out of a hat.But you will also have to pick how they are going to eat the food which you will be picking out of a different hat.You will have 1 hour and it need to look realistic.Heather which student did you pick."I picked the FREAK Gwen!"(Heather)Okay the food that Gwen will eat is macaroni.She will eat macaroni STUPIDLY!"Yes!This is just like a dream of mine.But Gwen was eating pig brains and I smashed her face in it.Ha ha ha."(Heather)Oh and Heather nice hair!"I try my best!"(Heather)Okay Duncan who did you pick?"I picked Courtney."(Duncan)I expected that.She will be eating ice cream.And she will be eating it properly."That's no fun.She should of been eating it, never mind.Tee hee."(Duncan)Lindsay who did you pick?"I picked my best friend Beth."(Lindsay)Okay Beth will be eating bread with butter.And she will be eating it like a kid!Harold who did you pick?"I picked LeShawna."(Harold)She will be eating pizza in a casual way.Owen who did you pick?"I picked the crazy Izzy"(Owen)Izzy will be eating pancakes with syrup.She will be eating like she does not like the food."Put Izzy LOVES pancakes just like me."(Owen)Well it's not real so just draw the picture!Justin who did you pick?"I picked Alejandro because I am way better looking than him."(Justin)He will be eating cereal while almost falling asleep.And Sierra who did you pick?"I picked Katie because I never really got to know her even though we were on the same team."(Sierra)Katie will be eating chicken while acting like a chicken.Now that you all know what to draw start.Who ever has the least points will be eliminated and the person with the most points will be safe from elimination.I love Justin's picture of Alejandro it looks so realistic.But Lindsay's picture of Beth actually looks like her,The hair is exactly on point.I think that Heather wants Gwen to look like a demon.I told them that these pictures need to look realistic.As for Owen, Harold, and Duncan they are sort of in the middle of ugly to sort of ugly.Even though Sierra never really knew Katie shes got all of her features correct.Woah Heather changed her Gwen from demon to real Gwen.I guess she wants to win this challenge."Of course I want to win since Alejandro is gone I'm on everyone's hate list well besides Harold."(Heather)You all have 5 more minutes.But everyone seems to be done so I will stop the time and judge the pictures.The results are in.In 1st place with 100 points is Lindsay.You are safe from elimination.In second place is Sierra with 98 points.In third place is Justin with 87 points.In fourth place is Harold with 68 points.In fifth place is Duncan with 53 points.And in sixth place with 52 points is Heather.I'm sorry Owen you didn't listen to what I told you you drew Izzy eating the pancakes like it was on her life.That's why you got 0 points.So go to the but to detention.Now everyone vote fro who you want to go home and I'll see you in a bit.The votes are in and Lindsay is safe along with Harold and Duncan.Justin is also safe.Sierra you...have been eliminated which means that Heather is safe.Sierra sorry but you have to go on the bus to detention.We are down to the final 5 and one more double elimination to go.Se you all next time for Computer Class.

Episode 14: Computer Class



Aloha.It's FINAL 5 time!But after this episode we will only have 3 students moving on to the semi-finals.Will it be Heather, Lindsay, Justin, Duncan, or Harold?Now today's class is Computer Class.Now I have a special guest for you!Lindsay may know him very well because he's Beth's boyfriend, Brady!He is here today because he is part of your challenge.And your challenge is to create a commercial with your actor Brady.It could be anything to a vampire commercial or a ad for nail polish.Now you will get a video camera and shoot the commercial anywhere around the school.You will only have 1 hour filming Brady.After you have finished your video you can edit it in the computer lab.Duncan you are first in filming."My commercial is of a Juvie Camp.And Brady is a goody two shoes kind of boy who is entering the camp for the first time and he is about to poop his pants because he got sent to the wrong camp.I saw a kid like that.It was so hilarious!"(Duncan)"Now Brady I am going to need you to wiper mud on you butt so it looks like you pooped you pants.Okay?"(Duncan)'Okay sure?'(Brady)Times up Duncan go in the computer lab.Justin your next."Okay my commercial is a exercise machine which makes you have ultra abs and by the looks of it Brady really needs some.Plus I did some push-ups with my shirt off to impress Lindsay.I think it worked."(Justin)"HOT, HOT, HOT!"(Lindsay)"Brady just study my script that I wrote you and you'll be fine oh and exercise on the machine for a bit."(Justin)"Sure?"(Brady)Okay your time is up Justin go in the Computer lab and Harold your next."My commercial was about ninja stars.Now Brady is supposed to throw the stars like a pro at the dummies.It's going to be epic!Woah watch it Brady the dummies are that way."(Harold)"Oh I though you were the dummy."(Brady)Okay the time is up and Lindsay your next."Okay my commercial is a nail polish commercial where Brady is a girl.It's kind of funny because he's a boy not a girl.So anyway he will be transformed into a girl to sell nail polish.Awww you look so PRETTY!"(Lindsay)"Yeah thanks?"(Brady)Heather your up, Lindsay go into the computer lab."Okay my commercial is about a wig store and Brady is bald and comes across a wig store and he finds a wig to wear."(Heather)"Can I keep this wig it's really AWESOME!"(Brady)Okay Heather go in the computer lab you have about 1 hour to edit your video.(RING)It's showtime everyone.Put your commercials in the DVD player and stay outside while I judge your video.And the person with the worst grade on their commercial will be eliminated and the person who has the best grade is safe from elimination.Okay I have given each of you your grades.So in 1st place is Harold with his Ninja Stars Commercial which got a A+.IN 2nd place with a A- is Lindsay with her Nail Polish Commercial.In 3rd place is Justin's Exercise Machine Commercial which got a B-.Now it come to this will it be Heather or Duncan to go home?With a D+ Heather you are in 4th place.Sorry Duncan your commercial was really fake I could obviously tell that, that was mud on Brady's butt.Your grade was a F.Sorry now go to the bus which destination is DETENTION!Now the FINAL 4 will become the FINAL 3.All of you vote for who you want to go home.The votes are in and Harold is safe along with Lindsay.And with the last spot in the semi-finals is not Heather which means Justin you are in the semi-finals.Heather I'm sorry but you have lost the competition and now you have to ride the bus of losers to detention.The semi finals is coming and you 3 better be ready for it.See you next time for Yearbook!

Episode 15: Yearbook



SEMI-FINALS TIME!Harold, Justin, Lindsay are you ready for the semi-finals?(Sillence)I'm going to take that for a yes.Now the class today is Yearbook.And today you will be the yearbook staff.The challenge is to participate in all the challenges I have placed around the school.After you have completed the challenge you need to take a picture of you at the challenge.You also have to take pictures of the eliminated students.Even though they are no here you will see them.You can see them in a bush, behind a tree, or even at the challenge.Even though you have completed every challenge I will not let you pass the finish line without all of the eliminated students pictures.You have to complete the challenge to move on to another challenge.Oh and there is no Academic Awards Ceremony today.(Gasps)That's right the person who comes in last in the entire challenge will be automatically eliminated from the show.Ha ha I'm so evil.You better try your hardest at the challenge because if you are safe you will be moving on to the finale.Now there are 5 different challenges.One challenge is to swim across the Total Drama Academy pool to save 3 deflated ducks but you have to take them one at a time..After you have saved them you have to blow them up and then swim back in the water and put all of them back one be one.Another challenge is to run back and forth 5 times on the track field with 60 pounds of weight.The third challenge is to make a 10 foot high building out of Legos while balancing a book on your head.The next challenge is to wash the front of any car in the lot.There are 3 cars one is actually almost clean.The other is not so clean but it can clean kind of fast.And the last car is really dirty.The last challenge is to put all of the pictures you have taken and paste them in the Total Drama Academy Yearbook.Now on you marks, get set, GO!And there off.Justin has a big lead because of his running skills.Followed behind him is Harold then Lindsay.They have all made it to the first challenge.But Justin has already blown the ducks up and is now returning them back to the pool.Harold is on Justin's tail.While Lindsay is still in the pool petting the deflated ducks.Lindsay hurry your butt and try to win this challenge is you really want money."Ohhh money.I can buy a giraffe and keep him in my bathtub.Wait do giraffes live in bathtubs.Oh yeah they do."(Lindsay)Justin's skill to work out is helping him in the first 2 challenges while Harold's weakness is physical activities.Lindsay is actually beating Harold.I guess she really wants that giraffe.Justin has just passed the cut outs of Beth, Gwen, Owen, Katie, DJ and Sierra.While Harold and Lindsay took a picture of them.On to the next challenge Harold my win this one because well he loves Legos.Justin well not so much.At this challenge they have cutouts of Heather, Trent, Alejandro, Geoff, Bridgette and Izzy.Justin also missed those while Harold and Lindsay didn't.They are all running to the next challenge right next to each other.At the car wash challenge they have cut outs of Courtney, Cody, Duncan and LeShawna.Those are the lasts of the cut outs, which Lindsay and Harold took a picture of..And let's see which student has which car.Justin has the cleanest car.Lindsay has the kind of clean car and Harold has the really dirty car.Justin has finished his car first while Lindsay and Harold are almost done.Justin goes to the Yearbook room and pastes all of his challenge pictures and sees the heading "Eliminated Students".But Justin doesn't have those pictures.Only in this challenge I will let the students go out of this challenge to take pictures of the students."How could I be so dumb.I should of payed more attention to the rules then with Lindsay."(Justin)Lindsay and Harold have pasted all of their pictures and is running to the finish line thinking that there is only one spot left.(Bell Rings)Congratulations Harold and Lindsay.You two have made it to the finale.Justin glad you can make it, but you have been eliminated.Now you can go on the Bus of Shame and go straight to Detention."Can I do something first?"(Justin)Yeah, sure."Lindsay I really like you and all and I'm rooting for you to win.I hope this gives you good luck.(Justin goes in and kisses Lindsay)I know Tyler won't really Like that but who cares.Bye Lindsay."(Justin)"Awww he kissed me.I was waiting for him to do that all season.And Tyler sorry but I think we are over.Justin I'll call you.Bye Justin"(Lindsay)Harold you sure have been quiet want to say something."Good thing I have finally made it to the finale.I really hope that I win."(Harold)Okay Harold you finally said something.See you all next time for Graduation.

Episode 16: Graduation



(Graduation Song Plays)Wait stop!Harold and Lindsay are not graduating yet.I'll just put them through some challenges.Also only one student will win.Lindsay and Harold we have some visitors for you.Those visitors are all of the Total Drama contestants.We couldn't rent a limo or car for them to come in so we rented a plane and they will be dropping from it.Here they drop!Get it?(Silence)Whatever you guys are so boring!(Crash)"What the heck Chris?Why did we even have to come to this dumb graduation?"(Heather)"Why didn't you want to come?Were you making out with your cat?Ha ha ha!"(Gwen)"I'm gonna..."(Heather)Can you two just shut you pie holes?Now we have arranged some seats for the guests to sit in.You may sit in the area rooting for Harold or the area rooting for Lindsay.Now Lindsay and Harold are you ready for your graduation"YEAH!"(Harold and Lindsay)To get to your graduation you will have to overcome some challenges.You will go around the whole school and get everything you need to go to a graduation.To get your gowns you will have to go in the Total Drama Academy Swimming Pool and catch 3 Koi Fish and place it into your respective tanks.After you have completed that you will have to put on your gown and run over to the next challenge.To get your cap you will endure flying tennis balls that are on fire.Those balls will be thrown at you by Chef Hatchet.After you complete that throw your cap on your head then head to the next challenge to grab your dress shoes.You will need to place the order of the eliminated students for this season in order.Then shove your feet in those shoes then move to the final challenge.When you reach the auditorium you will try to pass through a obstacles like riding a swing and flying into a ring of fire then running into a sticky patch of glue and then kicking a soccer ball pass Chef Hatchet and then run onto the stage and grab your diploma which is actually a check of $500,000.Which indicates that you have won Total Drama Academy.On your marks get set go!"I really want to win.With that money I will go to Hawaii with my BFF Beth and maybe I'll bring Justin.Tee hee!"(Lindsay)"What would I do with the money?I would buy a rare blue panda and get a regular panda for LeShawna.And I would buy Golden nun-chucks and samurai swords and ninja stars.That would be epic!"(Harold)Let's get caught up on the race.Harold is on the second challenge which is enduring flying tennis balls that are on fire.And Lindsay is just about coming to that challenge.Let's talk to the guests for a bit."I am not BFFFLs with Katie right now.I could've been on this season with her.But no, she wanted to win this season all on her on.But she really needed my help because she was the forth one eliminated."(Sadie)"What?Lindsay kissed Justin.Oh that's my girl.Justin is gonna get it!"(Tyler)"I am totally not afraid of Tyler.I'm way stronger than him and I'm better looking.Go Lindsay!"(Justin)Eva were you mad that you didn't make it into this season?"Why would I be?Even though I've been on 1 season I still don't want to be on this show ever!"(Eva)Okay let's see the students progress.Lindsay has gained a slight lead during the third challenge which made her start on the forth challenge while Harold is still on challenge number 3.Harold is getting all mixed up with the double eliminations.While Lindsay is at the final challenge and is getting stuck on the glue floor."Harold hurry your skinny booty.I want that panda."(LeShawna)"Whatever it takes my love"(Harold)Wow LeShawna actually motivated Harold to finish challenge 3."Lindsay come on already win the challenge so I can go home!"(Heather)Lindsay finally got out of the glue floor while Harold just passed her and is trying to get a goal.Lindsay and Harold shot the soccer ball at the same same and they both scored.They are really running for their lives to get that diploma."Is that Duncan flirting with LeShawna?Duncan your going DOWN!Raaaaaaaaaaa!"(Harold)(Harold jumps onto Duncan)(Ring)Lindsay is the winner of Total Drama Academy!"Yeah!"(Mostly Everyone)"What the heck are you doing Harold I was looking at Courtney and talking.LeShawna just sat between us."(Duncan)"What?I just blew $500,000 because I thought Duncan was flirting with LeShawna.Oh well.Congrats Lindsay.I guess that panda will have to wait."(Harold)"I actually won!People underestimate me sometimes.Well look at me now.I'm the winner of $500,000!And I'm going to Hawaii with Beth and Justin.Sorry Tyler I want to get a dog with the rest of the money."(Lindsay)Wow Lindsay actually won!But Total Drama Academy isn't over.You know after graduations they wait about 10 years and they have a reunion well that reunion is tomorrow so all of you will have to stay over night and then we party!Adios!

Total Drama Academy Reunion Class of Drama



Are you ready to PARTY?I hope you are because today is the Total Drama Academy Reunion Class of Drama!I have brought the entire Total Drama cast here.But I have a little surprise for them.Now I know Lindsay isn't the smartest knife in um the place where they put knifes.So I decided to make her choose between 2 suitcases and only one had the $500,000.But if she doesn't pick the correct suitcase I will hide the suitcase around the school and whoever finds it will win the money.All the contestants will have 1 day to find the suitcase.If they find the suitcase the contestant will have to bring it all the way to the Auditorium.But it's gonna be hard for them to find it since Chef Hatchet is guarding the hiding spot with a Ultra Super Awesome Water Soaker and if someone gets hit with the soaker they will lose out on $500,000.So Lindsay and everyone else come on out to PARTY!But first Lindsay step up to the table.Now there are 2 suitcases and only one has your $500,000.You need to pick correctly because if you don't pick the right suitcase you will lose that money but still have a chance to get it but you'll have some competition.So Lindsay which suitcase will it be?"Um the pink suitcase looks really pretty!But the purple suitcase looks really pretty too.So I'll pick the red suitcase."(Lindsay)Lindsay there is no red suitcase.Just pick purple or pink."Oh okay then I pick the purple suitcase."(Lindsay)Whoops Lindsay you didn't pick the right suitcase so Chef hide the pink suitcase somewhere hard to find."Wait.Where is the money going?"(Heather)Well Heather that money is going to be in a secret hiding place in the school.All of you will try to find that suitcase and give it to me.Chef will have a Ultra Super Awesome Water Soaker and will try to shoot you.If he shoots you, you can no longer try to find the suitcase.Oh and you only have 1 day to find the suitcase.So who's ready to win some money?(All of the Contestants trample Chris)Hey watch the hair!Everyone has split into groups.Katie, Sadie, Sierra, and Izzy are one group.Gwen, Trent, Courtney, Duncan, Geoff, and Bridgette are another group.Alejandro, Ezekiel, Owen, DJ, LeShawna, Eva, and Harold are another group.Heather, Cody, and Noah are another group.And the last group is Lindsay, Beth, Justin, and Tyler."Hey Lindsay look at my smooth moves!"(Tyler)(Trips on a rock)"Dude stop embarrassing yourself."(Justin)"Well you stop talking!Yeah wasn't that a good comeback."(Tyler)(Silence)"I think we should follow those cute little bunnies."(Lindsay)"Okay Lindsay sure?"(Beth)"Sadie do you think it's a good idea to follow all the smart people?"(Katie)"Of course Katie.That's a wonderful idea."(Sadie) (Confessional)"That is the dumbest idea in the world.I'm just gonna be nice to Katie just for this day.I still have a grudge over her for going to Total Drama Academy by herself.Look out everyone Sadie is new and improved!"(Sadie)"OMG I totally agree with you guys."(Sierra)"Yes Izzy agrees with you."(Izzy) (Fart)"Owen can you not stink up this group?"(Alejandro)"Sorry I ate beans today."(Owen)"Well maybe I can punch it out of you!"(Eva)"You know what sister.I am sick of your negative attitude.Good thing I won't slap you in the back of you head!"(LeShawna)"Well sister good thing I won't knock you out!"(Eva)"Oh heck no!Harold hold my earrings it's going down now!"(LeShawna)"Calm your selfs down.We need to find the suitcase.Time is running out."(DJ)"Yeah I agree with DJ we have no time."(Harold)"Darn it I wanted to see a cat fight."(Ezekiel)"Heather do you know where were going."(Cody)"Yeah it seems like were going in a circle."(Noah)"Can you two just shut up.I would've went with Sierra them but the idiots are in her group."(Heather)"Sierra freaks me out.She sort of seems like a stalker!"(Cody)Contestants the day is halfway done speed it up if you want money."So Trent how are things?"(Gwen)"Fine and you?"(Trent)"Hey you two this is no time to socialize."(Courtney)"Yeah i really need that money."(Duncan)"Hey I see something pink over there."(Geoff)"Wait I don't see anything."(Bridgette)(Boom)"Bridgette nooooooo!"(Geoff)"Run for your lives!"Gwen)"Crud I think I dropped my guitar pick."(Trent)(Boom)"Poor Trent.Oh wells let's go!"(Gwen)"Hey guys I see the suitcase!"(Sierra)"Hey Katie can you pick some blueberries for me in that bush."(Sadie)"Okay sure my BFFFL."(Katie)"Okay guys run.Chef is right in front of us."(Sadie)"But what about Katie?"(Sierra)"Do you want money or not?"(Sadie)"Pick money it's all green like vomit."(Izzy)"Okay then let's go."(Sierra) "Hey Sadie how much berries did you want?Sadie where are you?Izzy, Sierra?Awww!"(Katie)(Boom)"What was that?"(Justin)"Maybe that was your um hair growing.Yeah that was a ultra good comeback."(Tyler)"Can you just shut up!Is that Katie?"(Justin)"That is Katie and shes soaking wet!"(Beth)"That means Chef is around here.Let's run!"(Lindsay)"Why is Lindsay, Justin ,Beth, and Tyler running?"(Alejandro)"Maybe Chef is there."(LeShawna)"You guys are so lame can't we just check it out."(Eva)"No do you want to lose $500,000"(Owen)"Whatever I'm going."(Eva)"Hey that bunny is caught in a vine.It's my duty to help animals."(DJ)(Boom)"What just happened?"(Ezekiel)"DJ and Eva just got soaked."(Harold)"Then why are we still waiting here Chef might soak us too."(Alejandro)"Yeah w should go."(Owen)Contestants you have 2 hours until midnight.Bridgette, Trent, Katie, Eva, and DJ are out."I knew Eva would get hit.I mean look at her shes like a hippo!"(Heather)"Heather your like the queen of mean.What is Eva was behind you right now?"(Cody)"I would use Noah to protect me."(Heather)"Yeah like that would happen."(Noah)"What are you reading anyway.A book on how to be a bigger nerd."(Heather)(Throws book on the ground)"Yeah it's also a book on how to tell if a human is a alien.And I'm seeing one right in front of me."(Noah)"Ha ha ha very funny.NOT!"(Heather) "Noah slowly walk away from the bush."(Cody)"Why is there a alien there?"(Noah)"Nope even worse.Heather let's run!"(Cody)"What do you mean even worse.Whatever you ditchers!Leave me here in the middle of the forest.What did Cody mean by even worse than a alien.Oh c...Awww"(Noah)(Boom)(Bell Rings)All students who have not been soaked please come to the Auditorium.Just as I expected!No one found the suitcase."What do you expect you had a dinosaur guarding it."(Heather)True but since no one found the suitcase you still win something which is to appear in another season of Total Drama!"Okay what is this season about?"(Justin)"It better not be singing or else I'm quitting."(Duncan)Don't worry Duncan theres no singing.Just a lot of challenges about hit songs.Get ready people cause next season of Total Drama is Total Drama Glee!

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