Jessica is a character labeled as The Drama Queen in Total Drama Island. She was placed on the Killer Bass team. She returned for Total Drama Action and was on the Screaming Gaffers. She returned as a competitor in Total Drama World Tour and was on Team Amazon. She returned and won Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and was on the Toxic Rats.


Jessica grew up to two wealthy parents and the oldest of four. Her father is a lawyer and her mother is a doctor. As a child, Jessica was spoiled with toys and clothes. Sometimes, Jessica would play with her twin sister, Rebecca, but that didn't usually work out since Rebecca is geeky. Jessica was, and still is, very popular in school. Although she does make enemies, they are not enough to make Jessica any less popular. If you were to ask Jessica's sister, she would say that Jessica is a spoiled princess that is bossy and rude. Although this is true, Jessica can also be quite friendly. Jessica also has a strategic side. This strategic side helps her do many antagonistic things.

Jessica signed up for Total Drama for the money, even though she already has so much.

Time on Total Drama

Total Drama Island

(Note: Jessica replaces no one. There are twenty-three contestants.)

In Not So Happy Campers - Part One, Jessica was the fourth to arrive. She was warmly greeted by Katie and Trent. Sadie dared not talk to Jessica, but tripped her, accidentally. Jessica fell on Trent and they kissed. When, Bridgette arrived, Jessica hugged Bridgette happily. As soon as Jessica saw Duncan, she pretended to gag. After Duncan arrived on the island, Duncan hit on Jessica and she blushed. Jessica and Duncan were also the only two to not be scared at the twenty-third arriver, Eva. Jessica was placed on the Killer Bass prior to the challenge. In the pre-challenge vote, Ezekiel, who was originally placed on the Killer Bass, was voted off by all the other contestants due to Jessica’s scheming. All the guys wooed Jessica in her bikini as she walked to the cliff for the challenge. Jessica gasped at the announcement of the challenge.

Eliminated: Ezekiel (Killer Bass)

In Not So Happy Campers - Part Two, Jessica was the third person to jump off the cliff, and the first Killer Bass overall. She was very upset that there had to be a tiebreaker. In the tiebreaker, Jessica, Duncan, and Trent were trying to help build the hot tub, but they epically failed at doing so. The Killer Bass lost the challenge after they scored a two out of ten to the Screaming Gophers nine out of ten. After the challenge, Jessica created an alliance with Duncan, Katie, and Bridgette. Later on, before the ceremony, Trent joined in the alliance. At the ceremony, Geoff was eliminated, but not before he flipped out on his team for voting him off over Duncan. Jessica waved him away while Bridgette and Cody hugged him good-bye.

Eliminated: Geoff (Killer Bass)

In The Big Sleep, Cody asked Jessica if he could join the alliance during the run and she said sure. Jessica was the first to finish the run and got an energy drink for the second part of the challenge. After the large feast, which Jessica had none of, the second challenge was announced. Izzy and Jessica cheered and everyone else groaned. After twenty-one of the teens had fallen asleep, Jessica and Izzy were the only two left from the Bass and Gwen was the only one left from the Gophers. Jessica decided to drink her energy drink and she shot awake like an energetic mouse. Izzy fell asleep next and Gwen and Jessica kept talking, so they could each stay awake. After two days and twenty hours, Gwen fell asleep and two minutes later, Jessica did, too, so the Bass won. Jessica, after waking up, told the other team Harold fell asleep purposely. This caused Harold’s elimination.

Eliminated: Harold (Screaming Gophers)

In Dodgebrawl, Jessica didn’t wake up out of her bed. She admitted, in the confessional, that she couldn’t decide which boy would be her boyfriend, Duncan or Trent. During the challenge, Jessica stayed asleep on the bleachers. No one dared to wake her. In the final round, Jessica woke up and competed. She won the challenge for her team. Jessica admitted that she wanted to see what her team could do without her help. At the ceremony, Jessica spied from behind a bush and slightly smiled when Sadie was sent home.

Eliminated: Sadie (Screaming Gophers)

In Not Quite Famous, Jessica was happy after the challenge was announced. She admitted, in the confessional, that she loved gymnastics. Jessica, in the “Talent Search”, performed her gymnastics routine. She was chosen, by Courtney, to compete. She was the last to perform and got a perfect score. Her team won. In the end, Beth was eliminated. Jessica felt bad for Beth.

Eliminated: Beth (Screaming Gophers)

In The Sucky Outdoors, Jessica sat next to Duncan and Trent during the challenge explanation. As the Killer Bass walked through the forest, Jessica explains to them that she is not the outdoors type. Most of them admit to knowing this and Jessica frowns. During the night, Jessica is restless and sits outside the tent. After Bridgette accidentally sets the tent on fire, Jessica grabs a giant leaf and hands it to DJ, who holds it over their heads. It starts to rain and Jessica finally falls asleep. When she wakes up, she realizes she fell asleep on Duncan and quickly gets up. The Killer Bass, under the direction of Jessica, run back to camp and win the challenge. Justin was voted off.

Eliminated: Justin (Screaming Gophers)

In Phobia Factor, Jessica admitted her fear was having to eat meat. She said vegans don’t eat meat. In the challenge, the next day, Jessica’s challenge was to eat the goat-burger. Jessica refused. At the end of the day, the Killer Bass lost the challenge. Jessica was in the bottom two with Lindsay, but Lindsay was eliminated because her fear was idiotic while Jessica’s fear was a known fear.

Eliminated: Lindsay (Killer Bass)

In Up the Creek, Jessica woke up after hearing helicopters fly overhead. Izzy told her team that the RCMP was looking for her and that she needed to stay in so she could continue hiding from them. Jessica teamed up with Katie during the challenge. They were the first Killer Bass to reach land. When the others arrived, they ran across the island, Duncan and DJ carrying the four canoes. Jessica and Katie quickly reached land and were the first to arrive back to Camp Wawanakwa. In the end, the Screaming Gophers lost and Tyler told his team to vote him off. Jessica was sad to hear that Tyler was eliminated and said that it would be good for him to be back with his girlfriend.

Eliminated: Tyler (Screaming Gophers)

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Jessica and Bridgette refused to do the challenge because it involved killing deer. When the Bass found out they were deer, Jessica and Bridgette agreed to compete in the challenge. After a long time, Chris called everyone back to camp. Jessica didn’t have much action and was not shot. Jessica and Bridgette were the only two to not be shot, including the Screaming Gophers’ members. At the end of the day, Eva was eliminated and Jessica wasn’t surprised.

Eliminated: Eva (Screaming Gophers)

In If You Can’t Take The Heat..., Jessica and her team was surprised by the challenge. Jessica admitted, in the confessional, that her sister, who is a master chef, taught Jessica everything about cooking. Jessica immediately took the role as lead chef. After cooking a great French meal, Jessica and her team scored an almost perfect score. They tied with the Screaming Gophers and Chris declared that it would not be an elimination challenge.

Eliminated: N/A

In Who Can You Trust?, Jessica smiled when she saw Heather that morning. She smiled because the other day, Heather was locked in a freezer and the effects were still there. After assembling on the dock, Jessica was scared and said, in the confessional, that she didn’t trust many people. Jessica was chosen to do the Extreme Cooking challenge along with Duncan. She cooked it perfectly and scored a win for her team. She felt bad for LeShawna because she ate Owen’s bad fish. In the end, the Killer Bass lost. Jessica was in the bottom two with Izzy. Jessica got the most votes, even though she won her challenge. She started to leave until the RCMP came and Izzy bolted away. Jessica got to stay and Courtney angrily growled. Jessica realized that Courtney, DJ and Izzy voted for her, but Jessica’s alliance did not all vote for Izzy.

Eliminated: Jessica Izzy (Killer Bass)

In Basic Straining, Jessica disagreed with Chef being the host for a day. In the first part, Jessica held the canoe with her team until Katie gave up. Jessica, along with most of the others, refused to eat the garbage. In round two, Jessica easily does the dance Chef tells them to. In round three, Jessica stays awake writing the essay. According to Chef, Jessica had the best essay and she proudly smiled. Jessica disliked Chef when, in round four, they had to run a muddy obstacle course. The next morning, Jessica competes in the final round along with Courtney and Duncan. Courtney and Duncan fall off first and Jessica is left to represent her team. In the final minutes, Gwen psyches Jessica out and she falls, making the Screaming Gophers the winners. In the end, Jessica received no votes and Courtney was sent home due to being incapable of understanding that Jessica was the leader of the Killer Bass.

Eliminated: Courtney (Killer Bass)

In X-Treme Torture, Jessica woke up and was very happy to not hear Courtney’s annoying voice. Jessica was not chosen to compete, but she cheered for her teammates instead. In the end, her team ultimately won two of the three rounds. LeShawna was voted off because she was a big threat for the later competition. Jessica was upset.

Eliminated: LeShawna (Screaming Gophers)

In Brunch of Disgustingness, Jessica woke up earlier than usual and wrote in her diary. She wrote that everything was going according to plan and that she still couldn’t decide whether she liked bad boy Duncan or musically-inclined Trent. Jessica was the first person to ask where their breakfast was and got a laugh from Chef and Chris. Jessica wondered why they were laughing. In the cabin switch, Jessica was very upset to be switching cabins to live with the other girls. In the challenge, Jessica ate all the meals slowly until it came up to the final round; the dolphin wiener. Bridgette, Cody, DJ and Jessica refused to eat it and they went to a tiebreaker round. Jessica and the girls chose Katie to represent them and the boys chose Owen. Owen easily won and the boys got the reward.

Eliminated: N/A

In No Pain, No Game, Jessica woke up after Chris shouted through the loudspeakers. Jessica told her alliance members that the alliance was over until further notice. Jessica was happy to see that Lindsay and Tyler returned and apologized to Lindsay for the Killer Bass voting her off. In the challenge, Jessica was first up and spun. It landed on Log Roll Showdown and she faced off against Molotov. She lost the challenge. At the campfire ceremony, Jessica had doubts about staying on the show, but was the third one to receive a marshmallow. Jessica was saddened to see Owen go, but it was all part of the game.

Eliminated: Owen (Screaming Gophers, Merged)

In Search and Do Not Destroy, Jessica woke up angrily. She stated, in the confessional, that she wanted to win the trailer that Gwen won in the last episode. Jessica screeched happily when Gwen arrived with the others for the challenge announcement and told them that her trailer was shot by a cannon. Everyone looked at Jessica and she crouched low, in embarrassment. In the challenge, Jessica’s key was on a tree inhabited by squirrels. The squirrels happily handed over their key and Jessica ran to the treasure chests. She opened hers and immunity was inside. At the vote, Jessica had tried to convince everyone to vote off Gwen, but it didn’t work and instead DJ was eliminated by Heather’s alliance.

Eliminated: DJ (Killer Bass, Merged)

In Hide and Be Sneaky, Jessica woke up a little better today, but was upset at the loss of DJ. Jessica was surprised at the challenge and stated that she was always amazing at Hide-and-Seek. In the challenge, Jessica hid in Chef’s kitchen under the sink in a cabinet. After there was only Heather and Jessica left, Chef went to wash his hands in the kitchen. The pipes leaked on Jessica, and she screamed, giving her away. In the vote, Jessica voted for Gwen. Gwen was sent home and Jessica was very cold and very happy.

Eliminated: Gwen (Screaming Gophers, Merged)

In That's Off the Chain! Jessica is eager to do the day’s challenge. When it is announced, Jessica frowns and admits that she hates riding bikes. Her bike is flown in via helicopter and everyone claims that to be unfair. In the first part of the challenge, Jessica is upset to hear that they will be switching bikes in round one. Jessica receives Katie’s bike and immediately falls. Jessica’s bike, ridden by Heather, passes on to round two and Jessica is excited. In round two, Jessica rides her bike ahead of everyone else and gets hit by a bomb and is eliminated. Jessica is very upset when she realizes that Bridgette was the last bike to cross the finish line okay.

Eliminated: Bridgette (Killer Bass, Merged)

In Hook, Line, and Screamer, Jessica watches the horror movie with no emotion shown on her face at all. After Chris and Chef leave in a hurry, Jessica pulls Katie, Duncan, and Trent aside. She asks them to join her new alliance and they all agree. In the challenge, Jessica organizes everyone, except for Lindsay and Tyler, who broke rules one, two, and three. Jessica is the last camper standing after Duncan defeated Chef, the “psycho killer.” Jessica was sitting in the cafeteria, eating a vegan sandwich, when the real psycho killer walks in. Jessica pretends to think that it is just an actor, but then realizes it is not when the cast bursts through the doors to inform her about the real psycho killer. Jessica punches him in the face and he runs away crying with a broken nose. Jessica wins immunity that night and says good-bye to Cody, who wet his pants.

Eliminated: Cody (Killer Bass, Merged)

In Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, Chris announces the challenge is a double elimination and Jessica gets scared. In the challenge, Jessica’s animal is a squirrel. Jessica easily gets the squirrel to come with her as it is the same one from awhile back. Jessica is the first one back to camp and wins the feast, a vegan one for her, and runs it in the other contestants’ faces. Jessica is upset to see that the last one back to camp is Katie, who is immediately eliminated, but is invited to come to the elimination ceremony. Jessica is happy that Katie accepts. At the ceremony, Katie warns everyone about Tyler and Lindsay and is listened to. Jessica tells Trent and Duncan to vote off Tyler with her, because he is a big threat, and he is eliminated. Jessica feels bad for voting Tyler off and states it should’ve been Heather.

Eliminated: Katie (Killer Bass, Merged) and Tyler (Screaming Gophers, Merged)

In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, Jessica was happy to be in the final six, stating that she was the best candidate to win. Jessica is paired with Noah. In the first challenge, Jessica tells Noah that he’ll be doing the first challenge. They lose to both teams and Duncan and Lindsay win. In the second challenge, Jessica and Noah both paddle the canoe rather quickly and do not say one word to one another. When they reach the island, Jessica carries Noah and runs to the cave. She throws the tiki statue in and wins the challenge. In the third challenge, Jessica looks at all the heads. Jessica smiles at her friends’ faces and frowns at her enemy’s faces. Jessica and Noah lose the challenge to Heather and Trent. In the vote, Noah is in the bottom two with Lindsay, but Lindsay goes home. Jessica is happy to see her buddy, Noah, stay.

Eliminated: Lindsay (Killer Bass, Merged)

In Haute Camp-ture, Jessica is not seen. In the voting ceremony, Jessica receives one vote and is not eliminated. Instead, Trent is eliminated. Jessica waves good-bye to him as he is taken away. Jessica confesses, in the confessional, that she likes Duncan more than she liked Trent.

Eliminated: Trent (Killer Bass, Merged)

In Camp Castaways, Jessica fought with Heather at the beginning. In the morning, when Jessica woke up, she and Heather went outside and realized that the cabin was floating away. They ran back inside. Later on, Jessica and Heather create a campsite up in an abandoned hut in a tree. Jessica found Duncan while gathering berries and told him to follow her. Duncan admitted that he had no idea where Noah was. Noah later appeared, to Jessica’s surprise, totally uninjured. While in the hut, Jessica admitted that she started to miss her family. When Noah led the three back to camp, Jessica said that she thought this was just another stupid challenge. When they found Chris, Jessica smiled and said that she knew it. Chris announced that Noah won because he had led Duncan, Heather, and Jessica to safety. Jessica was peeved.

Eliminated: N/A

In Are We There Yeti?, Jessica woke up in an angry mood. She barked at Heather, growled at Duncan, and protested against Noah’s suggestions about the day’s challenge. Jessica got angry at Chef when he called her a maggot and he fought back. Jessica glared at him for thirty minutes before the challenge started. In the challenge, Jessica didn’t talk at all to Heather. The girls lost the challenge and Jessica got angry at Heather for making them lose. At the elimination ceremony, Jessica looked at Chef and hoped he would keep her over Heather. He gave the final marshmallow to Heather and Jessica started to cry. She apologized to everyone, except for Heather, and said that she was still a little upset from the challenge the other day where she officially decided that she missed her loved ones and that she and Heather were always fighting and it really made her upset. She apologized to Heather and kissed Duncan before leaving. Chef walked her over to the Boat of Losers and drove her to the losers’ resort.

Eliminated: Jessica (Killer Bass, Merged)

In I Triple Dog Dare You!, Jessica didn’t appear, but was the fourth dare. She dared Noah to eat a vegan meal that had worms and maggots in it. Noah completed the dare.

Eliminated: Heather (Screaming Gophers, Merged)

In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Jessica appeared and sided with Duncan. She sat next to her BFFLAD, Katie, and in front of her other BFFLAD, Bridgette. Jessica was happy for Noah when he won and kissed Duncan for a job well done.

Runner-Up: Duncan (Killer Bass, Merged)

Winner: Noah (Screaming Gophers, Merged)

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Jessica is lounging by the pool with Bridgette and Katie. Jessica confesses, in the confessional, that she would’ve been eliminated first if she knew they went here after being eliminated. Jessica, in the hunt for the million, teams up with Bridgette, Katie, Cody, Trent, and Duncan. They find the million first and as they run back to camp, it is taken away by Justin. As soon as they reach camp, Jessica sees Courtney and Justin fighting over the case. Jessica runs in between them and grabs the case. She accidentally throws it on the end of the dock and races for it. In the end, a shark eats the case and fifteen of the twenty-three win the chance to compete in season two...

Pass: Noah, Duncan, Heather, Jessica, Trent, Lindsay, Tyler, Katie, Cody, Bridgette, Gwen, DJ, Izzy, Sadie, Harold

Fail: Owen, LeShawna, Courtney, Eva, Justin, Beth, Geoff, Ezekiel

Total Drama Action

In Monster Cash, Jessica is the first off the bus and is quick to be annoyed with the new location. Katie and Bridgette agree and the three girls sit on their luggage. Chris arrives and Jessica pushes to the front of the group and sits up front next to Duncan. After the monster attacks the teens, Jessica splits away from everyone and hides inside a sewer. She is the second to last person found, giving Cody the win. In the trailer challenge, Jessica leads the girls to a victory. Jessica got to choose the trailer and chose the one that wasn’t crushed by the monster. The girls cheered and quickly ran inside the trailer. Jessica chose a long straw and slept on the top bunk, above Bridgette.

Eliminated: N/A

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Jessica was eating her specially made vegan breakfast. When Chris announced the challenge, Jessica glared at him and he got freaked out. In the challenge, Jessica teamed up with Bridgette, Cody, Duncan, Katie, and Noah. They found the room with the eggs and Chef Hatchet burst in (in his Mama Alien suit). Bridgette, Duncan, and Jessica all got out, but Katie and Cody got shot by Chef three times each. Noah fell in the alien goop and was then shot but only twice. After Chris dumped the alien goop on the three, only Bridgette and Jessica remained. Chris said that they had won the challenge and would each make the teams. Jessica asked him to clarify and Chris said that Bridgette and Jessica would be on opposing teams as leaders. At the elimination ceremony, Jessica voted for Gwen and Trent for making out too much. Jessica received the first Gilded Chris and Gwen and Trent were sent home.

Eliminated: Gwen (No Team) and Trent (No Team)

In Riot on Set, Jessica woke up before Chris’ megaphone wakes up the others. She confesses, in the confessional, that she is psyched for today’s challenge. After eating breakfast, Jessica and Bridgette chose their teams. Jessica’s team consisted of DJ, Duncan, Heather, Izzy, and Noah and became the Screaming Gaffers. Bridgette’s team consisted of Cody, Harold, Katie, Lindsay, Sadie, and Tyler and became the Killer Grips. In the first part of the challenge, Jessica carried the lights up the hill to the cliff. She cheered on DJ as he pulled the trailer up and watched as all of the Grips struggled to bring it up. The Grips won the first part after DJ let go of the trailer and it almost ran over Izzy. In the second part, when Chris announced the challenge, all of the Gaffers pushed Jessica forward and said, “She’ll do it!” In the acting part, Jessica got the script about the old woman that was eaten by a shark. During the act, Izzy dropped a light on Jessica’s head and she passed out as Chris and Chef both started to cry. They stopped and declared the Grips the winners. Jessica was taken to the infirmary and growled at Duncan to get the others to vote Izzy off. At the elimination ceremony, Jessica voted for Izzy and was in the bottom two. Izzy looked pretty confident she was staying, but she was shocked when Jessica got the last Gilded Chris. Jessica waved good-bye to her and then complained how much her arm hurt.

Eliminated: Izzy [E-Scope] (Screaming Gaffers)

In Beach Blanket Bogus, Jessica was not seen until the first challenge. She said that the reason she was gone was because Chef was taking her bandages off. Jessica did the second best in the surfing challenge, being one-upped by Bridgette. In the second challenge, Jessica drew a sandcastle for her team to create. They built it perfectly and the Gaffers won challenge two. In the tiebreaker challenge, Jessica danced for her team and easily beat Harold. Jessica kissed Duncan after the win.

Eliminated: N/A

In 3:10 to Crazytown, Jessica was in the mini pool trying to cool off. She confesses, in the confessional, that she couldn’t stand the heat. She also said that she was glad she wasn’t like LeShawna, whose hair always puffed up. Jessica was upset that they had a challenge that day and intensely glared at Chris. He said he felt uncomfortable and Jessica answered, “Good.” Jessica was the third to go for her team and hit the “horse.” She was happy but also said that she never wanted to do that again. In the second challenge, Chris announced the cowboys would be the Gaffers. Jessica roped two of the “cattle”, but DJ let them rope him, giving the Grips another win. At the elimination ceremony, Jessica voted for DJ and he was eliminated. She felt sorry but said that it was probably better that he left now, then closer to the finale.

Eliminated: DJ (Screaming Gaffers)

In The Aftermath: I, Jessica has not been eliminated, so she is not a guest. She is seen in the “That’s Gonna Leave a Mark” segment from the Beach Blanket Bogus episode. She is seen with a shovel. It flies out of her hand and into Harold’s eye.

Eliminated: N/A

In The Chefshank Redemption, Jessica is the only cast mate to be outside of the trailer when the others find the doors to be locked. Jessica and Chris both open the doors for the males and the females and the group run into each other. Jessica laughs. When the challenge is announced, Jessica is neutral, saying her father deals with cops all the time. Everyone asks what he does for a living and she tells them that he is a lawyer. Duncan gulps and Jessica hugs him. In the first challenge, Jessica leads her team to choose Tyler to do the challenge for them because of his weak stomach. They all agree and when Noah is chosen for her team, they all get worried. Jessica hugs Noah when he wins. In the second part of the challenge, Jessica leads her team to get lost and they easily do. When they find Izzy, Izzy tells them about how she was living with Prairie Dogs and how her new identity is Explosivo, so she was never officially voted out. Jessica is happy when Izzy leads her team to a victory but is upset about the news that Izzy will be joining her team again. In the end, Tyler is voted off for having a weak stomach.

Eliminated: Tyler (Killer Grips)

In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, Jessica refuses to eat the pizza and read the books, saying that she is a vegan and her mother’s a doctor. The next day, Jessica is grossed out by the assembling of the body, but she is ecstatic when her team wins. When the outbreak happens, Jessica says that she thinks it was the pizza. When Jessica goes to Chef’s kitchen, she finds out she was right. Jessica team wins the challenge and Jessica goes on the reward to see her cousin, Natalie.

Eliminated: N/A

In The Sand Witch Project, Jessica is immediately peeved by the announcement of the challenge. Jessica is chosen to be the scarer, Heather stating that Jessica is a witch. Jessica attacks Heather and demands that the bald witch take that back and Chris tells her that she will be the scarer. Jessica easily scares Noah and Heather in their “kiss.” Duncan pretends to be scared and then Jessica punches his guts. Izzy scares Jessica. The Gaffers get to scare the Grips and they do this successfully, under Duncan’s leadership. At the elimination ceremony, Lindsay is voted out for being too soft. Jessica hugs her good-bye.

Eliminated: Lindsay (Killer Grips)

In Masters of Disaster, Jessica is upset that Lindsay left but is happy that her team now has the numbers advantage. In the first part of the challenge, Jessica leads her team through the obstacle course. When Izzy is hit in the head with a book, everyone is worried about her, but Chris assures them that she’ll be okay and to keep going. Izzy is back to normal in the next challenge and Jessica is worried about this. In the end, the Grips win when Harold solves the combination.

Eliminated: N/A

In Full Metal Drama, during the first part of the challenge, Jessica is pulled out of the plane by Izzy and is surprised to see that they weren’t really in the air. The Grips win because all of their team jump out first. In the second challenge, Duncan leads the Gaffers to victory when his explosives are very creative. In challenge three, Chris says that it will be a three-on-three battle. Duncan, Jessica, and Izzy decide they’ll do the challenge against Bridgette, Cody, and Harold. Jessica is captured by the Grips and is taken out of the game by Chris. Izzy is the second captured after blowing up the Gaffers hideout and Duncan is taken down by Bridgette. Chris declares the Grips the winners. At the elimination ceremony, Izzy is voted off with all the votes for her crazy alter-ego. Jessica happily smiles and said that she was one of the people that voted Izzy.

Eliminated: Izzy [Explosivo] (Screaming Gaffers)

In The Aftermath: II, Jessica has not been eliminated, so she is not a guest.

Eliminated: N/A

In Ocean’s Nine – Or Ten, Jessica was tired, as said in the confessional. She was taken at breakfast and put inside a vault. In the first challenge, Jessica yells at her team to get her out, and they quickly do so. In the second challenge, the Grips take a slight lead and Justin, the bank teller, gives the money to the Grips and is placed on the Gaffers. The Gaffers win the challenge and Bridgette is voted off for being bossy, even though she was a great leader.

Eliminated: Bridgette (Killer Grips)

In One Million Bucks, B.C., Jessica was angry when she woke up because Justin had debuted. When the contestants changed into their loincloths, Justin flirted with Jessica saying that she looked hot. Jessica giggled and Duncan growled. In the fire building challenge, Justin made the fire first, winning the Gaffers an advantage. In the second challenge, Jessica went up against Harold and knocked him out. The Grips won and Jessica was upset. At the elimination ceremony, Jessica voted for Heather, but Noah was voted off for his weak antics.

Eliminated: Noah (Screaming Gaffers)

In Million Dollar Babies, Jessica goes to sleep rather early and wakes up early, as well. Jessica is okay with the challenge choice for that day, but is not overly excited. In the obstacle course, she proves to be a tough contender, staying in the top spot the whole time. In the first through third round matchups, Jessica cheers on her team. In the final challenge, Jessica competes against Cody in a basketball challenge. Jessica does a more interesting one and says that there is a tie. In the tiebreaker, which turns out to be cheerleading, Jessica leads her team to victory by doing a cheer about Chris. At the elimination ceremony, Jessica watches from a bush as Sadie is eliminated for being a threat.

Eliminated: Sadie (Killer Grips)

In Dial M for Merger, Jessica is laying on the stairs to the girl’s trailer. When she starts to talk, the stairs give way and she falls through a hole in the floor. She wakes up with the other contestants when an evil-looking Chris appears on a screen in the cave they are in. He announces that the teams are merged and that it’ll be one for all and all for one. The teens find a way out and Jessica is happy. The teens go up an elevator to a water tower and Jessica complains about the long commute. Everyone asks her what she means and she says she doesn’t know. Jessica jumps out of the water tower and runs to the other contestants. Jessica successfully diffuses her bomb, along with Duncan, and they run away before the explosion of smell happens. Jessica leaves, with Duncan, to the cheese factory.

Eliminated: N/A

In Super Hero-Id, Jessica was excited for that days challenge. She became “Lady Angel” and Chris and Chef both gave her a ten. Her super power was to make people be nice to her and she got The Viper to do so. In the second challenge, she easily rescued the falling “woman.” She won the challenge. At the elimination ceremony, Cody was bragging about his relationship with Bridgette and Jessica thought the best way to make him happy was to let him be with Bridgette, so she got everyone to vote him off. When he asked why he was eliminated, Jessica said it was because she thought he wanted to be with Bridgette. Cody hugged her before leaving.

Eliminated: Cody (Killer Grips, Merged)

In The Aftermath: III, Jessica has not been eliminated, so she is not a guest.

Eliminated: N/A

In The Princess Pride, Jessica sits on the opposite side of the room with Justin while Duncan hosts his mini-contest about making burritos. At the beginning of the challenge, Jessica is chosen to be the princess. In the challenge, Jessica appears in the second challenge and sings “My Prince Will Be.” She said that Courtney wrote it. Jessica gives her glass slipper to Duncan in the challenge, giving him an advantage. In the final challenge, Duncan gets to the top of the tower, but Chris announces a fight. Jessica pushes Duncan off the building, giving her immunity. At the elimination ceremony, Jessica votes for Heather and says that it’s nothing personal. Heather goes home and throws her wig at Jessica.

Eliminated: Heather (Screaming Gaffers, Merged)

In Get a Clue, Jessica is eating a vegan salad while the others eat “breakfast tacos.” Jessica figures out that the clue that Chris gives them is telling them to go to the safe from a previous challenge. Using the clues Chris gave them, Harold opens the safe and the teens are scared when Chris jumps out. Jessica decides to collect a sample from Katie while sharing a final six hug. She also collects a sample from Duncan when the two kiss. She demands a prize from Chris when she hands in the two DNA samples. Chris gives her a bowl of beans with her favorite dressing on it. During the train ride, Jessica suspects Justin of killing Chris. Jessica is proven wrong when her fingerprints are found on Chris’ body. Jessica is angered and said she didn’t do it. For accusing her, Justin wins the challenge and takes Katie to the movie with her. Jessica is angered when she loses the challenge.

Eliminated: N/A

In Rock n’ Rule, Jessica is happy when Chris comes into the main area between the trailers and says that Noah will be returning. Jessica hugs Noah and Chris immediately announces the challenge. Jessica does the third best in the guitar challenge, losing to the winner of the challenge, Duncan, and Katie. Jessica goes third in the red carpet walk. She poses for everyone and signs everything she can. She seduces the guard into letting her in and she successfully gets in. She wins this part of the challenge. In the final challenge, Jessica tries to break some things in her head start, but loses to Katie. Katie, Jessica, and Duncan team up to get Justin out, but Duncan accidentally votes himself out when Justin pushes him off the risers. Jessica kisses Duncan good-bye as he leaves.

Eliminated: Duncan (Screaming Gaffers, Merged)

In Crouching Katie, Hidden Noah, Jessica starts the episode crying to Katie about how sad it is that Duncan was voted out because of Justin. Katie reminded her that Noah didn’t like Duncan and Harold and would probably try to make an alliance with Jessica and Katie. Jessica smiled and went to bed. When Jessica woke up in the middle of nowhere, she screamed loudly, waking the other contestants up. Noah is taken out of the challenge and Jessica seems upset stating that he would be the easiest to beat. Jessica becomes the fighter and Katie becomes the master. Justin becomes the fighter and Harold becomes the master. In the challenge, Jessica is warned, by Noah, of Justin’s hair flip-punch combo. Jessica hugged Noah. In the fight, Jessica destroys Justin and wins the challenge for the girls. In the climb, Jessica and Katie climb together and Jessica beats the Sasquatchanakwa, but she gives the win to Katie. Jessica is excited when Katie offers her some food and Jessica promises to let Katie win if they’re in the finals together.

Eliminated: N/A

In 2011: A Space Noah, Jessica wakes up when Chris rudely awakens the contestants. Jessica is given her present and smiles when she reveals it to be a wad of money. Jessica gets dirty looks from Harold and Justin. In the first part of the challenge, Jessica vomits three times while in the simulator. In the second part of the challenge, Jessica is the first to go and vomits after thirty-seven seconds and Chris says that that was pretty good. In the end, Harold wins the challenge after staying in for fifty-nine seconds. At the elimination ceremony, Jessica and Katie vote for Justin, Noah votes for Katie, and Harold and Justin vote for Noah. Chris says that both Justin and Noah are eliminated and pushes the two in the Lame-o-Sine.

Eliminated: Justin (Screaming Gaffers, Merged) and Noah (Screaming Gaffers, Merged)

In Top Dog, Jessica is sad to hear that Noah voted for Katie. She smiles, though, stating in the confessional that she has the best chance to win if Katie isn’t in the finale with her. Jessica gets second choice and chooses the squirrel. In the challenge, the squirrel and Jessica quickly get out of the forest, with Harold right behind. Harold got two hours subtracted from his time for winning yesterday’s challenge, making him the winner. Jessica and Katie nervously look at each other as Katie is handed the last Gilded Chris. Jessica growls at Harold and says that he’ll regret this decision.

Eliminated: Jessica (Screaming Gaffers, Merged)

In Mutiny on the Soundstage, Jessica didn’t appear but had the last trivia question asked about her. Katie’s question was about the color Jessica was thinking of at the moment, which Katie incorrectly answered purple (which was close; the correct answer was magenta), and Harold’s question was about what Jessica’s twin sister’s name is. Harold guessed Brianna, which was incorrect (as the correct answer was Rebecca) and they both had to complete the last challenge. Jessica cheered as the two ran for the Aftermath studio door and gasped when the two tied.

Runner-Up: TBA

Winner: TBA

In The Aftermath: IV, Jessica supported Katie. She voted for Katie and was very happy when Katie became the winner of Total Drama Action and hugged her when this was announced.

Runner-Up: Harold (Killer Grips, Merged)

Winner: Katie (Killer Grips, Merged)

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Jessica was showed to be in Paris with her parents. At the awards ceremony, Jessica pounced on Chris and was pushed off by his bodyguard. When Alejandro walked by, he flirted with Jessica and she giggled. During the bus drive, Jessica bonded with newcomer, Sierra. When the contestants decide to rest, Jessica doesn’t offer to help look for help. Jessica is saved by Chris and is chosen to be in the third season of Total Drama along with eighteen others.

Pass: Katie, Jessica, Noah, Justin, Duncan, Heather, Cody, Sadie, Bridgette, Lindsay, Tyler, DJ, Trent, Courtney, Eva, Owen, Alejandro, Sierra

Fail: Harold, Izzy, Gwen, Beth, Ezekiel, Geoff, LeShawna

Total Drama World Tour

In Walk Like An Egyptian – Part One, Jessica was part of the last group of veterans to get off the bus. She got off with Bridgette, Katie, and Noah. She smiles at a not-so-bald Heather and then states how awful she looks. When Alejandro gets off the bus, he runs toward Jessica and hugs her. Duncan growls, but Jessica pays no attention to him. In the plane, Jessica persuades Duncan to sing so he stays in the game. When the contestants arrive in Egypt, Jessica is the first to realize where they are. She teams up with Duncan to go over the pyramid. The two easily climb over and become the first members of team two. On team one was Bridgette, Cody, DJ, Heather, Justin, and Katie. On team two was Courtney, Duncan, Jessica, Lindsay, and Sadie. On team three was Alejandro, Noah, Owen, Sierra, and Trent. Jessica was upset that Eva quit the competition. It is revealed that Team Victory, team one, received a stick, Team Amazon, team two, received a camel, and team three, Team Chris is Really (x4) Hot, received a goat.

Eliminated: Eva (No Team)

In Walk Like An Egyptian – Part Two, Jessica is upset that the contestants have to stay in Egypt for another challenge. In the challenge, Jessica quickly jumps on the hump of the camel. Jessica tells the camel, several times, to head for the Nile River. It eventually listens and quickly brings them to the river, where the other teams are already at. Jessica doesn’t help with the building method, but helps get the camel on board and gets angry at Chris when he allows Sierra and Katie to switch teams, stating how that is “jank.” Jessica and her team are led to their first win. Team Victory is sent to elimination that night. Justin is voted off for doing nothing but showing himself off.

Eliminated: Justin (Team Victory)

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Jessica was seen getting a manicure and a pedicure in first class. Then, when the contestants were pushed out of the plane, Jessica sang with the others. She sang how she didn’t want anything and for Chris to give the contestants a hang glider. In the challenge, Jessica was chosen to be in the hamster ball with the panda since the panda fawned over her. Jessica earned her team the second best score meaning that they got to choose their props second. Jessica’s team fought over what to get, and Jessica, Courtney, and Sadie all walked away, leaving Duncan and Lindsay to set up the commercial. In the end, Team Amazon’s commercial surprisingly came out on top, giving Team Amazon another win. That night, at the elimination ceremony, Team Victory voted off Cody for being useless. This led Sierra into an angry rampage, secretly taking Jessica’s hairbrush.

Eliminated: Cody (Team Victory)

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Jessica woke everyone up with a scream. She whined to her team that someone stole her hairbrush and she couldn’t do without it. Throughout the episode, Jessica didn’t really try, but Duncan and Courtney won her team the best snowmobile. Jessica sang back-up when Heather got stuck to a pole. In the end, Team Chris is Really (x4) Hot narrowly won, Team Amazon placed second, and Team Victory’s losing streak continued. At the elimination ceremony, Heather (and her pole) was eliminated.

Eliminated: Heather (Team Victory)

In Broadway, Baby!, Jessica continues searching for her hairbrush. As the episode beginning progresses, Jessica believes she knows who stole her hairbrush. In the first challenge, Jessica gets her team’s baby carriage and quickly jumps in it, stating that she wanted to be pushed around for getting it. Duncan pulls her and the carriage behind as they go down the statue and onto the boat. On the boat, Jessica falls asleep. She starts to roll off the boat, when the crocodile attacks, but she is caught by Lindsay and Courtney. When the teens reach land, and Sadie volunteers to get the apple, Jessica laughs but allows her to do so. Jessica is in the carriage with the apple as Team Amazon wins.

Eliminated: N/A

In Slap Slap Revolution, Jessica admits, to Team Victory, that she knows that it was DJ who stole her brush. DJ feels hurt and runs away. Sierra suggests that it wasn’t him, and Jessica agrees. In the first part of the challenge, Jessica pukes due to the meat. Jessica’s team reaches Chris second. In the challenge, Jessica sits out. Jessica cheers on her teammates. In the end, Team Amazon places second, and Team Victory goes to elimination. That night, DJ is eliminated for being too overdramatic.

Eliminated: DJ (Team Victory)

In The Am-AH-Zon Race, Jessica states that she needs to find more clues to find out who stole her brush. In the challenge, Sadie gets her team lost (and jinxed, for that matter) into the hands of the Zing-Zings. After calling for help, the Zing-Zings recognize Jessica as their leader and free her. After Team Amazon is saved (and told that the Zing-Zings are local actors), Jessica seems excited, because she thinks they’re hot, and upset, because her team is heading to elimination. At elimination, Jessica voted for Sadie. During the ceremony, Jessica is in the bottom two with Sadie. Jessica is the last one called safe and Sadie unhappily walks away. Chris announces that she shouldn’t be sad because this was a fake elimination. Jessica frowns.

Eliminated: Sadie (Team Amazon) N/A

In Can’t Help Falling in Louvre, Jessica is not really searching for the thief anymore; she’s just really excited to be in Paris. In the challenge, Team Amazon is sent to find the Venus De Milo. As Jessica and Lindsay search for some pieces, it shown that they find a recognizable person. As the rest of the members of Team Amazon start putting the statue together, Jessica and Lindsay sprint in, Eva following closely behind. Chris reveals that Eva will be returning to the game as a Team Amazon member. Jessica cheers. Jessica’s team wins the challenge. At the fashion show, Jessica is chosen to be a judge. Jessica says mean things about Sierra’s Cody design and nice things about Bridgette’s surfer design. In the end, in a two-to-one vote, Bridgette is sent packing. Sierra reveals to everyone that she stole Jessica’s hairbrush and throws it to her. Jessica becomes infuriated and is barely held back by Eva and Chef.

Eliminated: Bridgette (Team Victory)

In Newf Kids on the Rock, Jessica reveals to still be quite upset with Sierra. Jessica decides that she will help her team, while Alejandro helps Sierra. Team Amazon finds their way to land, closely followed by Sierra and Alejandro. Jessica laughs when Alejandro cannot find his team. Jessica drinks the vinegar for her team and loses. Team Amazon and Sierra put up a good fight, but Sierra comes out on top. That night, at elimination, Jessica watches from behind the bleachers as her ex-crush is sent packing. She bids Trent farewell before he goes.

Eliminated: Trent (Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot)

In Jamaica Me Sweat, Jessica is really anxious to get Sierra off the show. When the plane fell out of the sky, Jessica was really worried and hugged Duncan, much to his liking. During the first part of the challenge, Jessica doesn’t get to go for her team, because Alejandro had already won for his team. In the second part of the challenge, Jessica and Duncan teamed-up, and got the fastest time. In the end, Team Amazon won, with Team CIRRRRH in second. Jessica manically smiles as Sierra is eliminated from the competition.

Eliminated: Sierra (Team Victory)

In I See London..., Jessica is happy to be back in first class. She starts to talk more with her teammates, trying to get some in an alliance with her and Duncan. She eventually gets Lindsay and Courtney into the alliance, but is upset Eva declined. Before the challenge officially started, Jessica and Alejandro met up in the plane, near Chris’ room, to talk about their strategies. However, the two of them get kidnapped by Jack the Ripper. Jessica was safe, though, as it was revealed to be a hoax, and Justin was the Ripper in disguise. Jessica was happy that Team Amazon won the challenge and no one would be voted off from her team. In the end, Katie, the only female on her team, was voted off because she wouldn’t fall for Alejandro’s looks.

Eliminated: Katie (Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot)

In Greece's Pieces, Jessica is upset about Katie’s elimination, but is psyched for the day’s challenge. During the challenge, Jessica is in the wrestling round against Owen. She ends up winning, somehow. She cheers for Duncan as he defeats Alejandro in the hurdling race. With two wins, Team Amazon won again. At elimination, the bottom two is Alejandro and Noah, and Noah is eliminated. However, Chris reveals that is a non-elimination episode, so Noah is actually safe. Jessica is happy to hear the news.

Eliminated: Noah (Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot) N/A

In The EX-Files, Jessica is ready to take Alejandro down. She tells Noah, Owen, and Tyler to team up and vote him off. They don’t agree with her and say that he’s not in control of the team. Jessica disagrees with this statement, but she lets them do whatever they want to. During the challenge, Jessica is the first of her teammates to get in and is the only contestant not to get noticed. Jessica finds an alien and stuffs it in a hat she finds. Once she leaves Area 52, Jessica is revealed to be closely followed by Alejandro. In the end, she beats Alejandro and wins the challenge for her team. Later that night, at elimination, Owen is voted off by Alejandro and Tyler, while Noah and Owen voted for Alejandro. In a tiebreaker, Team Amazon comes out and votes for their least favorite of the two. They all vote Alejandro, however they voted for who should stay. Everyone, except Alejandro, hugs Owen as he goes, sorry to cause his elimination.

Eliminated: Owen (Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot)

In Picnic at Hanging Dork, Jessica is grateful for winning another challenge. She says that, even though her best friends are gone, she’s ready to win for them. In the marathon, Jessica is, by far, the first to reach Chris and Chef. After about two more days, the others arrive, but Team Chris completely arrives first, so they get to start first. Although Team Chris had the advantage, Team Amazon quickly catches up. In the end, Team Amazon comes a little short of winning and will have their first elimination ever. That night, Lindsay and Courtney say that they want Eva out, but Jessica refuses to vote for her. Sadie and the two girls vote for Eva, Duncan votes for Courtney, and Jessica and Eva vote for Sadie. Jessica is the only one to hug Eva good-bye as she leaves.

Eliminated: Eva (Team Amazon)

In Sweden Sour, Jessica is still upset about Eva’s elimination, but is not willing to lose because of it. When the contestants arrive in Sweden and meet Blaineley, Jessica is one of the contestants not to care that she’s joining the cast, especially when she’s placed on Team Chris. Jessica asks why she joined the cast, and Chris replies with a laugh. Blaineley then explains that she won the viewer’s vote to debut, and is quite unhappy about it. Jessica agrees saying how Beth and LeShawna should’ve debuted, as neither had been seen in quite some time. Blaineley nods and the two females laugh. Chris moves on with the challenge. Duncan leads Team Amazon’s build and does it quite well, according to Jessica. When Team Amazon gets second in the first part, Jessica is annoyed. Once Team Chris launched Tyler, the game has been decided as her destroyed their ship. Jessica is peeved when she learns the winning team won massages.

Eliminated: N/A

In Niagara Brawls, Jessica is annoyed with being in economy class again saying she deserves better. When the teams are dropped in Niagara Falls, Jessica screams because her hair got wet. Jessica lands on Alejandro when the boats fly onshore. She blushes, but quickly gets off of him to see Duncan’s current condition. Jessica is excited to learn she made the merge, before the challenge. In the challenge, Jessica is paired up with Duncan. The two of them take an early lead due to their relationship. In the second part, Jessica and Duncan fall off the tightrope, and fall into the water below. However, it is revealed that Duncan kept Jessica above water. In the end, Alejandro and Courtney win the challenge. Jessica calls an alliance meeting and they all agree to vote Sadie off. Sadie is eliminated, and Jessica is ecstatic about this.

Eliminated: Sadie (Team Amazon, Merged)

In Chinese Fake-Out, Jessica is happy to finally have gotten rid of Sadie. She states that without Sadie, she has more time to focus on the challenges. In the first part of the challenge, Jessica takes an early head start. Once at the wall, Jessica takes a skateboard, stating it’s the fastest one. Jessica reaches the finish first, by a long time. In the second challenge, Jessica is the first one out. She laughs when Alejandro vomits in the final round and loses to Lindsay. That night, Jessica votes for Courtney for betraying her a few episodes back. Jessica is upset when Noah and Courtney are eliminated. She hugs Noah before he leaves and waves bye to Courtney as she goes.

Eliminated: Courtney (Team Amazon, Merged) and Noah (Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot, Merged)

In African Lying Safari, Jessica gets Tyler to join her alliance, giving her the numbers advantage. In the challenge, Jessica doesn’t win the first part, due to having been hit in the back with a soccer ball. In the second part, Jessica nearly hits the feral creature, but hits Alejandro instead. He shoots her back, and they both are knocked out. At the end of the challenge, only Tyler comes back without injuries and with the feral creature. At elimination, Jessica’s alliance votes off Blaineley. She is eliminated, but not before telling Alejandro that the four people he’s left with are in an alliance. Jessica smiles as Alejandro goes bug-eyed.

Eliminated: Blaineley (Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot, Merged)

In Rapa Phooey!, Jessica reveals to be in her best shape ever. She says that she wouldn’t of made it this far without her alliance, but also says she isn’t willing to go anytime soon. During the challenge, Jessica teams up with Alejandro to get him to lose the challenge. This does work, as Lindsay wins and is given an advantage in the second part. In the second part, Jessica is the only one with eggs left and goes up to give the eggs to the condor, which she does successfully. After winning the challenge, Jessica decides to bring Duncan to reward, as Lindsay and Tyler would be together, if her plan went successfully, and they had reward last time. In the end, Jessica’s alliance comes through and Alejandro is eliminated. Jessica blows a kiss toward Alejandro as he is forced out of the plane.

Eliminated: Alejandro (Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot, Merged)

In Awwwwww, Drumheller, Jessica is excited to see the last member not a part of her alliance finally go. In the first part of the challenge, Jessica impresses Chris with her “Chris-o-saurus,” but it loses to Duncan’s “Jessica-saurus.” In the next part, Duncan helps Jessica get fuel, but the two of them lose to Tyler. That night, at elimination, Jessica votes for herself, as she doesn’t want to vote for anyone else. However, Duncan is eliminated. Jessica asked why Lindsay and Tyler didn’t vote for her, and they replied that they didn’t want the stronger player still in the game. Jessica kissed him good-bye.

Eliminated: Duncan (Team Amazon, Merged)

In Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, Jessica is upset of the loss of Duncan, but is ready to win for him. After the plane blew up, due to all the fuel being exploded by interns, the contestants had to find a way to Hawaii for the finale. Jessica, along with Duncan, who had to stay due to the plane being blown up, took a train. She was the first to reach the coat, but had no way of getting to Hawaii. Eventually, Duncan helped her find a motorboat. Jessica and Duncan were attacked by Lindsay and Tyler. Once they reached the mines, both of the boats blew up, blowing the four onto the shore of Hawaii. Jessica appeared to have landed on a dock, meaning she actually never reached the shores of Hawaii. This caused her elimination.

Eliminated: Jessica (Team Amazon, Merged)

In Hawaiian Punch, Jessica supports Lindsay. She doesn’t want to help, because she’s friends with both of the finalists. When Tyler throws the Lindsay statue into the lava, she cheers, but also hugs Lindsay. When the volcano erupts, Jessica is launched onto the boat with Chris and Chef. When the contestants get back to land, Jessica is shown negotiating with Chris. He shakes her hand and says, “Yeah. You will be competing on the newest season of Total Drama.”

Runner-Up: Lindsay (Team Amazon, Merged)

Winner: Tyler (Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot, Merged)

Pass: Jessica

Fail: Alejandro, Beth, Bridgette, Blaineley, Courtney, Cody, DJ, Duncan, Eva, Ezekiel, Geoff, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Izzy, Justin, Katie, LeShawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, Sadie, Sierra, Trent, Tyler

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Jessica was re-introduced while chatting with Dakota. Jessica was upset that none of her friends from the previous seasons returned. She was the fifth to reach land after the boat exploded. In the team determining race, she was the first to arrive and was placed on the Toxic Rats along with Brick, Cameron, Dawn, Jo, Lightning, and Sam. In the challenge, Jo took charge and told Jessica to saw the rope, but Jessica growled and told her to do it. Eventually, Brick chose to do it. The Rats got the better cabin, but it was destroyed by the Maggots totem pole. This caused the Rats to lose. Jessica votes for Cameron, due to finding him the weakest link on the team, and he’s eliminated.

Eliminated: Cameron (Toxic Rats)

In Truth or Laser Shark, Jessica wakes up early and talks with Dawn, much to the annoyance of Jo. The two secretly align and agree to get Brick and Lightning in, too. Jessica uses the confessional to talk about her dislike of both Sam and Jo. In the first part of the challenge, Jessica is one person who wishes to quit before her turn arrives. In the second part, Jessica is the final member of her team to go. She successfully reaches the glove and laughs when Scott is hit by the bats. When Jessica hears Anne Maria is eliminated, she’s happy.

Eliminated: Anne Maria (Mutant Maggots)

In Ice Ice Baby, Jessica is excited to still be in the competition. However, she states that Jo is almost as annoying as Sadie. In the mountain climb, the Rats lose as only Jo is able to make it to the top. In the second part of the challenge, Jessica is excite when her team gets the better castle. When Mike and Zoey run into the castle, Jessica apologizes before launching them both out. In the end, Jo gets the other team’s flag. That night, Scott is eliminated for choosing the bad castle for his team.

Eliminated: Scott (Mutant Maggots)

In Finders Creepers, Jessica and Dawn are shown talking. In the challenge, Jessica is the first one captured by the “spider”, later revealed to be Izzy. She isn’t seen until Dawn, Mike, and Zoey reach the cave. Dawn rescues her team, much to the pleasure of Jessica and the displeasure of Jo. When no one crosses the finish line from the rats, the Maggots automatically win. Jessica and her alliance vote off Jo and she is eliminated.

Eliminated: Jo (Toxic Rats)

In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Jessica is happy to be rid of Jo, even though she was a strong player. Jessica and Dawn plan on voting Sam off next. In the challenge, Brick dives for the Rats while Mike dives for the Maggots. When Brick wins, Jessica hugs him. Staci accidentally falls on Jessica, pushing her into Brick, causing their lips to meet. Jessica blushes before yelling at Staci. In the second part of the challenge, Jessica mans the gun. She shoots Staci purposely, causing Staci to pass out. In the end, Jessica ends up shooting one bell, but the Rats still win because Lightning landed on another. Staci is eliminated for lying too frequently.

Eliminated: Staci (Mutant Maggots)

In Runaway Model, Jessica is admits, to Dawn, that she feels like she might need Duncan. Dawn tells her that she’ll help her escape the crush she has over Brick. In the challenge, Jessica tells her team that she knows the outfit, but she doesn’t know the animal that should wear it. Jessica finds a mutant shark, and knocks it out. She dresses it in a light purple sweatshirt with a pink peace sign, gray leggings, and Uggs, as well as a long-haired brown wig. When the shark wakes up, it chases after Jessica. Jessica reaches the runway, her teammates still trying to dress a mutant rat, and introduces the Rats’ model. The shark runs down the runway and poses once it reaches the end. When Chris declares the Rats the winners, the shark hugs Jessica and runs back into the ocean. At elimination, that night, B is voted out for never talking.

Eliminated: B (Mutant Maggots)

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, Jessica is annoyed to be stuck in the refrigerated truck. During the challenge, Jessica sticks with Dawn. When they get trapped by Ezekiel, they scream. Once Brick, Lightning, and Sam reach them, they help them get around. Brick rescues Jessica and sits in the front seat of the mine cart with her. When all the contestants reach the exit, the Rats award has melted, so the Maggots won. At elimination, Jessica votes for Sam. She’s in the bottom two with him, before Chris reveals the episode was non-elimination.

Eliminated: N/A

In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Jessica is upset that Sam is still in the competition, as more people deserved it. During the first part of the challenge, Jessica stayed on the raft with Sam while Brick, Dawn, and Lightning pushed from behind. The Rats reached land second, so all their hands were handcuffed. In the next part of the challenge, Jessica was disgusted by the swamp and asked why they had to save Gwen. Dawn reminds Jessica that B’s in the box two, and Jessica suddenly wants to save them. Jessica finds the keys and unlocks the handcuffs, but the Maggots already won. Jessica votes for Sam, again, and he is eliminated, but not before B is revealed to be returning and the next episode revealed to be a double elimination. Jessica is upset that B is placed on the Maggots, though.

Eliminated: Sam (Toxic Rats)

In Grand Chef Auto, Jessica is still upset that B was placed on the other team. When Chris tells the contestants that the teams are merging, Jessica cheers. Jessica is excited to see Duncan and blows him a kiss. Jessica immediately finds a key, but hands it to B. B helps Jessica search for another key, and they find one, giving them a tie for first, currently. Jessica easily gets to each monument first, but let’s B pass ahead of her, giving him the win. When B decides who is eliminated, he motions for Jessica to tell everyone who he chose. Jessica is reluctant to do so, but she says that B wants to eliminate Lightning, a big threat, and Zoey, another big threat. Jessica hugs them good-bye.

Eliminated: Lightning (Toxic Rats, Merged) and Zoey (Mutant Maggots, Merged)

In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, Jessica is upset that Lightning and Zoey were eliminated, but is excited to be in the final six. This time, she’s even more excited because she knows she can win. Early on, Jessica is knocked out, and she is taken to the medical tent, taking out of the challenge. That night, Jessica votes Dakota off, along with B, Brick, and Dawn, and she is voted out. In a surprise twist, Dakota gets to choose who is eliminated with her, and she chooses Brick, much to the displeasure of the B, Dawn, and Jessica.

Eliminated: Dakota (Mutant Maggots, Merged)

Dakota’s Choice: Brick (Toxic Rats, Merged)

In Eat, Puke and Be Wary, Jessica is excited to be part of the final four and knows she can win, as long as her allies don’t betray her. In the first part of the challenge, Jessica cooks the best meal of the four, a salad that doesn’t make DJ puke. In the second part, Jessica easily gets to the pole first, and touches the flag. After winning immunity, Jessica decides to vote off B and he is eliminated. Jessica apologizes but admits he’s too strong in challenges.

Eliminated: B (Mutant Maggots, Merged)

In The Enchanted Franken-Forest, Jessica and Dawn tell each other that unless Mike wins, they’ll be the final two. In the challenge, Jessica finds herself stranded in between hundreds of giant plants. She fights them off, but they keep attacking. Jessica isn’t seen again until the end of the challenge, once Dawn comes back with the flower. At elimination, Dawn gets to choose who to eliminate. Sticking to her word, Dawn chooses Mike. Jessica hugs Mike good-bye. In the confessional, Jessica admits that she’s happy that she finally made a finale, and with one of her closest friends. However, she also says that Dawn should’ve chosen Mike because Mike would’ve put up less of a fight than Jessica is ready to put up.

Eliminated: Mike (Mutant Maggots, Merged)

In Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, Jessica and Dawn excitedly hug each other as they have accomplished what they meant to; make it to the finale together. Jessica uses the confessional to admit that she doesn’t want to lose, in case of the series coming to an end. She needs to finally win as closure for herself. Jessica’s sister is shown via video chat. She says that Jessica has a thirty-nine percent chance of winning due to the fact that she’s been on three prior seasons, but has never made the finale, other than with this new bunch. Chris gets bored with her and closes the computer. Jessica finds it easy to build the armor, and builds a pink “Iron Man” outfit. She helps Dawn with hers, stating that she wants to win fair and square. At first, Dawn seems to be winning with her environmental-friendly suit, but eventually Jessica gains the upper-hand. Jessica ends up winning the season. After deserting the island, it explodes. Dawn hugs Jessica as the contestants of the new season fade away.

Runner-Up: Dawn (Toxic Rats, Merged)

Winner: Jessica (Toxic Rats, Merged)

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