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  • TDALindsayfan1

    Jessica is a character labeled as The Drama Queen in Total Drama Island. She was placed on the Killer Bass team. She returned for Total Drama Action and was on the Screaming Gaffers. She returned as a competitor in Total Drama World Tour and was on Team Amazon. She returned and won Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and was on the Toxic Rats.

    Jessica grew up to two wealthy parents and the oldest of four. Her father is a lawyer and her mother is a doctor. As a child, Jessica was spoiled with toys and clothes. Sometimes, Jessica would play with her twin sister, Rebecca, but that didn't usually work out since Rebecca is geeky. Jessica was, and still is, very popular in school. Although she does make enemies, they are not enough to make Jessica any le…

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  • TDALindsayfan1

    I, TDALindsayfan1, have decided to make Total Drama Island my way. Same characters, no new ones. Different teams and different elimination orders. The episode names will be the same. This isn't a story. This is TDI my way as a blogger(me) writes about the things in each episode. Stayed tuned each week to see at least two episodes being blogged about. The outcome on who goes on to TDA will be different, which means some episodes will be different.

    1. Bridgette
    2. DJ
    3. Geoff
    4. Gwen
    5. Harold
    6. Heather
    7. Izzy
    8. Lindsay
    9. Owen
    10. Tyler

    1. Beth
    2. Cody
    3. Courtney
    4. Duncan
    5. Eva
    6. Justin
    7. Katie
    8. LeShawna
    9. Noah
    10. Sadie
    11. Trent

    1. Ezekiel-He was rude toward the girl competitors. He was also not liked.
    2. [[]]-TBA

    Rating: 3.5/10

    I though this episode was very weird. After all the contestants arrived, they were given team…

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