• TDAFan99

    Please join my camp as any of the 26 spots. I would love to be on Total Drama Roleplay season 2. Here is my Total Drama Character countdown:

    24th. Gwen (Episode 1)

    23rd. Geoff (Episode 2)

    22nd. Katie (Episode 3)

    21st. Sierra (Episode 4)

    20th. Harold (Episode 5)

    19th. Cody (Episode 6)

    18th.  Izzy (Episode 7)

    17th. Eva (Episode 8)

    16th. Ezekiel (Episode 9)

    15th. Noah (Episode 10)

    14th. Heather (Episode 11)

    13th. Justin (Episode 12)

    12th. Duncan (Episode 13)

    11th. Alejandro (Episode 14)

    10th. Tyler (Episode 15)

    9th. Owen (Episode 16)

    8th. DJ (Episode 17)

    7th. Beth (Episode 18)

    6th. LeShawna (Episode 19)

    5th. Sadie (Episode 20)

    4th place recipient. Trent (Episode 21)

    3rd place recipient. Courtney (Episode 22)

    Runner up. Bridgette (Episode 23)

    Winner. Lindsay (Episode…

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