Oh hello there. You guys might not know me, but I'm TDADJ, best know for Zach. I'm a member on the Wiki who has not edited lately but has been a featured user (and the original creator of it) and was the one who created the song templates for TDWT along with WM. I used to be really active during TDA and TDWT. Sadly life has bested me. Glad to see the Wiki going strong and glad to see everyone editing. Along the way of my time here though, I made some amazing friends. I'l listing a few here (In alphabetical order, I have OCD) because I might of conflicted a bit with everyone when I first joined, but as time progressed, we all got along.

  • AJ - Hi. We still on for E3? :3 hehe You're awesome and not too far from me! We should get together someday IRL!
  • Ale - Ha. I remember you used to be "Ale-Alejandro, Ale-Alejandro" until Ryan forced you to change your name. I still see you on the IRC a lot though and you're a really great person.
  • Bb - Hey you. I remember you College kid. You were the one I looked up to on here for some reason and I sided with you and defended you more so. Sadly, you got so taken by life, your time on the Wiki left, but I enjoy
  • Bigez - You tawkin' tu me? Yea' I'm meantin' yuh. You are a guud guy and I luv yah are-pin' skills. Unfortanutally, Dawn's gunna be the one on top of Dramatizin', not Anne Maria.
  • CD-TDA - Holla out gurl. You're the chiz that I enjoy. I don't even know what I said but you're pretty awesome.
  • Crash - OH GOD. WHERE DID YOU GO AND DO I MISS YOU SO! Lilie and Patrick man. They were the best. You're awesome and I wish you'd pick up the phone once in a while. God. It's been so long.
  • DJ fan - I'm sorry about my comments about how you look. :c I miss you. Come back. Please?
  • DJ Spenstar - You, me, and GwenRules had so much fun when this wiki was just a baby and created a fanfiction with us in it. We never did finish our TDA section. Oh well, the memory lives on.
  • Freehugs41 - FH, FH, FH... We have so much chemistry in our romantic soap opera. loljk but we do have a bit of history which we both helped and hurt each other. You're pretty amazing though and really smart, even though your humor is a bit... dry.
  • Gleek - GLEEEEEEEEEEK. I still dislike Glee, but I really do miss you. Get back here!!! ;A;
  • GwenRules123 - Same to you about the Fanfic. I really enjoy our fun fanfic we worked on and us as a trio. :c We disbanded though. HMU sometime!
  • Ishni - Ishni! I miss you too! JESUS. WHY WON'T YOU PEOPLE COME BACK TO MEEEEE.
  • Jam - This is Peanut Butter speaking. Your peant butter misses you.
  • Jax - Do I even have to explain our friendship?
  • Kg - Yoooo. Afroman. Did you know you're pretty (le swear here) awesome? I enjoy discussing TD with you and I enjoy your Fanfics. Feel free to say hi sometime.
  • Liz - Yo. You. I miss you and you need to send me a free iPod. :3 loljk but still, I see you little to none now a days on the wiki. You're awesome though.
  • Mygeto - Hello Brony. Pinkie Pie is making cupcakes for you and I. Just make sure to stay out of Fluttershy's shed.
  • Missy - Oh hey, I'm sorry I forgot about you. I might have been a bit of a bully you a bit at first because I really didn't like you but I grew to like you. :3 You're very nice and helpful to the wiki.
  • Musou - Oh hello. :3 I miss you.
  • Neko - NEKO. WIFEY. YO. YOU'RE AMAZING AND AWESOME AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF COOL.  :D :D :D :D :D *brick derp face made*
  • Numbuhthreefan - Hai there. I don't have much to say to you but you're awesome and I see you often.
  • Oodles of Noodles - Lol. Nalyd, you're awesome. I do remember I conflicted with you when I was a baby to the Wiki, but we got over that and yeah. :3
  • Oatmeal- - Ick. Oatmeal. Oh wait, we're not discussing the food? Well, you're pretty cool for a use and you're awesome in RP.
  • Ryan - I don't know where to start. I really don't. You and I have the biggest conflict on the wiki, or we used to. We're almost like Heather and Gwen to say the least. We've became respectful of each other and eventually friends (well, we're not having web wars, but still) to a point. We may butt heads once in a while, but I really enjoy having you here on the wiki and IRC. You're one of the most reasonable people on the Wiki as well as helpful and fun. And Megan Fox is never going to be your girlfriend. Remember that my boy.
  • TDA15 - Even though you call me out on anime every single time, I still am talking to you.
  • TDF - A stepdad can dream, can't he? Lol. You're pretty awesome. :3 I remember we always picked on you for fun and you'd always be all like ":'(" and stuff lol. I find you to be awesome though.
  • Tulle - Gurl, I miss yooooou. You were like so cute and stuff, always keeping the users in check and us in harmony. Bigez still has that photo of you under his bed... was I suppose to say that?
  • WM - WM, dude, you done so much for the wiki, I can't begin to say thank you, bringing in new ideas and fun to the wiki. Your humor isn't all that funny to be blunt but truthful and you spazzing over new music gets a bit old along with advertising, but I overlook that with what you do for everyone here. I can speak for everyone when I say you're among the top of the wiki users and help out a lot. Not to mention a lot of others do too, but you're always keeping up with everything. Thank you.

Sorry to those I forgot or didn't mention but those are some of the few I have met and had an amazing time with on the wiki. :D Happy belated 3 years to me.

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