Most of you do not know about this, but we are in an middle of a situation concerning a third interview. I have emailed the voice actor for Izzy, Katie Crown, as you all know (or should). Ms.Crown has agreed to this interview. If this really works out, this interview will be similar to the interview Nalyd Renrut set up recently with the Total Drama Island and Action Head Director, Mark Thornton and BB with Harold's voice actor, Brian Froud. This blog is really only here to alert the users of this possible feat (you are free to comment on what you think of this interview, but DO NOT put down any questions here concerning the interview!!). What we will do is set up a topic in the forum, and will get the input of the faithful part of the community here (registered users and higher power). Comment here on this blog on what you think about this, but if you are a registered user or higher, you are able to ask a potential question in this forum topic, that may possibly be chosen to be asked to Ms.Crown

Long story short:

  • Talk about the interview here.
  • If you have a question you want to submit for the interview, submit it here.

Thank you. -- Zach (TDADJ)'s Words of Wisdom 01:23, September 30, 2009 (UTC)

Note: The Fourm has not been created as I am waiting for a Reply for what we can or can not ask. Please be patience as I am also setting up a date.
As of Sept 30th, We are progressing to letting people ask questions.

As of Oct 2nd, Katie said she is willing to do it on the 28th.

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