Well. I would like to say, WTF. Why? The ending. To sum up the ending, this happened (with my opinions)

  • Cody Trapped Heather by accident (Where it starts)
  • Cody cheers on Heather (D'awwww Cody x Heather.)
  • Alejandro's snake tounge kisses "Heather" after reaching the top. (Ew may I add)
  • Heather arrives and admits she loves Alejandro. (>_>)
  • AxH moment (I'm now a CxH fan.)
  • Heather kicks Alejandro in the groin and kicks him to the bottom of the volcano, (w00t!)
  • Heather Wins by throwing alejandro statue into lava... (>_> And... 3.2.1...)
  • Or does she? Zeke pops up and Zeke and Heather fight for the case. (>_> Okay. What?)
  • Zeke falls into lava with million dollar case. (LotR:RotK >_> Seriously? Unrealistic.)
  • Volcano erupts. (...Joy.)
  • Alejandro get's burnt by lava after trampled (>_> Yet, he's alive.)
  • Zeke then is shot out into the ocean. (>_>)
  • Heather is hit by a giant Rock. (The End?)
  • Alejandro is being "Rebuilt" (>_>)

Most of you agree. WTF kind of ending of this. So I thought of one myself.

  • The first 6 things happen.
  • The Volcano erupts (no Zeke issue)
  • The hawaiian man shows up and says it needs a second sacrifice.
  • Heather quickly rejects to give up the million, but then does it as she is almost hit by a rock. *Chris cues a solo song here or later after*
  • She then throws in the million, and sheds a few tears.
  • Everyone cheers. *Chris cues a group song here or earilier mentioned*
  • Chris then signs off, Suddenly, Zeke shows up, normal, asking where did the million go.
  • Chris then rolls his eyes and the shows ends.


Script of my ending:

Heather: I won! Yes! (grabs case, then the ground rumbles) W-What’s happening?!
Chris: This isn’t good!
Hawaiian man: (Walks up to the volcano) Oh no! Did you throw pineapples into the volcano? No, no, no, no! Did you not see the sign?
Chris: It was boring… so we put the human wall there.
Cody: Wait… What’s going to happen now?!
Hawaiian man: We need a second sacrifice, something that precious to the person who threw in the pineapples.
Heather: Not the million dollars! No!
LeShawna: You fool! We’ll all die if you don’t save us!
DJ: I want my momma!
LeShawna: Now, throw the money in!
'Heather: No! (is almost hit by firey rock shooting out of volcano) Fine! Fine! I’ll do it!
Chris: Oooh! I got a good idea! (song ding)
Heather: You GOT to be kidding me.
Chris: If you want to stay number one. You can have some back up from people of your choosing.
Heather: Fine. I pick LeShawna, Courtney, Cody, and Bridgette.
Courtney: Whatever. (lava lands right beside her) Ahh! Start singing! Sing!
("Volcano" is sung and the eruption stops.)
(Everyone Cheers)
LeShawna: Oooh! Way to go girl.
Heather: Thanks. I just need another million… Chris?
Chris: Nu-uh. You chose to sacrifice your million to save us. You have to win another million.
Heather: Another season? You’ve got to be kidding.
Ezekiel: (runs up to the top) Yo! I’m ready to win now!
(everyone gasps)
Chris: Turns out that he just needed food, water, and a shower. Wait… for our memories… Everyone has to sing!
(everyone sighs and sings "We Traveled Around The World")
Chris: This is Chris signing off from this season. Heather, take it away.
Heather: Really? Me? Alright. I’m the winner of this season! Signing off from Hawaii, this has been the most dramatic season EVER on Total! Drama! (everyone joins in singing) World Tour!

(At bottom of Volcano)
Alejandro: Hello? Anyone?


Volcano Lyrics (Heather Main; Other vocalist: LeShawna, Courtney, Cody, and Bridgette)

Heather: KoKoKo!
I really don’t want to
Give up my million!
But I have to in order to
Stay living!
I won this game,
And I have dreamt of this!
Now, I have to throw it down…
A Volcano-o-o-o!''
LeShawna: Gurl, you tried to warn that it ain’t right.
But then I put up a fight.
You deserve it more than anyone else.
Sorry about that earlier…
Heather: It’s cool, I knew at least
The evil that was in his eyes.
He thought he could get away with
fooling every female on this show.
He was wrong there.
Bridgette: Yeah! You showed him Heather!
Heather: Now, my ultimate proof of beating him…
It has to go down…
A Volcano-o-o-o!
Courtney: If I were you, I would ditch all of them.
I would then run with the million!
Heather: You didn’t get hit with a giant rock though!
You don’t even support me!
Courtney: And …? What’s your point?
Heather: Whatever.
My dream I have awaited,
I have it in my hand.
Now, in order to save my butt,
My dreams must be crushed in brunt through…
A Volcano-o-o-o!
Wait! Whoa!
(Fire rocks knocks Heather down onto some of the path back, and Cody goes to help her up.)
Cody: Heather… Look at me.
You’re the only one who can.
Heather: Don’t try to hit on me,
We’re all about to die.
I need to burn this million,
To save myself and some others.
Yeah, and I may just be stuck down here.
Cody: You can do it!
Heather: (Inhales) Look, I don’t have time for this.
Stupid rocks are heading for me and Cody!
Making sure we stay safe,
At the top of the volcano again
I have my dream in my hand,
But in order to save my butt,
In order to stay alive-e-e…
I… I have to throw it down a volcano-o-o.

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