Hey guys. It's Zach. I just want to tell you guys a phrase I hate to say...

I'll be quitting the wiki.

Don't worry though. It's only until january when my second semester of school kicks in. I have MAJOR unfocusness. The wiki is in my way along with other stuff, I need to get away from my distractions. I know I'm being like BB and Nalyd. I have issues. I also need to connect with my friends. I rarely hang out with them.... I need to start getting my real life together. I'll come on every often and most definitly during the second semester when I come back. I also won't be on the IRC as much. I don't need to be there as it will distract me. So I have a list of stuff I need to do.

  • Finish TDT. If anyone would be willing to team up with me and do it as well, I'll gladly send them the plans. ^_^
  • Captions: I can gladly keep doing this, So I will still update.
  • Facebook: You can contact me on there.
  • E-Mail: ^_^' You can contact me there
  • Roleplays: I'll gladly go do roleplay. ^_^ You'll beable to contact me on time of roleplay as I'm replacement Sierra #1 on TDR and Lilie on TDIC. ^_^

Sorry about this. I'll hopefully talk to guys any time. I perfer to have a e-mail. It helps surviving a day.

Thanks for reading.

--It's-a Me! Zach! ...No. It's really TDADJ...Freaked 22:46, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

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