• Harold: Slash! Slash! Slash!
  • Lindsay: Cut! Cut! Cut! Whoa! *falls with Harold into the ball pit with everyone else*
  • Alejandro: We don't stop fighting until the sun rises! *punches tyler who sinks into the pit.*
  • Tyler: *pops up behind Alejandro* But I want to take back my woman! *wrestles Alejandro in the pit*
  • LeShawna: We're in the land of the Rising Sun *smacked by Heather x 3*
  • Heather: But We won't stop fighting till the sun comes up! * LeShawna tackles her into the pit causing the balls to fly up, changing the background to a hallway*
  • Cody: Run! Run! Run! *camera moves to Sierra*
  • Sierra: Glomp! Glomp! Glomp! *pounces Cody into a room and the door closes behind them changing to Gwen*
  • Gwen: Courtney, Don't be ridiculous! I'm not stealing Duncan! *dodging Ball pit balls x3*
  • Courtney: *throws three more balls* You haven't got a clue in this land! No land, no matter what!
  • Gwen: *talks* Yes I do!
  • Courtney: *talks* No you don't! Duncan Likes you!
  • Gwen: We're Just friends!!! *light blue balls is zoomed in and then zoomed out onto Bridgette*
  • Bridgette: In this land of the Rising Sun, I miss my Geoffy-poo and his eyes.
  • Noah: *talks in song format* Who really cares about Geoff? He's not here?
  • Bridgette: *talks in song format* Who cares? I do! *switches camera to Owen and Izzy*
  • Owen: Eat! Eat! Eat! *eats a whole bunch of shusi*
  • Izzy: Chug! Chug! Chug! *drinks plenty of japanese fruit juice*
  • All: Cause We're In the Land of the RISING SUN!

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