Hey guys, Sekaru here!  Or you'll know me as Zach too.

Anyway I just have somethings to say.

It's been a good season so far and I'm sad some of the characters go but it all makes sense.  Anyway, Let's go straight to Character rankings.

10.  Zoey -- Not exactly memorible?  I can't remember a single thing besides her Godplaying or her personality being based off Mike.  Can't remember a single thing she does and thus, lowest ranked.
09.  Cameron -- Barely any lines or action since this episode.  Failing too.  Personality based off Sierra at the moment as the second Cody.  Didn't like him in TDRI and not exactly memborial. 
08.  Sierra -- One of my favorites.  Unfortunately, her personality is of that of a tumblr user this season.  Fangirling over some ugly celebrity and blogging 24/7.  If she wasn't so focused on Cody #2 this season, she'd probably be higher.
07. Heather -- Another Favorite.  Hasn't done much though in terms of action though.  Mostly fought about team captian.  I know she is trying to stragtize but 3/4 episodes had her fighting with Jo, Alejandro, and Courtney about what the team does.  Needs to be more proactive or else she's going soon.
06.  Alejandro -- Same as Heather in terms of action.  Food Fright though brought his actions up but his handstand act is getting old.  I see he and Heather being hit in a double elimination.
05.  TMO/Mike -- Hated Mike in TDRI.  Thank god he got some personality in this season other than his MPD or Normal character  going for Zoey.  TMO is the only reason Mike is enjoyable.
04.  Duncan -- At least he's being good.  Nor cheating on anyone.  He's much likable than how he was in TDWT.  
03.  Gwen -- I feel bad for Courtney and the two just need to make out rn.  no seriously, so much implied lesiban romance.  the tension is hard between them.  anyway on the note.  She's trying to make it up to Courtney and I give her props.  She's taking action and not going soon.
02. Scott -- God he's so much more likable than in TDRI.  He was just so ANNOYING in TDRI and he's being proactive and scourtney is cute as a friendship.  but tbh, it'd be a slightly similar relationship to Duncney.   But he's doing something fo'sho.
01. Courtney --  She's taking the gold home.  Green Jelly and the past four episodes have shown her being her.  No boys. No one taking her down but her... minus green jelly.  She's making it and she's making it far for sure.

Predictions on whose all next:

  1. Sierra or Zoey:  Both are too focused on Cody2/Mike.  With Sierra, she's obnoxiously blogging and stalking Cody-ron, everyone is fed up with her.  With Zoey, TMO poses as Mike and breaks up with Zoey to sabatoge her game.  Her emotions force her to quit or be eliminated.
  2. Cameron: His strength cause him to short his success and causes the heros to lose.
  3. Heather/Alejandro: I'm predicting this being a double elimination.  They both battle it out for leadership and try to ally with the rest of the team to take each other out.  It backstabs them and they both are eliminated.
  4. Sierra/Zoey:  The other from above go home.  Since Codyron is gone, Sierra is emotional unstable here and is sent home for crying 24/7.  Zoey, see above.
  5. Merge, Non-elimination.
  6. Duncan -- Gwen breaks up with him and Courtney/Scott/Gwen all vote him out.
  7. Scott --  TMO ends up making him look bad and gets everyone to eliminate him.
  8. TMO/Mike -- Mike defeats TMO and quits for TMO's actions, not feeling honest enough to win. 
  9. Gwen -- Loses to Courtney.
  10. Courtney wins.

This is all opinion though and i have my sunglasses on so i can't see the haters


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