...what the heck just happened. 

i'm not sure if i witnessed the death of a character or just the most rediculous and ooc episode

seriously can we not force the ship of scott and courtney?  if they get together, don't make it rushed or forced.  

gwentney needs to hook up like what i need it and oh my god please if you assume it's innapproipate for 2 girls to make out then give me 3 valids reasons it's okay to let duncan/courtney or heather/trent make out on tv

anyway i'm ranking ppl today based on the episode today cause wow how did it suck 1/10 never watching again


10. Alejandro -- whoa man there was nothing but HEATHER on his mind and quit with the handstand act, jesus how long are you gonna take to recover it's been like 2 weeks on that show already just walk.
09. Gwen -- Okay look Gwen, I got you're trying to be nice and stuff and you wanna recover things with Courtney but YOU JUST BROKE UP WITH DUNCAN OUT OF NO WHERE.  we get Duncan asking about Courtney was irritating but you COULD HAVE RATIONALLY TALKED IT OUT WITH HIM INSTEAD OF JUST SCREAMING YOU'RE DONE. chill.
08. Duncan -- AND TO YOU DUNCAN CHILL.  I thought you were over Courtney.  Don't go around and play with gwen's heart too, what srsly happened to you blowing kisses or caring about her 24/7. wow 0/10 don't do that
07. Sierra -- cody obssession gets old, nothing else worth her staying on the show for.  At least she did something productive though and was doing good in the challenge.  She's gotta go soon tho.
06. Zoey -- Zoey... DID SOMETHING?  went behind Mike's back and like UM GIRL JUST TALK TO MIKE??? but hey at least she almost died [nah jk but still SHE'S NOT BEING OBLIVIOUS AND MIIIIIIIIIKE 24/7 STILL like she knows something is up]
05. Cameron -- Wow you're really this high up??? Whoa man chill you're actually did good and not be too annoying.  but your thing with Sierra is getting old and being put on the villians means you're out in the next 2 episodes for being weak.  farewell my nerdy character we knew thee well
04. Courtney -- Got irritating.  Still fighting for the gold tho and should have been nicer to Gwen with the act of saving her from the Deer.  tbh Courtney you'd save her if it meant victory.  She could chill out about the whole gwen thing then i think she'd be cool but yeah.
03. Scott -- Nothing much I feel about him today.  "I have to go now.  My statue needs me"
02. Mike/TMO -- tbh it's only TMO here.  Mike is bottom but since they're both the same person but different personalities then they go here.  TMO is a villian who almost killed his other's girlfriend and his secret's keeper.  I think that deserves a medal for removing two normally irritating characters from my sight.  but no okay he's gonna be a good villian.  it's only better if zoey and mike break up because of TMO.  I'll be rly happy.
01. Heather -- OH HEY.  THE ONLY CHARACTER BESIDES MIKE I ENJOYED THIS EPISODE.  okay see Heather's nice act was actually funny and yes, it was the most ooc thing this episode but HER  ANIME EYES GOOD LORD HELP ME.  Still she's a great character.

that's it for the rankings. now, my predictions have changed a small bit.

Spoilerish based off the descriptions?

  1. Cameron -- Oh hey, villians team?  A HERO ON THE VILLIANS?  nope he's the weakest on the team, goodbye.
  2. Sierra -- Too much crying, too much lack of cody whining, she's going soon enough.  It'll get old.
  3. Duncan -- TMO uses Zoey to eliminate him because he knows too much about him and he's too busy begging Gwen and Courtney for forgiveness to know he ain't got a chance
  4. Alejandro/Heather -- Still thinking they're out together.  People getting onto their evil ways and they're out.
  5. Merge, Non-elim
  6. Zoey -- TMO gets rid of her as she's learning too much.
  7. Scott -- TMO gets Gwen and Courtney to eliminate him.
  8. TMO/Mike -- Still saying Mike defeats him and quit for not playing fair [living up to his hero status.]
  9. Gwen -- Loses to Courtney
  10. Courtney wins.

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