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    I'm back! ...for now.

    September 29, 2015 by TDADJ

    Hey yall!  Man it felt like forever since I been here.  I'm Zach or TDADJ!  Please tho call me pepsi unless I know you.  I'm only here for the duration of TDRR and I'm working on the pages of Kitty, Emma, Ryan, and Stephanie.  I hope to be able to also update Josee and Jacques and do episode summaries for 18-21. If you guys could not edit those pages until I'm fully caught up on their summaries, that'd be great.  I'm just wanting to hellp the wiki out.  I was here until TDAS which kinda urgh and I haven't really edited since TDRI.  Also please, do not spoil anything regarding the next week's episodes.  I've seen all the episodes up to what's on CN but as wiki policy, I'll reinforce any and all spoilers rules in the comments.  You cannot sp…

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    ...what the heck just happened. 

    i'm not sure if i witnessed the death of a character or just the most rediculous and ooc episode

    seriously can we not force the ship of scott and courtney?  if they get together, don't make it rushed or forced.  

    gwentney needs to hook up like what i need it and oh my god please if you assume it's innapproipate for 2 girls to make out then give me 3 valids reasons it's okay to let duncan/courtney or heather/trent make out on tv

    anyway i'm ranking ppl today based on the episode today cause wow how did it suck 1/10 never watching again


    10. Alejandro -- whoa man there was nothing but HEATHER on his mind and quit with the handstand act, jesus how long are you gonna take to recover it's been like 2 weeks on …
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    With this we have information on the characters and the first challenge.

    • Sky
    • Dave
    • Ella
    • Sugar
    • Leonard
    • Shawn
    • Beardo
    • Topher
    • Max
    • Jasmine
    • Samey
    • Amy
    • Rodney [or Wreck-it Ralph]
    • The girl with glasses and bun [unnamed]

    We also have two teams

    •  Team Maskwak [Sky, Dave, Ella, Sugar, Leonard, Shawn, and Beardo]
    • Another team [mentioned once don't remember.] [Topher, Max, Jasmine, Samey, Amy, Rodney, and that other girl.]

    The first/second challenge is building a fort.

    Mashmallows are returning

    Losers get shot out of the Cannon of Shame

    I'll let you read the rest.  Storyboard spoils the episode though.

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    Hey guys, Sekaru here!  Or you'll know me as Zach too.

    Anyway I just have somethings to say.

    It's been a good season so far and I'm sad some of the characters go but it all makes sense.  Anyway, Let's go straight to Character rankings.

    10.  Zoey -- Not exactly memorible?  I can't remember a single thing besides her Godplaying or her personality being based off Mike.  Can't remember a single thing she does and thus, lowest ranked.
    09.  Cameron -- Barely any lines or action since this episode.  Failing too.  Personality based off Sierra at the moment as the second Cody.  Didn't like him in TDRI and not exactly memborial. 
    08.  Sierra -- One of my favorites.  Unfortunately, her personality is of that of a tumblr user this season.  Fangirling over …
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    Hey guys!  It's Sekaru/Zach here!  I recently got Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  Time traveling all around, I managed to get the QR machine.  So in the interest of those whom played AC:NL I made QR codes for shirts of Duncan, DJ, and Harold and a Dress for Gwen.  I'll try for more in the future! 

    warning: loud autoplay on my tumblr blog. 

    Gwen and Harold:


    DJ [Devon Joseph]

    Hope you all enjoy it.

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