Tdas my cast
Hey!, TDABeth here!, and this is my TDAS!. Cast is in the pic and i'm just gonna line down an elimination order i thought up!, i might make episodes but i'm just doing an elimination order for now! enjoy!

18th: Duncan

17th: Bridgette

16th: Courtney

15th: Owen

14th: Heather

13th: Cody

12th: Lindsay

MERGE (i don't even know what teams i had but lol)

11th: Gwen

10th: Alejandro

9th: Leshawna

8th: Izzy

7th: Geoff

6th: Trent

5th: Sierra

4th: Beth

1st/2nd/3rd: Harold

1st/2nd/3rd: Justin

1st/2nd/3rd: Tyler


Can't Decide a winner, but heres the order!, post yours in comments! :D

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