Today's blog topic was brought to you by the letter "C", and "C" is for "Council."

Basically, there have been a few discussions about Council for a while, about whether or not to let certain users in, or getting rid of it altogether.

After some considerations, I think Council should stick around for now. However, an idea has been brought up by another user (or at least I think that's who brought it up). Here's how it works:

  • During Council meetings, all Council members are voiced.
    • Have the channel mode set to +m, which prevents those without voice from speaking. (This was tried before on the main chat, but it will work better in this case.)
    • Non-Council members may still join the Council room, but will not be voiced. Therefore, they cannot speak and interrupt the meeting.
  • While users may not be able to voice opinions in the Main Council room, a secondary room will be open for regular users to voice their opinion on what is being discussed. The room will be supervised by either a Council member, or whatever the decision is.
    • At any time, discussions in the second room could be brought up during the actual Council meeting.

The whole point of this is to put the "secretive Council" thing to rest. Users have been bringing up the fact that decisons are made secretly, and that we have no say in them. Doing this will allow users to see what goes on in Council, and what is really happening. It will also hopefully eliminate the "no say" complaints, since we have a second room for opinions, and we'll know they're actually being discussed.

For all that disagree, ask yourself this:

What does Council have to hide?

Really, they shouldn't have anything to hide. If that's the reason, then there's something wrong. But if the reason is still "n00bs coming on and interrupting", then think this though for a second. They don't have voice, they cannot speak. If something goes wrong in the second room, just ignore it and continue on with the meeting. Simple as that.

Alright, that wraps it up. Feel free to comment. -w-

TDA15 talks and edits 19:40, June 16, 2011 (UTC)

EDIT: Alright, let me just set this straight: Mygeto (or it might have been Fedora) came up with the "regulars watch while silenced" thing. The second room was my idea. :|

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