So I decided to start my own reviews, since both the two main blogs are inferior (not really, though). And just for the record, I won't be making reviews for the previous episodes I missed, so I'll just list my opinions on them below:

Heroes vs. Villains, 6/10
Pros: Good challenge, Scott doesn't suck anymore
Cons: Weak introduction to characters, awkward dialogue, bad elimination, Gwen being s**t upon by the writers

Evil Dread, 6/10
Pros: Evil Mike's reveal
Cons: Forgettable challenge, overuse of slapstick humor, the writers ruined yet another character

Saving Private Leechball, 8/10
Pros: Didn't expect Duncan to switch nice surprise there, good jokes
Cons: Zoey's godplaying, Cameron's existence

Now, on with the review.

We start off with the Villains getting what is apparently "bed and breakfast" which involved Courtney and Scott bonding over sawdust. Gross. Speaking of bonding, the Heroes throw Duncan a welcoming party, and what made it even more enjoyable is none of them really know Duncan at all. Cameron, Zoey, Mike and Sam never even met him before and Sierra had little interaction with him other than screaming at him when a monkey took an unconscious Cody in Africa. So they basically all assumed he was a team player, even though we knew he wasn't by any means. Though he does seem to have a soft spot for cake.

We find out Sierra's "social media device thing" has been broken, and I'm pretty sure we can all figure out who did it, right? We don't need an extra scene to tell us? Well, we got one anyway. Not really necessary. Speaking of unnecessary, not only is Cameron a "Cody look-alike" but now everyone is. Guess who's going even further down on my rankings?

Gwen begins crying in the confessional because she can't make it up to Courtney for throwing a bucket of leeches on her head. That's what she's still mad about I think, not the love triangle drama that happened two years ago. Anyway, Courtney overhears this, but quickly brushes it off claiming she was only lying. To who exactly, the camera? Why does the camera need to be lied to?

So Cameron returns from Boney Island, and explains that he survived with his ability to magically spawn in wooden fire hydrants. Remember that one leaked line of Chris saying "Say hello to my metal friend"? It's in this episode. And it's used to introduced a large wooden spinner. Wait, wooden? WOODEN? That doesn't sound like metal to me.


More disgusting Courtney-Scott interactions, and Duncan blows a kiss to Gwen, odd. Hopefully he doesn't start seeing nines. Courtney gets covered in green jelly and freaks out, and Cameron has no clue why, so Sierra has to explain that it was from the first season. I like small references like that to past seasons, especially inside jokes that the TDRI cast knows nothing about.

So apparently Duncan gets a weird vibe from Mike's voice, or Evil Mike's voice, either one. Not really sure what's up with that. Maybe Duncan and Evil Mike were secret lovers before the game and had their memories erased or something, who knows.

"Breakfast time it's it's dinner time!"

Sam's super game powers activate, and allegedly wins the challenge. Yeah, Heroes won again. Great. Another team with a winning streak. Can't the writers do anything ri-WOAH WAIT A SEC PLOT TWIST.

Sam had pocketed a bit of pancake to save in case he went to Boney Island, big mistake there. That bit of pocket-cake forced the Heroes to forfeit and the Villains finally win. We finally get to hear the awesome, tense bonfire music again for the first time since Niagara Brawls. Anyway, Sam is voted off. Fun fact: Both episodes that Sam went into "super game hero" mode, he got voted off.

I liked this episode. Not great, but it was pretty good. Now, for the tally:

Pros: Pretty decent challenge, Zoey had no lines, dialogue was good for the most part, the "Rain of Terror being the Final 8" theory is debunked
Cons: Courtney-Scott interactions, Al is still walking on his hands
Rating: 7/10

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