Last week's episode was actually the 100th episode of the entire series. Or this episode, if you don't count recaps.

Now, on with the review.

So we're shown that Playa Des Losers still exists and isn't a mutant wasteland during the recap, that was nice. Not sure if the eliminatees still go there, I guess we'll never know. Sierra kept the weird two-headed rat thing from last episode, which she named "Cody Juniors". The campers eat something other than white slop, and Al stopped walking on his legs. Thank god. Courtney no longer has a think for the ex-Alehandstand, and for some reason they need to re-explain to the audience that he doesn't like being called Al and his brother Jose bullies him.

"Today's challenge isn't gonna hurt itself."

Meanwhile, Duncan tries to convince Zoey that Mike was in juvie as Mal, which she actually buys. Honestly, I sort of expected her to spend another ten episodes or so denying it, but she didn't. Good for her. Chef goes to Boney Island to retrieve "Mike", only to be trampled by a bunch of animals. Mal shows up and creepily says "Hey Chef" and proceeds to brutally mole- okay that didn't really happen. Or did it? We see that the real Mike is trapped inside his brain, which can obviously happen in reality television. After the second watch, I realized how awesome the music was during that scene, so there's that.

Lots of callbacks to Total Drama Island, I'm liking it. We have Chris referring to Phobia Factor and No Pain, No Gain, as well as the return of the Wheel of Misfortune. Scott is put up against Fang, where he instantly enters a state of shock, and quickly gets his freckled behind handed to him.

"I likes you purty lady sleep."

Scourtney scenes are improving. I don't think Sierra repeatidly punching a giant mother rat in her extremely detailed rat breasts is something that should be in a kid's television program. Al is up for the Villains, where he must "surprisingly" take part in a Mexican Stand-off against Jose. Al is so thirsty for Heather.

We have our first cameo in quite a few episodes: Izzy. Well, sort of Izzy. It's her in a spider outfit. For some odd reason, she is able to telepathcally figure out that Mal exists, which confirms Zoey's suspicions. In order to silence this, Mal kills Izzy. Well, at least he's a step up from breaking phones now.

For some reason, Cam is put up against not one, but four giant gophers. Seems a bit unfair, but hey, it's Chris. Duncan-do-right takes this oppurtinity to redeem his "badness" by fighting...the small three-eyed bird from last episode. And no, he does not win. Not exactly as funny the second time around. It's great that Gwen and Courtney are getting along now, but MAN is it annoying. Even their laughter is the same. Sierra's website was a nice touch, though. Due to Courtney and Gwen's almost make-out session, the Villains win.

Much to Courtney's suprise, the teams are not merging. The Villains get to pick who is eliminated, and the Heroes choose who goes to Boney Island. Cameron pushes team to vote for Sierra, she gets the flush. For whatever reason, the Heroes decide to send Al to exile due to being a threat. Well...then why did you send him to Boney Island? Do you want him to find the idol if he's already a threat? That part didn't make sense.

All in all, I liked the episode. Sure it has its mess-ups, but that pretty much comes with the TD standard I guess. The humor was good, the twist was nice (though it seemed to be a way of not eliminating Mike).

Pros: Funny, cameo from an original contestant, good challenge, Mal is interesting, Zoey isn't annoying anymore
Cons: Courtney-Gwen stuff was a bit cheesy at times
Rate: 9/10

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