Through various FB convos, emails, and other various resources, some of us have gathered quite a bit of information on the fifth season of Total Drama. And yes, it was confirmed by Potenza in a FB chat.

Here's what we know so far:

  • The fifth season will be airing Summer 2012
  • The season will take place on Mars
  • It takes place 50 years later so everyone's in their mid-60's
  • Chef is hosting the season because Chris went insane in the TDROTI finale from the nuclear waste
  • Alejandro redebuts as a robot
  • Due to it taking place on Mars, the season's name it Total Drama Martians
  • Sadie's uncle debuts halfway through
  • Half the TDROTI cast are returning, along with most of the original cast
  • Sierra is pregnant with Cody's fifth daughter for the majority of the show
  • B ate Cameron in the TDROTI finale, so Cameron won't be returning
  • The four teams are: The Floating Rocks, The Shining Stars, The Awesome Aliens, and The Other Team
  • Staci is eaten by a giant plant in the TDROTI finale after winning, so she's not returning.
  • Charlie Sheen will make a debut a few episodes in
  • One of the challenges is to fend off a group of Maritans
  • A fifth team is formed at one point consisting of all Martians because the contestants failed completely at the challenge
  • The Martians are Marty, Ali, Sunny, and Bert
  • The safety item is an alien egg
  • Eliminated contestants must take the Launch of Shame, where they're strapped to a rocket and launched into the sun
  • Beth is eliminated, but returns as a ghost
  • There's a new guy named Eggbert
  • Sierra and Cody's other four daughters are also making debuts
  • Mars is blown up halfway through, so the second half of the season is just everyone awkwardly floating in space
  • The Martians finally call in a spaceship in the finale, which sets up for Seasons 6, 7 and 8
  • Each next season has a 10-year gap
  • Season 6 takes place on the spaceship
  • Season 7 takes place on Uranus
  • Season 8 takes place on Uranus again
  • Season 9 only consits of Chris talking about why they're continuing the show even though all the contestants died already

More stuff should be confirmed soon. That's all folks! ^_^ TDA15 talks and edits 02:10, September 8, 2011 (UTC)

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