"The admins aren't a clique." "Of course we're all equal." "Treat everyone the same."

All quotes we've heard before, and have been in the past...I don't know how many admin blog posts about the topic in some form. But, if you notice something, these are all from an administrator's point of view (With the exception of Nalyd, who was a former admin). Maybe making a blog from a user's point of view might even out a few things. (Oh wait...I just did.)

As a common visitor of the IRC, I witness plenty of events that some users who aren't on the IRC may not know about, and are a little confused on what's been happening. Others, who are on the IRC frequently, might even know more than I do. Either way, every user on this wiki has his or her opinion on everything no matter what the case. Some users may think that their opinions are completely controlled and cannot be thrown into play (they will remain unnamed, although many know who they are). Well I'm about to give my complete input on this blog, positive or not.

I'll start off by giving my input on each blog that I addressed in the beginning.

We All Want To Be Liked - Nalyd Renrut -- I do have to agree on a few things here, mainly the small flaws of wach admin. All of which can easily be improved. Besides, not everyone can live up to all of our expectations. Suprisingly, this blog did not get much negativity, showing you really can express your opinions. My only real concern was a comment made by a user, criticizing an admins activity, yet they weren't very active either. Really, we can't all be on here 24-7, we have lives you know. (And school...)

PLEASE READ -- How much trust do you have in... - Jam7 -- The blog itself was pretty basic, asking how much we trust moderators of the wiki and whatnot. But what I'm really trying to point out would be the comments. This blog nearly became a debate about User-Admin stuff for Pete's sake. For example, Mygeto's comment on "aggrivating the admins" or something along those lines. Typically, an admin or two steps in and denies such thing, thus brining up the whole "Admin Clique" controversy. Everything isn't what it seems...

A Follow Up to Jam's blog - Lizcat68 -- After Jam's blog was posted, like any admin, a response blog was posted in defense of the alleged Admin Clique. Altough she did point out some postitve things such as the fact that every user should be respected. Good response.

The Admins and Their "Clique" - Lizcat68 -- And finally, my favorite blog of the four! But, here's the thing that I don't think you completely got about the Clique accusations was, they didn't mean like, the "Mean Girls" type of clique where they talk to admins and no one else, they mean, like Nalyd pointed out, they mainly just look out for eachother to keep themselves in power and/or to gain power. I'm not trying to bash your view on it, the meaning of it gets confused often.

These are just my opinions, we all have them. No need to bash any of them. If you think I did in some way, well I'm sorry I wasn't trying to. Moving on...

In my opinion (and possibly a few others) there is a bit of tension going on between Users and Users, Users and Admins, and Admins and Admins. Maybe now could be the time to bring back a suggestion blog, or a Roundtable? Something to settle the supposed conflicts. I might be caused by (Yes, I've said it numerous times and I will say again) the Clique rumor. Yes, I do in fact believe it, same with a good number of users. They might not admit it, but they do. Which brings me to my next thing...

Admitting your beliefs, opinions, and whatnot seems to be somewhat of a challenge for some people. They believe that the slightest remark that administrators find negative towards them will result in a ban. They can believe that if they want, but I don't. (Why else would I be making this blog?) Yes, my opinions will most likely be bashed, turned down and criticized...but is that going to stop me from speaking? Not a chance.

Basically, I guess somtimes people are just too uncomfortable to say what they mean, it's different for everyone. Anyway, disagree all you want, it's just my opinion. We all have opinions. (I had all these thoughts planned out, but ended up writing this a day later...).

That is all.

-- TDA15

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