...or lack thereof it seems. I'll be blunt.

Over the past few weeks quite a handful of users have proven they have little to no self-control when it comes to users who annoy them. We get it there are some annoying people out there, and if we were able to ban everyone that annoyed us the wiki would be a ghost town. I'm kidding. mostly

Anyway back to the point, a lot of you seem to have a tendency to gang up on these annoying users, and fill the wiki activity with pointless posts about how stupid you think they are, or what they're doing is wrong or annoying or weird. While you might not always be wrong, there is a line.

Let's start with Jimboykelly. A handful? Most definitely. No offence to him of course, not everyone is good at editing. I myself spent the first year or so spewing nonsense on the TDWT talk page before I did anything productive. This user has been known to persistently post on staff member's walls asking them which edits they should make. Is it annoying? Yes. Do we need every other user commenting on it, mocking him and flooding the Wiki Activity with it? Absolutely not.

There's also Ma Doesn't speak English very well, and posts random things about Samey. While that is, um, quirky, seeing post after post of people egging her on in message walls, blog posts, etc got out of hand real quick, which became part of the reason for her ban. It only encourages her to continue this behavior and while it's not exactly harmful, it doesn't do a whole lot of good either. Again this is no to criticize her as a user, but if you see these posts from her that don't really add anything relevant (like this), just leave it be.

Lastly is Poopydog999, everyone's favorite author to dump on it seems. Yes, their fan-fiction is not the greatest work of art in the world, I think we established that a long time ago. To the point where I think it's almost a general consensus that people don't seem to like his fan-fiction, which is completely fine. Chances are the user will continue to create the fan-fiction, which is also fine. Continuing to gang up on their work however is essentially beating a dead horse at this point. It serves no purpose but to, again, flood Wiki Activity with your exhausted opinions. Just stop.

Bottom line, you all need to chill the f**k out with these types of users. If they annoy you, that's fine, just ignore them. If they are causing legitimate problems and breaking rules, then you may report them. Do not feed the trolls. They might not actually be trolls, but it still goes without saying. We are quite sick of seeing this much negativity every day from all of you, and we would ask that you cool it. You will not better the world by posting the same opinion or groupthink or whatever that's been posted by 10 different people.

It's important that we not be d**ks to each other, because people like that get banned. You people are not the exception. Stop ganging up on people you don't like. It's annoying.

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