"Oh look, TDA15 made a blog. He never does that."

With that aside there is a slight issue myself and a few others feel should be brought up. Lately, the wiki has been receiving quite a bit of flack for allegedly "denying everything" for lack of a better term, as shown here:


Being a wiki, a website containing canon information on the show, as the responsibility of keeping with the facts and avoiding over-speculation. Take a look at some of the other Total Drama-related websites. You have the Fanfiction and Camps wikis, you have Dramatic Static, Tumblr, so on and so forth. Those sites tend to be filled with speculation, character opinions, fanfictions, and other miscellaneous things. That being said, this makes us the only website focusing on canon information, thus making it an even bigger responsibility.

"But Scott was confirmed YEARS ago and they just now added it to their dumb site!"

Maybe, but then again their main source came from a smudge on a leaked script, and supposedly a post from Brian Froud. Posts on social networks tend to be forged constantly, so it is difficult to tell what is actually real. That being said, even back in the days of pre-Total Drama World Tour, there were TONS of fake images, screenshots, titles and theories galore. Remember when Sadie was supposedly going to be in TDWT? When Sierra's name was Kathie? Or that the fourteenth episode of Total Drama Action was allegedly going to be "Almost Wedding Crashers" with both Cody and Izzy returning as contestants?

This and more are the reason we stick to the facts. There is always a bunch of speculation about everything in the fanbase, and we would much rather not be a part of that and just give people the information that we know is 100% confirmed (You're welcome, by the way).

Basically what we're trying to say is, give us a bit of credit here. There are tons of other websites related to Total Drama that have nothing but speculation and opinions. If that's what you're looking for, go there instead. If you want solid facts, then please stick around, you won't be disappointed.

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