Ok so I know everyone hated tdas alot, but I didnt see anything wrong with it.The characters mixed ver nicely. There were also a lot of hins toward there being a second all stars season. (The biggest one was at the end when chris says that its the very end of their first all stars season) Heres how I think It would go down.

Three teams

Originals: gwen, duncan, Heather, Courtney, and maybe alejandro or some fan faves

Second Gen: Lightning, Cameron, Scott, and maybe Mike + Zoe or Dawn and Brick

I dont see any point of bringing Mike and Zoe back, they were both very stale, and their story is over. They have a million dollars, they are a couple, and mike doesnt have Multiple personality disease anymore.

Third Gen: I cant really guess these, but I would think Sugar Sky Ella maybe

Adding up to 12 to 16 contestants, or maybe,(but probably not) everyone.

Probably Not though.

Also, I would also like to see Duncan and Courtney back together, they were awesome together.

Any thoughts?

Im also wondering how ezekiel is going to weasel his way into pahkitew, and if there will be cameos for pahkitew.

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