• TD123

    All Stars Two?

    December 13, 2013 by TD123

    Ok so I know everyone hated tdas alot, but I didnt see anything wrong with it.The characters mixed ver nicely. There were also a lot of hins toward there being a second all stars season. (The biggest one was at the end when chris says that its the very end of their first all stars season) Heres how I think It would go down.

    Three teams

    Originals: gwen, duncan, Heather, Courtney, and maybe alejandro or some fan faves

    Second Gen: Lightning, Cameron, Scott, and maybe Mike + Zoe or Dawn and Brick

    I dont see any point of bringing Mike and Zoe back, they were both very stale, and their story is over. They have a million dollars, they are a couple, and mike doesnt have Multiple personality disease anymore.

    Third Gen: I cant really guess these, but I wou…

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  • TD123

    Bring Back Cuncan!

    December 12, 2013 by TD123

    Ok, lets face it. Cuncan was the best couple ever. We need them back. If there is a season 7 all stars, and they bring back duncan and courtney, will they bring back cuncan?

    or will they still be total enemies?

    They can't be. I know there are a lot of duncan haters, and courtney haters, and d+c haters, but I 

    also know there are a lot of supporters. We need D+C!

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