Total Drama All-Stars REDO is just like Total Drama All-Stars except, well different, and it's gonna be way better than the, ugh crap version. Anyways there is going to 36 previous contestants returning to a new island, located near Hawaii. And the teams are going to be different. No Heroes vs Villains stuff, our first team is Fluttering Flamingos (don't ask seriously) and the Cringing Crocodiles. The seasons contestants are, Alejandro,Amy,Brick,Brody,Cody,Courtney,Dave,Dawn,DJ,Duncan,Ella,Eva,Ezekiel,Geoff,Gwen,Harold,Heather,Izzy,Jay,Justin,Junior,Lindsay,MacArthur,Max,Mickey,Mike,Noah,Samey,Sanders,Scott,Shawn,Sky,Sugar,Topher,Tyler,Zoey. And each of them will be battling out for, 2 MILLION DOLLARS!!! Comment on who you think will win?

Fluttering Flamingos: Amy,Brick,Cody,Dave,Dawn,Ella,Eva,Geoff,Harold,Izzy,Jay,Justin,Lindsay,Max,Samey,Scott,Tyler,Zoey

Cringing Crocodiles: Alejandro,Brody,Courtney,DJ,Duncan,Ezekiel,Gwen,Heather,Junior,MacArthur,Mickey,Mike,Noah,Sanders,Shawn,Sky,Sugar,Topher

Episode 1 Prepare For Drama


Scott and MacArthur fighting while, Cody,Sanders,Ezekieland some other lady are watching.