I've done something like this similar before, except is was with all of the 52 contestants together, but this time I am gonna separate them by generation and stating what season is my favorite/least favorite. Lets get this started with Total Drama Island.

1st Gen:


25th: Blaineley. Go away. Simple as that.

24th: Katie. Ok I don't know how people could like this character, I mean come on she is terrible, she didn't help in any of the challenges and only cares about Sadie, doesn't show any care for her team and she was complaining second episode for Sadie to be on her team, seriously it's not the end of the world.

23rdth: Sadie. I like her a little more then Katie, but she is still bad they have got to be the most annoying Total Drama contestants in the series, well other then Sugar but that will be explained when it's her time. I wouldn't be surprised if Katie and Sadie are in the next season of TDRR.


22nd: Eva. Her temper is the reason why most people don't like her and why she got voted off so early in TDI, but I mean I would kind of like to see her return, with Jo and see the conflict between the 2 of them.

21st: Justin. Justin isn't really that bad I just don't like him allot, I mean sure he's hot, uh I mean awesome I did not say hot but he just wasn't like I don't know how to say it, like someone who can I actually relate to.

20th: Beth. I don't know how she won TDA but I was surprised, I don't hate Beth like Katie and Sadie, she's just idk weird. I wouldn't want her to return, I don't think she will she already had her season.

19th: Sierra. That B word she's crazy and she's so annoying, but I do love Cody to so I can relate to her in a way.


18th: Courtney. I know, I might get allot of hate, but Courtney is a ok character, she was funny in TDI with Duncan, I didn't really watch TDA that much, she was funny in TDWT but All-Stars, All-Stars ruined every character.

17th: Bridgette. I honestly don't know how I feel for Bridgette, she's not a terrible character but she isn't one I would wish for her to return, I mean I wouldn't really care if she did return, but like I said I'm not praying for her to return.

16th: Ezekiel. Ok I don't love Ezekiel but I believe he gets a little to much hate, I don't like the entire zombie thing but it would be cool to see him return and see Shawn's reaction. I just wish they never did that zombie bull crap, I believe if Zeke didn't say those sexist comments in episode 1, he may have actually gotten far.

15th: Leshawna. I don't hate Leshawna, I like how she flipped out on Heather in episode 2, I do believe Leshawna could be a finalists in one of the upcoming seasons and I wouldn't honestly mind that, cool with me.

14th: Alejandro. I don't hate Alejandro I just think he is kind of annoying and I don't like what he did to Cody in TDWT, but I do have to admit he did have his funny moments, overall I think he is a ok contestant.


13th: Lindsay. I like how Lindsay would always forget Tyler, btw I think the producers forgot about Tyler to, R.I.P Tyler, anyways I think she should have made it farther in TDAS, but TDAS is hopeless no matter what happened.

12th: DJ. DJ, hmmm well he doesn't like snakes, but in TDWT he was funny, I do believe he does have a shot at winning a season possibly, or competing in the next TDRR.

11th: Harold. Mad skills XD, Harold your mad skills are just to funny, I wish Harold did return in TDAS, he would have maybe made it slightly better than how it was.

10th: Owen. Owen in my book is amazing, though I do think he is used a little to much, I mean every season he's in he makes it really far, like TDI he won it but TDA he was in the final 3, I don't think Owen is gonna return for a while after season 6.

9th: Gwen. I like the whole GwenxDuncan thing, I do think though that after TDAS it is over with, idk if it is for sure cause who the hell watches TDAS like really. Gwen is a amazing character and I hope she does return in TDRR.

8th: Heather. Heather, well she was funny in TDI and TDWT I don't watch TDA and TDASS, oops I added a extra s, but it's true. Heather was a great competitor and I think if you could win more than 1 season she would have already.


7th: Trent. Trent is great, but TDA he was bad, TDI he was great, I just think that he may have gotten out a little early, same with TDA, if he wasn't worrying about Gwen so much he could have actually possibly made it to merge or even have taken Beth's spot. (thank god)

6th: Izzy. Izzy is so funny and hyper, and that's exactly why I like her, I think she does have chances of winning a season and possibly joining TDRR.

5th: Geoff. Geoff, "you pitch a tent like a guy" haha he's a sexist like Ezekiel. Geoff is a good contestant and I like how he did return for TDRR, but I don't like Brody I think he should have returned with like Bridgette or someone else.


4th: Duncan. Oh my god this dude is fricken funny, he made me die every time he talked in TDI and TDWT even TDAS, I would love to see him return but I don't think he will for a while since he's in juvy, R.I.P

3rd: Noah. TDRR he was hilarious same with TDI and TDWT, I'm glad he's returning again, I do think he has a chance of winning a season possibly in the future.

2nd: Tyler. Why do people hate this dude, I know he's a floater but he's funny, I hope he returns sometime soon, if the producers didn't already forget about him, I don't know why they did, I hope he does return for TDRR or the next season of Total Drama.


1st: Cody. I love him, simple as that. He will always be my favorite contestant and no one will change it, love you Cody I hope you return soon.

Let's go 2nd gen!


13th: Staci. Annoying, no one cares about you're history, they are all lies anyways and all you do talk about it that's why you got eliminated first

12th: Sam. Sam, why did you return for Ass-Stars, you should not have returned, you didn't even help and in Evil Dread you completely sucked!


11th: Anne Maria: Idk why I dislike her, I just think she's really annoying with this "tan" bullcrap and the hair stuff, it's hair, damn.

10th: Zoey: Garbage, trash, annoying, stupid, but she can be funny, rarely though.


9th: B: silent, but deadly

8th: Lightning: yes, he is annoying sometimes but he can be pretty funny, but I hope he doesn't return for the next season.

7th: Dakota: she's pretty cute if I do say so myself, but I do think her fame thing gets a little annoying , but hey don't we all want to be famous?


6th: Cameron: this kid, this kid won a season against brawn? Wow, even I was surprised idk how this dude win but he used his robot thing whatever the hell it is in the end. Nice work kid.

5th: Jo: she was funny and the mistaken for a dude thing was hilarious... but Total Drama All-Stars caused allot of garbage and kind of hatred towards every contestant that competed. Whatever though. Funny contestant overall

4th: Scott: he was funny in TDROTI, and TDRS, I liked his manipulation game style and I am surprised he didn't win either of those seasons, damn you Zoey.


3rd: Dawn: I love dawn, and her love for nature, it's amazing and I hope she returns to Total Drama soon

2nd: Brick: here is a real Heroic Hamster, he deserved to be in Ass-Stars, but due to stupid Sam, he wasn't in. GRRR, I hope this dude returns soon, I miss him

1st: Mike: ok before all of you start commenting, why wtf you like Mike? What a idiot, ew Mike is terrible. No he isn't, this kid doesn't deserve hatred, it's not his fault, if this entire Mal, or Zoey never happened, he would be a favorite, he's my favorite. And if you have a problem, then don't read this damn post.

3rd Gen:


14th: Sugar: SHE IS SO ANNOYING, my god, I don't even want to get further into this convo.

13th: Amy: treat you're sister with respect, god do you seriously hate her that much, SHOW RESPECT FOR YOU'RE SIBLINGS!


12th: Leonard: He can be annoying with his magical spells and junk like that and he returned for RR? Uh why?


11th: Beardo: I don't have anything against this guy, he can have allot of development if he made it farther.

10th: Sky: she isn't good, but she isn't terrible, but I do think she was trying to be a show off.

9th: Rodney: big boy Rodney, one day he will find true love, I know he will.

8th: Scarlett: she was okay in my opinion except for the entire turning into a villain thing.

7th: Max: he can get annoying I know but he can be funny at the same time, let's be honest.


6th: Jasmine: the friendly giant, I think she should have returned for RR, to bad Mike got rid his personalities, anyone feeling ManitobaxJasmine?

5th: Ella: I do think she is a good singer but it got a little annoying, but I thought it was sweet at the same time. Ella love....

4th: Dave: yes the entire Sky thing is annoying, but I think he could get more development if Sky wasn't in a season with him.


3rd: Samey: I feel really bad for her because of Amy, I hate Amy she is so rude and disrespectful, hopefully if they return for RR, Samey will show her who is boss.

2nd: Shawn: ZOMBIES!!! AHH WHERE!!! Aww his zombie thing is sooo cute, I love it, him and zombie Ezekiel would be amazing, hopefully that does happy.


1st: Topher: I love this guy, he is funny "Get ready for the Topher experience" XD, Topher you are hilarious, maybe a TopherxSierra? Doubt it but could happen, hopefully when he returns he isn't obsessed with Chris so he can get development.

Now Seasons:

7th: Total Drama Garbage-Stars, horrible season, they need to do a redo of it and get rid of everything that was crap.

6th: Total Drama Action. I found this season to be very boring, probably cause Noah,Cody, and Tyler were not in it. I don't hate it but I don't like it, neutral for me.

5th: Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. I found this season also to be boring, but it was probably because of the new cast, but eventually after episode 4, I began to enjoy it

4th: Total Drama RR (Can't spell it sorry lol). Eh it was good, I found it funny at times but I do agree it could have been a little better.

3rd: Total Drama Pahkitew Island, I like this season, I enjoyed the new cast, minus Amy,Sugar, and Leonard. I don't like them but they others, I enjoyed them.

2nd: Total Drama Island. The original is amazing, I always go back and watch the episodes, I miss the past.

1st: Total Drama World Tour, loved it, liked it, enjoyed it, happy, amazing, got to love this season.

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