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    Hello! Welcome to my post where I will explaining why I think these following contestants will never return to Total Drama ever again. This is NOT official, so don't take it as they are never gonna return, I can't predict the future (though I wish I could) but instead of making this intro so long, why don't we start the list off.

    Number 1: Ezekiel

    The reason why I don't think Ezekiel will ever return is because of the golem crap they did. I do believe it wasn't necessary to do this, and I think they did it so they can just throw Ezekiel out and make him non-existent, maybe because they think there's nothing they can really do with his character. There's nothing special about him anyways and there would be no point to ever bring him back. The …

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  • Sway-Sway


    December 23, 2016 by Sway-Sway

    Jared was a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. He Later returned for Total Drama Action on the Killer Grips. He also returned for Total Drama World Tour as a member of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. He was seen first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island along with the other original contestants on a yacht.

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  • Sway-Sway

    Total Drama All-Stars REDO is just like Total Drama All-Stars except, well different, and it's gonna be way better than the, ugh crap version. Anyways there is going to 36 previous contestants returning to a new island, located near Hawaii. And the teams are going to be different. No Heroes vs Villains stuff, our first team is Fluttering Flamingos (don't ask seriously) and the Cringing Crocodiles. The seasons contestants are, Alejandro,Amy,Brick,Brody,Cody,Courtney,Dave,Dawn,DJ,Duncan,Ella,Eva,Ezekiel,Geoff,Gwen,Harold,Heather,Izzy,Jay,Justin,Junior,Lindsay,MacArthur,Max,Mickey,Mike,Noah,Samey,Sanders,Scott,Shawn,Sky,Sugar,Topher,Tyler,Zoey. And each of them will be battling out for, 2 MILLION DOLLARS!!! Comment on who you think will win?


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  • Sway-Sway

    I've done something like this similar before, except is was with all of the 52 contestants together, but this time I am gonna separate them by generation and stating what season is my favorite/least favorite. Lets get this started with Total Drama Island.

    1st Gen:


    25th: Blaineley. Go away. Simple as that.

    24th: Katie. Ok I don't know how people could like this character, I mean come on she is terrible, she didn't help in any of the challenges and only cares about Sadie, doesn't show any care for her team and she was complaining second episode for Sadie to be on her team, seriously it's not the end of the world.

    23rdth: Sadie. I like her a little more then Katie, but she is still bad they have got to be the most annoying Total Drama con…

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  • Sway-Sway

    52. Beardo

    51. Courtney

    50. Ella

    49. Dave

    48. Leonard

    47. Heather

    46. Blainley

    45. Rodney

    44. Justin

    43. Harold

    42. Trent

    41. Eva

    40. Ezekiel

    39. Sierra

    38. Bridgette

    37. Staci

    36. B (Beverly)

    35. Lighting

    34. Geoff

    33. Duncan

    32. Anee maria

    31. Sugar

    30. Scarlett

    29. Noah

    28. Owen

    27. Gwen

    26. Zoey

    25. Shawn

    24. Alejhandro

    23. Lindsay

    22. Amy

    21. Sky

    20. Katie

    19. Sadie

    18. Dakota

    17. Shawn

    16. Beth

    15. Leshawana

    14. Dawn

    13. Cameron

    12. Jo

    11. Sam

    10. Tyler

    9. Scott

    8. Mike

    7. Samey

    6. Jasmine

    5. Brick

    4.  DJ

    3. Izzy

    2. Topher

    1. Cody!!!

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