Well, the voting is over and I received an astounding amount of 28 votes. Thank you guys so much for giving me your input! So lets get to the results!

Q 1: What was your favorite / least favorite episode?

Most popular episode: A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket. Nine people liked it and two people disliked it

2nd: I Love Ridonc & Roll. Nine liked and four disliked.

3rd: Hello and Dubai. Five liked and 3 disliked.

4th: Hawaiian Honeyruin. Three liked and four disliked.

Least favorite: New Beijinging. One person liked it and 11 people disliked it.

Q 2: Who were you happy / sad to see get eliminated?

1: Tom and Jen. Five people were happy to see them go while 15 people were sad to see them go.

2: Kelly and Taylor. They were tied with 7 people happy to see them go and 7 people sad to see them go.

3: Jay and Mickey. 10 people were happy to see them go while 8 people were sad to see them go.

Q 3: Who was your favorite / least favorite team?

The most popular team was Emma and Kitty while the least popular team was Chet and Lorenzo.

1: Brody and Geoff                 Favorite: 1         Least favorite: 0

2: Carrie and Devin                Favorite: 1         Least favorite: 2

3: Chet and Lorenzo               Favorite: 0         Least favorite: 8

4:Crimson and Ennui              Favorite: 6         Least favorite: 2

5: Dwayne and Junior             Favorite: 1         Least favorite: 0

6: Emma and Kitty                   Favorite: 8         Least favorite: 1

7: Jacques and Josee             Favorite: 2         Least favorite: 1

8: MacArthur and Sanders     Favorite: 1         Least favorite: 1

9: Noah and Owen                 Favorite: 1         Least favorite: 0

10: Rock and Spud                Favorite: 3         Least favorite: 3

11: Ryan and Stephanie        Favorite: 1         Least favorite: 7

12: Mickey and Jay                Favorite: 1         Least favorite: 1

13: Kelly and Taylor              Favorite: 1         Least favorite: 1

14: Jen and Tom                   Favorite: 3         Least favorite: 1

Q 4: Who do you want out next?

The majority of you want Chet and Lorenzo out next.

0 of you want Brody and Geoff out next

3 of you want Carrie and Devin out next

11 of you want Chet and Lorenzo out next

3 of you want Crimson and Ennui out next

0 of you want Dwayne and Junior out next

0 of you want Emma and Kitty out next

0 of you want Jacques and Josee out next

1 of you want MacArthur and Sanders out next

0 of you want Noah and Owen out next

5 of you want Rock and Spud out next

5 of you want Ryan and Stephanie out next

Q 5: Who do you want to win?

The majority of you want Emma and Kitty to win.

5 of you want Brody and Geoff to win

2 of you want Carrie and Devin to win

0 of you want Chet and Lorenzo to win

4 of you want Crimson and Ennui to win

3 of you want Dwayne and Junior to win

8 of you want Emma and Kitty to win

2 of you want Jacques and Josee to win

1 of you want MacArthur and Sanders to win

1 of you want Noah and Owen to win

4 of you want Rock and Spud to win

1 of you want Ryan and Stephanie to win

(sorry the bottoms cramped together, I don't know how to fix it..)

Well a lot has changed since last week. Hope you guys enjoyed this and I'll see you all again at the end of the week for poll number three! :)

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