Well, 17 people sent me in answers and honestly thats more people then I expected so I'll definitely make anther one at the end of the week. Some of you gave multiple answers so I wasn't exactly sure what to do with that. So, let's see the results! :)

Q 1: What was your favorite/least favorite episode?

The most popular episode was episode 5: Bjorken Telephone. This was by far the most popular episode earning 12 out of the 17 votes. You guys really liked this one.

The least popular episode was episode 4: Mediterranean homesick blues. This episode got 9 out of 17 votes.

Heres a list containing the results for a 6 episodes:

                   Ep:1     Ep:2      Ep:3      Ep:4      Ep:5      Ep:6

Liked:            0          1            1           1          12          1

Disliked:        1          1            0           9           0           3

Q 2: Who were you happy/sad to see get eliminated?

the majority of you were happiest to see Leonard and Tammy eliminated. They got a total of 8 out of 17 votes.

The majority of you were saddest to see Laurie and Miles eliminated. They got a total of 9 out of 17 votes.

Heres a list containing the results for how all of you felt:

    Leonard and Tammy      Gerry and Pete      Mary and Ellody      Laurie and Miles

Happy:                 8                             0                          4                             0

Sad:                    0                             5                          0                             9

Q 3: Who was your favorite/least favorite team?

Favorite team overall: Crimson and Ennui. This team got 5 out of 17 votes.

Least favorite team: Leonard and Tammy. This team got 4 out of 17 votes.

Other teams that got votes:

                Tom and Jen    Sanders and MacArthur   Geoff and Brody   Ellody and Mary   Rock and Spud

Favorite:                      2                           4                               3                         0                       1

Least favorite:              1                           0                               0                         3                       2

Q 4: Who do you want out next?

The answer is a tie! Rock and Spud got 5 votes and though not all of you wanted them out, 5 of you voted Tom and Jen.

All of the results:

        Rock and Spud    Jen and Tom    Jay and Mickey    Ryan and Stephanie

                  5                       5                      4                           3

Q 5: Who do you want to win?

The team that most people want to see win is: Sanders and MacArthur! They got 5 out of 17 votes.

The teams that got votes are:

Jen and Tom    Crimson and Ennui   Jacques and Josee   Geoff and Brody   Noah and Owen   Emma and Kitty

 2                             4                             2                         2                         1                         1

(Can't get those numbers lined up ^ sorry)

Thats it for now! Be sure to check back Saturday for week 2's poll!

Thanks for answering! :)

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