Hey hey! So I've never written any kind of review before so I'm not exactly sure how I want to do this. I think I'll just talk about the characters I liked/dislike the most (I'm not going to cover all of them), and then say how I felt about the plot..Now that I think about, that's exactly waht your supposed to do in a review...*Ahem* So, yeah, let's get started!

1 Crimson and Ennui: So at the beginning of the series, I wasn't really sure what to think of these two. To be honest, I thought they would be one of the first three out. Now, however, I completley understand why people love this duo. They are absolutley amazing. I won't say anything crazy, like, "I want them to win", but I wouldn't mind if they stuck around for at least ten more episodes.

2 Tom and Jen: OK, I freaking adore Tom and Jen, in fact, they're probably my pick to win, but the fact that they did not get a penalty is a bit upsetting. I'm not gonna rant to much about this because even if they had gotten a penalty they would still be in the race but C'mon writers! Don't play favorites.

3 Dwayne and Junior: I'm one of the few people who really wanted to like Dwayne. I really did. But he needs to go. Now. Either let Laurie smack some sense into him or let him get out next. And it stinks because Junior is really growing on me. Oh well, I can only handle so many annoying characters. I'm looking at you Spud and Taylor.

4 Rock and Spud: Yay! We saw them for more the two seconds!...And now we all dislike Spud(Spud is the large one, Right?). Yeah, I'm over this team. would not be sad if they got out next. Also, Rock looks like Bret MIchaels. --------->

5 Chet and Lorenzo: Yes, I know. I'm one of those weird people who like Chet and Lorenzo. I just really want them to end up being good friends. I feel like they could dominate this game if they worked together.

6 Taylor and kelly: I still don't understand why people like this duo. I mean, if you do cool, that's completely fine. But Taylor annoys me to no end. I'll say the same thing that I said to Dwayne, develop or go home.

7 Stephanie and Ryan: I don't know how I feel about this duo just yet. I'm leaning towards liking them, but it will depend on how they develop. But Stephanie had some pretty funny lines though!

8 Laurie and Mile: Wow. Just wow. At the start of the episode I thought they would get out, but that didn't bother me to bad because I did not care for them to much. Then I got to the end of the episode. I screamed in frustration when they came in last and laughed with joy when I found out they were not really gone. In one episode, these two became one of my favorite teams. Absolutly golden characters that I can't wait to see more of. I'm gonna call it here, Laurie and MIles will at least get to top three.

Now for the actual episode:I loved it. best one yet. Good humour, suspenseful plot(to me at least) and new character dynamics. I'd give it an 9 out of 10. Can't wait to see the next episode.

Well, this was a bit choppy for my first review. Any tips are appriciated! Thanks for reading! :)

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