Hey guys! So as we all know TDAS isn't exactly the best season of total drama for numerous reasons *cough* MikeAndZoeyFinalTwo *cough* CourtneyEpisode *cough*. So I got to thinking the other day, I thought to myself "Is there anyway possible, givin the cast picked for TDAS, that TDAS could have actually been enjoyable?". And then it hit me. Yes. Even with that particular cast, TDAS could have been amazing.

How? Well, let's assume that Lindsay did not get out first..In fact, let's say she got to final four. Seasons already looking better, isn't it? Well let's go a step further. We'll just go ahead and say the final four for TDAS consisted of Lindsay, Courtney, Gwen and Sierra. Assuming of course 1: The Courtney episode never happened. So Courtney and Gwen are friends. 2: Sierra was not so obsessed with Cody and actually played the game with strategy. 3: Lindsay did not get voted out first.

Bam. Seasons gold. I know there are people who don't care for a few of those characters, but you gotta admit, a finale with any of those characters would be pretty sweet.

Anyways, what do you guy's think? Do you agree? DO you hate the idea, or have a better one? Tell me what you think. If you guys think this is cool I may do some more, I just made this account today so I honestly have no idea what I'm doing with anything. In fact, if you guys have any tips for me they're much appreciated!

Thanks for reading! :)

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