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    Well, the voting is over and I received an astounding amount of 28 votes. Thank you guys so much for giving me your input! So lets get to the results!

    Q 1: What was your favorite / least favorite episode?

    Most popular episode: A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket. Nine people liked it and two people disliked it

    2nd: I Love Ridonc & Roll. Nine liked and four disliked.

    3rd: Hello and Dubai. Five liked and 3 disliked.

    4th: Hawaiian Honeyruin. Three liked and four disliked.

    Least favorite: New Beijinging. One person liked it and 11 people disliked it.

    Q 2: Who were you happy / sad to see get eliminated?

    1: Tom and Jen. Five people were happy to see them go while 15 people were sad to see them go.

    2: Kelly and Taylor. They were tied with 7 people…

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  • SwankyZircon

    Week two of TRR is over everyone! I gotta say I really enjoyed this week. But we aren't here to talk about how I feel, we're here to talk about all of your opinions. I've come up with five questions and listed them all below. All I want you guy's/girl's to do is answer each question below in the comments. Monday morning I'll post all of the results. So let's get started!

    Q 1: What was your favorite / least favorite episode?

    1: A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket

    2: Hawaiian Honeyruin

    3: Hello and Dubai

    4: New Beijinging

    5: I Love Ridonc & Roll

    Q 2: Who were you happy / sad to see get eliminated?

    1: Jen and Tom

    2: Kelly and Taylor

    3: Mickey and Jay

    Q 3: Who was your favorite / least favorite team?

    1: Brody and Geoff

    2: Carrie and Devin

    3: Chet an…

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    Well, 17 people sent me in answers and honestly thats more people then I expected so I'll definitely make anther one at the end of the week. Some of you gave multiple answers so I wasn't exactly sure what to do with that. So, let's see the results! :)

    Q 1: What was your favorite/least favorite episode?

    The most popular episode was episode 5: Bjorken Telephone. This was by far the most popular episode earning 12 out of the 17 votes. You guys really liked this one.

    The least popular episode was episode 4: Mediterranean homesick blues. This episode got 9 out of 17 votes.

    Heres a list containing the results for a 6 episodes:

                       Ep:1     Ep:2      Ep:3      Ep:4      Ep:5      Ep:6

    Liked:            0          1            1          …

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    Our first week of The Ridonculous Race is complete so I'd thought I would make a poll to see how you guy's and girl's felt about the first six episodes. I'm not sure how to link a poll so I'll just ask the questions here and all of you can leave your responses in the comments. Let's get started!

    Q 1: What was your favorite episode/ Least favorite episode?

    1: None Down, Eighteen to go - part 1

    2: None Down, Eighteen to go - part 2

    3: French is an Eiffel language

    4: Mediterranean homesick blues

    5: Bjorken Telephone

    6: Brazilian pain forest

    Q 2: Who were you happy/sad to see get eliminated?

    1: Leonard and Tammy

    2: Gerry and Pete

    3: Ellody and Mary

    4: Laurie and Miles

    Q 3: Who was your favorite/ least favorite team?

    1: Leonard and Tammy

    2: Gerry and Pete

    3: E…

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    Hey hey! So I've never written any kind of review before so I'm not exactly sure how I want to do this. I think I'll just talk about the characters I liked/dislike the most (I'm not going to cover all of them), and then say how I felt about the plot..Now that I think about, that's exactly waht your supposed to do in a review...*Ahem* So, yeah, let's get started!

    1 Crimson and Ennui: So at the beginning of the series, I wasn't really sure what to think of these two. To be honest, I thought they would be one of the first three out. Now, however, I completley understand why people love this duo. They are absolutley amazing. I won't say anything crazy, like, "I want them to win", but I wouldn't mind if they stuck around for at least ten more ep…

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