Just something I thought I'd do for the characters I entered into Dinopoke10's TDSYOC series: Zora, Marty, Cleveland and Paige.

Zora's Audition

Camera turns on inside a large circus tent as Zora flips down, landing in front. She takes a quick bow.

Zora: Thank you, thank you. Greetings Total Drama people. My name is Zora, famous acrobat, contortionist, animal trainer and part time bearded lady at the world famous Carnum and Haley Circus! She spreads her arms out as a pole falls over in the background.

Zora: Okay so we've seen better days. Still it's a really great place to be. Lived here all my life.

The sound of an elephant comes just off screen.

Zora: That was Fifi. She's kind of like my pet. Fifi, I'll take you out in just a minute. Anyway I'd really love to be on your show to win that million dollars. It'd go a long way to helping improve things around here and to shut up all those people who say that circuses are dangerous or cruel to animals.

She turns her attention to two female protestors with signs standing in the entrance.

Zora: I thought I told you to scram! Anyway like I was saying...

Fifi's trumpet sounds again from off camera.

Zora: Mommy is losing her patients Fifi. I'm trying to get on this show so you won't end up at an animal sanctuary and everyone here loses their jobs!

Recomposing herself she turns back to the camera.

Zora: So if you want this season to have more excitement than you can shake a stick at give me a call and I'll show you what the greatest show on earth has to offer. Fifi Nooooo!

A large shadow looms over the camera as the video shuts off, the audio still on however.

Zora:Oh Fifi, bad girl. You couldn't hold it for five minutes? Fritzie, bring some shovels. I hope the recording at least survived. Jeez, no more circus peanuts for you young lady.

End of Audition

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