k so here are some pet peeves I have about td or their fans (including me):

1. When people are clueless about antagonists. *coughcough*almosteveryoneinallstarsespeciallyzoey*coughcough*

2. When people think opinions should be based on placements.

3. "Dott"

4. Mike

5. When people confuse being eliminated early and fodders.

6. People who hate the beautiful Staci ;-;

7. When people hate people JUST because they didn't do well.

8. Dave.

9. When TD makes mutants.

10. The mutants in general.

11. When people hate Sugar solely because of Ella.

12. The love for Scarlett Fever.

13. When people compare TDPI to TDWT or TDI.

14. When people hate Beth cause she's ugly.

15. When people hate B only cause he doesn't His inventions and ideas were cool and interesting to watch!!

16. Stupid gags, like Max and Ezekiel.

17. Character derailment. *coughcough*trent*coughcough*

18. When episodes are too predictable.

19. When the writers were lazy with Noah's intros. (tied up with chef? walking with Leshawna> k den...)

20. The undeserved hate for Owen. He wasn't an old gag to me. His intereactions with Izzy and Noah were amazing.

Basically, the list for things I love about td would be way too long. TD is an amazing show, and I think it's going well. Just a couple things ;) (most things were about some fans anyway) AND SORRY if you fall into any of those categories, I don't hate you or anything!!!!!! It's mostly just about my opinions, sorry. hehe ;)

Comment about mine and tell me yours! I am interested ;)

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