honestly, rr doesn't sound as exciting as season 7, probably because i love Survivor soooo much, and total drama is like a mix of survivor and other shows that are amazing from when i was younger. it's more mature than a normal cartoon (of course, you have adult cartoons, but excluding those), but something you can show people who probably don't like shows like Survivor. ANYWAY, I wanted to say ideas i think they should do for season 7.

My favorite idea

An average season. This may sound weird, but I want a normal season with 18 (not 14 again) to 22 contestants form characters from each generation. It would be so awesome, because we havent had a season with gen 3 yet with people from a previous season, so ye, it would be cool.

Revival season

Another amazing idea I sprouted (not that complicated lol), but a seasoon full of people who were not successful during their run(s) on total drama. Basically it.


We decide the cast! The fans vote for what the cast will be and the writers work with it. :) ye!

somoe people write paragraphs about stuff but i just put it short because idk what elseo to say lol

o yea

a season full of stacis

Which season would you like to see?

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