Everyone is super excited for le Ridonculous Race (idk if I spelled it right o well), but I keep thinking about the next Total Drama cast. I am pretty sure it will be all returning because the most recent was PI. This means contestants from basically any season can return, so I decided to make a blog about who I think would be in the season, setting aside opinions and other biased things. This is what I came up with (if the cast was 20):

Seasons 1-3


Owen- Yes, everyone hates Owen, but the writers love him. I wouldn't be very surprised if he came back, and there isn't much else to say except for that he is a successful player.

Heather- Heather is a player that the writers love putting in each season she can. She's entertaining and is different each season. I would not be surprised (once again) if the writers would choose her to come back.


Gwen- Yet again, another player the writers would love to put in. With her conflict with Heather, her many friendships, and other things, Gwen always has something to give to the season.


Duncan- Another one for the same reasons as Gwen, Owen and Heather. The writers love putting him in the season. Not much else to say....


Lindsay- Lindsay? But she was a fodder in AS! Yes, I know, but if you think about it, she is a writer's favorite. Let us see her placements....9th, 6th, 14th...pretty average. If you ask me, I think Lindsay isn't a big all-star, so just putting her in the season was a sign of being a favorite. But, Lindsay is a very entertaining character and I would be surprised if the left her out of the next season.


Trent- Trent was a screen hogger in the first few episodes of TDI and it was surprising that he wasn't in TDWT. Since he is such a big character, I think they would put him in the next season.


Sadie-Sadie didn't do very bad in TDI. Katie went out early, and Eva had to return to make it to the merge, so Sadie is the most successful out of the 3 who have only been in TDI. This is more for the reasonable part, I am not sure if the writers would put her without Katie, but this would give her a second chance to develop without her BFFFL, Katie.


Alejandro- Alejandro, the only guy from generation 1.5. He is a very big character and was a villain in his debuting season, so I would be surprised if they left him out.

Season 4-5


Mike- It pains me to put me here....but he's a writer's favorite. Even if he is just boring old Mike now, I can still see the writers putting him in.


Zoey- Being the most successful 2nd generation character, it wouldn't be surprising to put her in this list.


Scott- Scott was a villain, and villains usually return...except Justin...and plus, he did well in his first two seasons, too.


Cameron- Cameron was a good player in his first two seasons and was another memorable player.


AnneMaria- I heard that AnneMaria was originally going to be in AS. Not sure if that's true or not, but I can see her returning. She had a big part in ROTI (kinda).


Dawn- I've seen many people ask for Dawn to return, and many people were upset with her elimination. It would be weird for Dawn to not return.


Brick- Brick is another favorite and he did adequate in ROTI. So.......why not return?

Season 5.2/6


Shawn- A pretty obvious choice, since he was a finalist.


Sky- Once again, finalist.


Sugar- Being an antagonist, Sugar has very high odds of returning.


Jasmine- Jasmine was an important character in PI, so her returning wouldn't be surprising.


Leonard- Leonard? So...I went through this list and found many successful competitors...and pretty much 0 fodders. A TD season always has fodders, so why not carry on the tradition? And I chose Leonard for his funny interactions with Sugar (the writers could work with that) and because....of magic!!

so, tell me what you think, k? ;) AND REMEMBER: staci is queen

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