SEE THAT AMAZING PICTURE UP DERE? that was made by this guy.

This will change right when i finish this but eh, might as well. let us begin.

Backstabbers Ahoy (7)
52. Mike; Is this a reality show?
Yes, I know this is a cartoon, but isn't this supposed to be a reality show? How are they filming in his brain? Why do i want to watch mike and his stupid alternate personalities walk on his brain? does it hurt? STOP filming in his head. This is a reality show. And don't get me started on Mal.

Anti dave pin
51. Dave; He has a strange mouth.
Pathetic. He signed up for Total Drama, not the Bachelorette. When he howled with the wolves...oh my gosh he's crazier than Izzy! This whole "Skave" thing makes me wanna eat Bridgette's puke. His mouth is also positioned weird, probably because of his horrible attitude. Beardo and Leonard are way better than you, Dave.

50. Max; I just...can't...I can't even.
Do people act like this? Who is in high school and says "EVIL" like that and practices villainous laughs? I have never met one in my life, and this gag makes me want to gag. I love his voice and his voice actor seems funny, but man, Max is so weird. Never met a kid like him. Did I say kid? I meant teen. Wait...this guy's a teen? Do teens really act like that? I don't know, but this little plump purple-haired villain is cray.

E Audition
49. Ezekiel; What happened?
Honestly, Ezekiel didn't really bother me too much in TDI, but as the series went on....he turned creepy. He is Shawn's worst nightmare. If this guy (which, according to Ezekiel, are stronger than girls) was in your room at night, I would be scared. And really, if you spent time in the plane, would you really turn into that? That's scary!! This guy cray. Don't you think he'd return to normal after getting out of the plane?? I sure hope so....if there is on thing Ezekiel taught me, never stay in a plane or you be guaranteed to turn spooky...

48. Amy; Why you gotta be so rude?
Amy is just mean. Most "unlikable" players (Heather, Alejandro, Scott) don't bother me too much (Scott maybe), but Amy just got on my nerves. Samey was prettier than her. A mole makes her prettier? Amy, your opinion is cray. You need to realize you're not the best and stop. Just stop. Seriously. Stop. No one likes you. Stop. Now. Stop now. STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Topher host
47. Topher; Y u try 2 ruin chris?
Ah, Topher. Seems like either you love him or you hate him. He tried to ruin Chris! Why? Because all he is is a wannabe. He had horrible gameplay and floated, only wanting to be there to steal Chris's spot. He is no contestant...he is a STEALER. A failing STEALER. A stealing contestant. A theft. A lonely camper who wants to be in charge. Well ya know what, Topher? Chris is the boss. Not you.

Sky drinks
46. Sky; Thanks a lot, Dave.
I normally don't base opinions on what other people do, but the way Dave was always with Sky made me dislike Sky. Sky mostly mentioned Dave, and personally, I thought she looked like a bunch of body parts from past players in one person. I did like her with Sugar, that was hilarious, but she was basically just a Zoey 2.0.

45. Trent; Oh no.........
Trent was an adequate player in TDI, but he was so annoying in TDA. His obsessions with 9 and Gwen was embarrassing. I didn't like him in TDA, and if he was like the way he was in TDI in TDA, then I might've liked him more, but Trent didn't have a very good run in TDA.........

44. Justin; Eh....
Justin was really boring in TDI, and he wasn't a very exciting antagonist in TDA. Nothing else much to say about him. Overall, he is a boring character. Sorry Justin:P

Gwen gets a new conf pose wow
43. Gwen; I don't think she had a lot of screen time.
Gwen is a popular character, but ever since I first saw The Big Sleep, I didn't like her because over half the episode was her. She got so much screen time in TDA and TDWT AND TDAS, but unlike other screenhoggers, some of the confessionals were pointless and she didn't  really grow on me a lot.I liked Duncan and Courtney together, and then in TDAS she said they weren't dating at the time, which was a horrible excuse, because they clearly were. Shortly, she got a lot of screen time and sometimes she annoyed me. (I do admit, a few episodes I liked her).

42. Dakota; K den...sorry..
This sounds weird, but I really want to like Dakota, but for some reason, her gags get annoying. The whole texting the people to take pictures of her, her screaming, and other things can get annoying sometimes. She isn't a bad character, it's just sometimes her voice and attention-seeking can irk me a little.

Snapshot 2009-02-15 22-44-35
41. Harold; I like his burger shirt.
I apologize for anyone who read the hint, but this was a last minute change of mind. Harold can be funny with the things he says, and how he is pathetic, yet sometimes he is a hero. But at the same time, Harold can be annoying. It may just be me, though, because I see a lot of people like Harold, but I never liked Harold a lot. We do have one thing in common, though: we are fellow Leshawna fans.

File:Duncan cameo 3.jpg
Duncan was great in TDI, but slowly, he started getting annoying, which is disappointing because he was cool in the first season. TDWT and TDAS weren't the best seasons for him in my opinion. Nothing else really to say.

39. Shawn; Can you please talk about something else?
Shawn is very kind and has a good personality, so he could've been high on this list...but man....he cannot shut up about zombies, which really annoyed me. That gag is one of the most annoying gags, which is disappointing, because Shawn is a pretty cool guy. If he just talks more about other stuff, he could become a favorite of mine.

3...2...1 clucky
38. Rodney; Those overalls are sweg.
Rodney was pretty silly with his falling in love. He sure was cray to believe he had that many girlfriends. Overall, not a bad character, but here's a bad thing: he is very forgettable. When I am bored, sometimes I like to remember all the TD contestants, and he is usually the last one I remember. Not bad, but forgettable.

37. Scott; Why? Y u do dis?
Scott got rid of two of my favorite characters in ROTI, and his attitude is horrible. He isn't a very bad character, though. His relationship with Courtney is stupid, but it is funny when he gets hurt. I love his comment on Chris's butt chin, and I think he can be funny at times, but really, stahp getting rid of my favorites in ROTI...(he did, but only because ROTI is over)...

36. Jo; Jo rhymes with toe.
I didn't like Jo in ROTI. She just wasn't that enjoyable. However, All-Stars came around, and they really made her better. I wouldn't say she was perfect, but better than ROTI. She was too a bad way..

IMG 0979
35. Blaineley; The elderly one.
Blaineley is the only non-teenager to compete, and she is old and stuff. Her personality is horrible, but I put her so high up on this list because she is a failure. It was so funny watching her fail. Thank you Blaineley for the laughs!

34. Katie; The athletic BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFL.
Katie is hilarious. I wish she would've been in more episodes. She could also be annoying, but was very awesome in Dodgebrawl.I wouldn't say she's as funny as Sadie, but she had some funny moments.

33. Scarlett; Why didn't you stay the same!?
I hope I'm not the only one, but I hate how TDPI made movie stereotypes, it is so stupid. I hate the real Scarlett, it is the stupidest thing ever. Nobody really says "EVIL" like that, it makes me so so mad. HOWEVER, she is not at the bottom of my list, only because the old Scarlett was so special. She could've been in my top 10, but she moved down so much thanks to her "stereotype." I really liked the fake Scarlett better...

32. Sadie; Sadie, u cray.
Sadie is hilarious, but she, like Katie, had a couple annoying times. I put her higher than Katie because I find her funnier. I also didn't put them together because they are separate people. I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but during her mute times on TDI, whenever the boys did something to Harold, while Courtney and Bridgette felt bad, Sadie kinda laughed a little. It actually did kind of prove she did have a personality, even if it was something very small.

31. Zoey; How do you fall in love with Mike...
Mike is a very stupid person, so Zoey falling in love with Mike after....looking at his face? Really? Anyway, Zoey has an innocent personality, and I don't mind her as much as other people. I love her design and I like her innocence. I still don't think she's an awesome character, but she is a good character.

Truth or Laser Shark (6)
30. Brick; I DUNNO!
I DUNNO! is one of favorite quotes. Overall, Brick is a good player. He is nice and a great team player. Every once in a while he was a bit boring, but his interactions with Jo were silly. And that unibrow<3

Hint for #29. Someone who is in a deep one-sided attraction with someone.