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  • Survivorpanda

    Leshawna did nothing wrong in Total Drama Action...she was exactly the same as she was in Total Drama Island. I still have no idea why some people disliked her and why her hate is "justified." She tried to make an alliance, something normally people don't do (except villains), and I thought that was super kewl. And I swear, if a some people hate her because she lied, that would be the STUPIDEST reason ever. Please explain :) Thanks!

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  • Survivorpanda

    ik 2 blogs in the same 20 minutes but i just had a thought

    if the female total drama contestants+ridonculous race peoples did a bad blood music video like taylor swift, what would you label them and why?

    some of mine:

    Eva-The Destroyer

    Leshawna-Large and in Charge

    Sadie-The Fat Rider

    Katie-The Skinny Rider

    Jasmine-something that is fun to say in an australian accent

    Lindsay&Kitty-keep them away from the weapons

    Blaineley-that one person you put in the front so they die first

    Tammy-keep the twinkies out of her reach

    AND LAST NOT BUT LEAST............


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  • Survivorpanda

    Hey guys, so I've recently been doing a "making a custom cast" series thing idk what you call it, and I decided to make a blog based off of my third one. You have to pick your 8 favorite girls and 8 favorite boys and that would be the cast. You couldn't replace anyone if you thought it would be uninteresting or anything, I go :) I'll give you who they are and my thoughts on them :)


    Bridgette is amazing! I was pretty young (idk how old lol) when I started watching this show, and she was my favorite right away. Yea, she spent most of TDA and TDWT either making out or talking about Geoff (I used to be obsessed with them lol...not in a creepy way...lately though i havent liked geoff as much), but she is still such a sweethear…

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  • Survivorpanda

    1 was pretty simple, and 2 was a bit more complex.


    I'm gonna make it even simpler than the first one.

    Pick your 8 favorite female contestants, and 8 favorite male contestants of the series.

    You cannot, however, replace one to make it more "interesting", or anything like that, just put your 8 favorite boys and girls and see what comes out.

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  • Survivorpanda

    honestly, rr doesn't sound as exciting as season 7, probably because i love Survivor soooo much, and total drama is like a mix of survivor and other shows that are amazing from when i was younger. it's more mature than a normal cartoon (of course, you have adult cartoons, but excluding those), but something you can show people who probably don't like shows like Survivor. ANYWAY, I wanted to say ideas i think they should do for season 7.

    An average season. This may sound weird, but I want a normal season with 18 (not 14 again) to 22 contestants form characters from each generation. It would be so awesome, because we havent had a season with gen 3 yet with people from a previous season, so ye, it would be cool.

    Another amazing idea I sprouted …

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