Salutations. I have made this blog post to ask some of you some questions that are all related. Are there any challenges in any of the seasons that you feel they should have had? If so, what would happen to the plot if that challenge was created? Between which episodes will it take place? Who would win the challenge? Who would be eliminated, or would it be a non-elimination episode? If it's a reward challenge, what's the reward? How would the rest of the season be changed if your episode was in the plot? If you can, try to think of a new challenge and a name for it for every season.

Example: (Just an example of mine for you to know how it's done)

TDWT: Canyon See What I See? It would take place between Jamaica Me Sweat and I See London. It would be inside the Grand Canyon, and the challenge would be to cross the canyon with a few supplies. It would be a reward challenge. Some of the plot would be that Noah would tell others about Alejandro being evil earlier than he did. Team Amazon will try to get to the end, with being a little unlucky with Cody accidentally getting a few bites, and Sierra trying to help him. Heather and Alejandro will have a few moments together on the way to the end. Team Chris would win the challenge, and gets a lot of waters, and other sorts of drinks. Not much would change in the rest of the season, and the eliminations will remain the same.

Now that you've seen one of my ideas, I want to hear some of yours. Put some of your ideas in the comments below.

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