The Who
TDA The Who Tribute
Character Band member job/role
Cody Roger Daltrey Singer
Ezekiel John Entwistle Bassist
Trent Pete Townshend Guitarist
Tyler Keith Moon Drummer
This one needs to be fixed


  • Woodstock/Abbie Hoffman incidence: At one point while the Who where performing @ Woodstock, a political guy named Abbie Hoffman (played by Noah) gets on stage and protests about the inprisonment of John Sinclair. He picked the wrong time for protest, it's not because Woodstock was meant for 3 days of love, peace & music, but because the Who were performing. If you get onstage while the Who are performing, you might have a near death experience from Pete Townshend. Pete hit Hoffman with his guitar and knocked him off the stage, and warned every one else that anyone else who comes on the stage while the Who perform have a death wish. The thing is, Pete just wants to perform and get done with it, and he doesn't want any interuptions for any reason.
  • Another incident of someone coming onstage and getting injured while the Who perform is when a policeman warned the band about some fire: Pete kicked the policeman in the un-mentionables.


Cody & Roger

  • Blue-eyed.
  • Both Know how to keep a group together.

Trent & Pete

  • Both play guitar.

Tyler & Keith

  • Brown-eyed.

Ezekiel & John

  • Both seem like quiet "sidemen".

That's all I can think of right off top of my head.

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