The Who
TDA The Who Tribute
Character Band member job/role
Cody Roger Daltrey Singer
Ezekiel John Entwistle Bassist
Trent Pete Townshend Guitarist
Tyler Keith Moon Drummer

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- Note: Izzy is alot like Keith When it comes to destruction.

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Some songs by the Who:

  • Won't Get Fooled Again
  • Who Are You?
  • Baba O'Riley (aka "Teenage Wasteland")
  • My Generation
  • I Can See For Miles
  • Happy Jack
  • Magic Bus
  • Pinball Wizard
  • See Me, Feel Me (aka "Listning to You")
  • Behind Blue Eyes
  • The Acid Queen
  • Substitute
  • The Kids Are Alright
  • I'm A Boy
  • 5:15
  • Squeezebox

The Band

Keith Moon

Born: August 23, 1946, living in Wembley, England

Died: September 7, 1978 in London, England (drug overdose).

Role: Drummer

Keith was the youngest and most destructive member on the Who. On stage he would destroy his drums after the show. One time on Smother Brothers Comedy Hour, after playing "My Generation", his drums (which were loaded with explosives) went off and caused: 1. Pete Townshend's hair to catch on fire, 2. A piece of the cymbol to cut into his own arm, and 3. Pete Townshend to have perminant tinnitus (partial deafness). Other than playing drums, Keith's favorite calling card was to blow up the toilets by flushing powerful explosives (I'm not making this up), and this got the Who banned from a chain of hotels for life. He was also a big Beach Boys fanatic.

John Entwistle

Born: October 9, 1944 in Chiswick, London, England.

Died: June 27, 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada (heart attackand possible cocain)

Role: Bass

John (nicknamed "the Ox"), was although seemingly calm on stage, was actually as loud as the others. Because of his fast string plucking, fans dubbed hin "Thunderfingers". Unlike Pete & Keith, John didn't destroy his equipment, so while they were destroying their gear, John just stood (and watched?). He had 4 bass "solos" on "My Generation", and had partial volcal parts on the Who's version of "Summertime Blues". Believe it or not, he in a way helped Keith blow up toilets because Keith had him hold the matches (I don't know how Keith talked him into this).

Pete Townshend

Born: May 19, 1945 in London, England.

Role: Guitarist, main song writer.

Pete was not only the 1st guitarist to use "the Windmill" move, he was the Who's main songwriter. Some examples are "My Generation", "Won't Get Fooled Again", "Behind Blue Eyes", "I Can See For Miles", "Who Are You",etc. His guitar smashing gimmick was originally unintended. At one gig, the neck of his guitar snapped due to getting caught in the low ceiling. The crowd laughed at him and out of frustration, he smashed his guitar, and picked up a twelve string and played it. He is partially deaf due to an incident where Keith's drums exploded (see Keith's bio above). He also wrote the rock opera called Tommy, a story about a deaf, dumb and blind boy who becomes a pinball wizard (see the blog post titled "The Who") .

Roger Daltrey

Born: March 1, 1944 in Hammersmith, London, England.

Role: Lead singer.

Roger was the oldest member of the Who, and was originally the lead guitarist (with Pete as the rythem guitarist) before they were known as the Who. He had tried to keep the band away from drugs and alcohol because he thought it would ruin the band. He even flushed some of Keith's pills down a toilet (which Keith had punched him for). Ironically he smoked pot later on. His trademark/gimmick was swinging his microphone around like a laso. He played the lead role in the Tommy 1975 rock opera film as Tommy Walker. He has guest stared on an episode of That 70s Show as Fez's music instructer ( in the episode called That 70s Musical). He also guest stared in an episode of CSI [please note that I don't like CSI, so I don't know what his role was or which CSI series it was so don't ask].

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