The Who
TDA The Who Tribute
Character Band member job/role
Cody Roger Daltrey Singer
Ezekiel John Entwistle Bassist
Trent Pete Townshend Guitarist
Tyler Keith Moon Drummer

Tommy rock opera

This is now open for opinions fo characters on the Who's rock opera film Tommy. Rated PG, made in 1975

For information about the film and the rock opera look on wikipedia, imdb, or any other informative website.

Here's the story: Tommy's dad, RAF Group Captin Walker is away fighting in World War 2. His airplain is shot down before Tommy is born. His mom, Nora Walker, recieves news while at work in a munitions factory filling bombs with ball bearings. She then gives birth to Tommy. She believes that her husband is dead for nearly 6 years. She meets Frank Hobbs at a holiday camp and starts a relationship with him

However, Capt. Walker had survived the crash and returns home one night. Tommy follows him to the bedroom where Walker sees Nora & Hobbs in each others' arms. Tommy then sees Hobbs kill Capt Walker by smashing a lamp on his head. (In the original album version, Walker confronts Nora and Kills Hobbs). Tommy is then told that he "didn't hear it, didn't see it" and "won't say nothing to no-one". As a result, Tommy becomes deaf, dumb, and blind to avoid it.

The film jumps ahead 10 years, and Tommy (who is now a young adult), is taken to by his mom & step-dad on various attempts to cure him, including a religious cult (centered on Marilyn Monroe from The 7 Year Itch), and the Acid Queen, a prostitute dealing with LSD who sends Tommy on a wild trip that ultimately fails to awaken him. Meanwhile, his parents are somewhat negligent of Tommy, and leave him in the hands of his sadistic cousin Kevin, who beats him, and his uncle Ernie, who molests him.

Tommy's only stimulus seems to come from a long mirror that he stands and stares into. Led alone into a junkyard at night by a vision of himself (he's under trauma, people), Tommy comes into contact with a device that'll change his life forever. A pinball machine amoung the scattered scrap metal junkyard allows Tommy to rise to national prominence and fame. Tommy's pinball prowess and defeat of the local champ transforms him into a folk hero.

Nora and Frank take Tommy to a medical specialist, who confirms that Tommy's problems are psychosomatic. Filled with guilt and anger, Tommy's mom throws him into the mirror he stares to, shattering it. the violent act wakes Tommy into normality once more. He uses his new awareness to try to bring enlightenment to people. He starts giving speeches and enlightening people by canvassing. Tommy's step-dad exploits him to make money, and eventually Tommy becomes a worldwide religious icon.

Tommy starts his own holiday camp, one that caters his cult; but the mob soon rebels against his strict rules and fervor. They burn down the camp, killing Tommy's mom and stepdad in the process. Tommy is left alone, but with a greater sense of self-awareness as he faces a new dawn.

I recommend seeking information on wikipedia and/or the imdb before commenting.


  • Cody: Tommy Walker (portrayed by Roger Daltrey)
  • Bridgette: Mrs. Walker
  • DJ: Capt. Walker (possibly)
  • Geoff: Frank Hobbs
  • Tyler: Uncle Ernie and Keith Moon (both portrayed by Keith Moon)
  • Trent: Pete Townshend (himself)
  • Ezekiel: John Entwistle (himself)
  • LeShawna: the Gypsy (akka the Acid Queen; portrayed by Tina Turner)
  • Katie & Sadie: the Nurses
  • Noah: the Specialist
  • Harold: the Preacher (portrayed by Eric Clapton)
  • Duncan: Cousin Kevin
  • Beth: Sally Simpson
  • Owen: the frankenstien-like rock star that Sally Simpson Marries.
  • Simon (from the Chipmunks): The Champ (portrayed by Elton John);(I can't think of any good TDA character good enough to fill the role, ok)
  • More than likely, every one else will have background roles (the people at the church, the crowd in the pinball challenge, protesting croud, etc).

this is a work in progress

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