Cool Ideas

Mr. Roboto/Kilroy was here

Note: I have the "Kilroy Was Here" Styx album, but I haven't seen the short film featuring the members of Styx in their 1983/classic line up.

  • Cody as Jonathan Chance because I think Cody would make a good Tommy Shaw.
  • Harold as Kilroy because like Dennis DeYoung, Harold is good at keyboards.
  • Ezekiel as Lt. Vanish because I imagine him as Chuck Panozzo.
  • Tyler as Col. Hyde because I imagine him as John Panozzo.
  • I wanted Trent to be Dr. Righteous because I think he'd make a good James "JY" Young, but since he won't be participating, the role either goes to Noah or Alejandro because Dr. Righteous is an antagonist.

I at least want a "Mr. Roboto" sequence.

For more info about Styx, look on Wikipedia, read Chuck Panozzo's autobiography, or go on Bing.

A Led Zeppelin Tribute

Although the 3 remaining members of Led Zeppelin don't really like their songs (especially "Stairway to Heaven") being used for "commercial" reasons (like movies and stuff), I hope there will be references if the creaters couldn't get any songs in. I don't have a tribute line up, but I hope that if there is a Zeppelin themed thing I want Cody to be included.

Pink Floyd The Wall

Ok, honestly "the Wall" is the weirdest movie I've ever seen. It is rated R for nudity, blood, cussing, sex, violence, and images not suitible for young children. If you plan on watching the movie, you may not get the idea the first time (trust me, I didn't get it at first).

Any way, it would be cool if it had references to things like Pink destroying his appartment, the "Another Brick in the Wall Part II' sequnce, the part where the young Pink puts a bullet on the train tracks, etc.

The Monkees

  • Cody as Davy because they're both short and hot.
  • Ezekiel as Mike Nesmith because of the hat.
  • Harold as Peter Tork because they're misunderstood
  • Tyler as Micky Dolenz, just because.

A cameo made by the band Rush

Well they are Canadian and I can picture Geddy Lee (the bassist, lead singer, and keyboardist)in Total Drama form.

Reference things

  • Someone driving a boat with their tongue (possibly Izzy), as a reference to Tommy Lee driving a boat with his unmentionables.
  • Someone imitating Cornholio, Beavis's alter ego.
  • "We Are the World" by USA for Africa
  • Duncan and Gwen go Grunge
  • Beavis and Butt-Head references
  • Duncan says disco sucks
  • "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen

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