Ok in this blog I'll be looking at characters who would be thought to make great main villains by most of the fan-base. However these characters probably wouldn't when analyzing their entire personality you'd understand why they wouldn't make a good villain. I'll update when I feel I know just what I need to say not on a specific schedule because that's not how my mind works. Now let's start


Ok this is a common mistake of the fanbase I LOATHE. Since they're mean they should be a main strategist is the biggest argument. Ok here's the thing about Amy she doesn't even care about winning she cares about how she looks and acts like a mean girl. Can she be smart and manipulative yes this was shown in Twinning Isn't Everything, however her main concern isn't winning she couldn't care less about the competition she cares about upstaging her sister as shown in her Audition tape. She wants to be on top and beat her sister at every little thing and acts like a spoiled brat. She'd reveal who she truly is within seconds unless like Heather she got people to stupid to understand she's bad or something it wouldn't work and the best undeveloped ally I could find would be Rodney which if she was an antagonist I could only picture her eliminating Sammy or Rodney. Another thing that was great about her was she played differently from the villains acting normal and showing strategy and being a bad person aren't directly related. If you go well she has potential I'll say yes she does. They could add more depth to her and show no one is naturally a bad person or abusive but having her as a strategist is an idea that would never end well. In fact it'd make her character more pathetic than she already is. Now let's say she were to be placed on a different team than Sammy still TD has 13-14 eps now so let's assume she merges after ep 7 any villain with that little time has gotten rid of VERY little people she can get rid of 2 then be eliminated for Sammy's development but wait she won't even be manipulative towards one target still she attacks the weakest member who does stay so she can continue hurting them throughout therefore Someone would just replace Sammy and she'd stay a pathetic Villain.

Anne Maria

Anne Maria was mean but if there's one thing she was not it's strategic she's luck to have been on a god-playing team and scott's sabotaging otherwise she'd have been gone in Ice Ice Baby or Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! she never helped her team is admired for "doing what she wants and sticking up for herself" and "her sass and how mean she is can get her far since it's mean"? SHE LITTERALLY WILLINGLY CHOSE NOT TO HELP HER OWN TEAM AND NEARLY LOST EVERYTHING FOR HER TEAM MULTIPLE TIMES SHE TOOK NOTHING FROM NO ONE WHICH CAN BE A GOOD TRAIT BUT IN HERE SHE LITTERALLY CONSTANTLY GOT HER WAY NOT PUTTING EFFORT INTO ANYTHING AND MAKING OTHER PEOPLE DO THE WORK FOR HER REWARDED FOR ACTING LIKE A BRAT IN REALITY SHE'S COMPLETE FODDER AND IF SHE WAS ELIMINATED THAT EARLY NO ONE WOULD LIKE HER! leave that sass out for a moment her and examine her character sass isn't always good just because it seems like a redeeming quality it doesn't make it always used correctly no matter what. let's see any other reason she should be a villain other than she's complete fodder? "But she was against the main protagonists and getting in the way of Mike x Zoey". Well let's see it wasn't a love triangle as of the fact mike wasn't officially together with Zoey whether or not he was somewhat hinting his feelings for her. He never explained to Zoey his illness she didn't get it and treated them terribly for it this is all Mike & Zoey's fault if mike were willing to have an honest non abusive relationship with this girl he "loved" and zoey just accepted she might not be that girl the conflict would have been avoided anne maria was as much of a contender as Dakota was (pre-development). She never hurt Zoey all that much at worst she was mean at times there's really nothing big about her.


Dave is well different. He's known for attempting murder in the finale but here's the problem with that argument murder is when the end goal is goal is to kill someone even if second hand murder that means you still tried to kill someone but hit the wrong target. What happened with Dave was trying to stop sky from winning he intended harm but not death he wanted to paralyze her. Did Sky nearly die yes was it Dave's fault well lots will argue that it is but last I checked sky throwing a temper tantrum is what caused the avalanche. Dave felt hurt because Sky used him and was almost traumatized and besides he nearly died in the PI finale but I see no one talk about that. He was happy to see she could've died-true happy to win-true but that doesn't equal attempted murder all that means is he hates her and even at that he's human and has breaking points he's supposed to be the guy the audience relate to and can feel bad for. He wasn't meant to be some psycho. Now he's not entirely normal I'll give you that but at worst his villainous traits last I checked sky was way more manipulative then he was and at worst he's arrogant, rude, and childish. These are bad traits yes but he's not the slightest bit worse than that so unless eh suddenly becomes manipulative and harsher and doesn't only hate on people he feels betrayed or annoyed by to an extent (literally only Leonard and sky) I don't think he should be a main strategist.


Ok I saw someone talking about how he'd be a great villain in the comments and have heard this a lot decided to do him next. Ok the problem with Duncan is he isn't strategic or manipulative he's a bully at worst. It's in his character to be honest as shown in TDI and TDA I loved the love triangle but Duncan isn't the type to cheat is the main problem with the love triangle. most of his personality was he's a villain on the out but soft inside wants to show he's bad but here's just the thing he isn't a manipulative person. He can keep secrets yes but he'd never trick anyone he attacks when he wants but he wants a bit of chaos and goes with his feeling. The few times he went with the game was in guys alliances and at worst one time was to pick on Harold and the other time he had no one he really liked on the girls side. Now TDA is unlike TDI yes but last I checked his development was being nice to Harold and treating him better as person. TDWT he um cheated on Courtney but he seemed to be pretty protagonist and good sided on that. IN AS well it lacked continuity but kinda flanderized his soft side he didn't want to show in TDI. So in conclusion yes, he's a mean person but he'd never attack anyone unless he had something against them.


Social Skills? No. Strategic or Manipulative? Nope. Does anyone care what she has to say truth or lie? Not the last time I checked until she threatened em? Is she threatening? yes does that make her a strategist being mean makes you smart and good at this game? NO! Eva isn't even good at hiding emotions I can't even picture her being a minor strategist like Jo. She has NOTHING but she's mean? ok think that'll get anyone far as a main strategist um it won't as best I can consider sugar a main villain but not strategist since sugar had no strategy and eva isn't even like sugar eva has a genuine issue and people think she's a super villain for it this annoys me when stuff like this happens


Now lightning isn't the brightest does that stop him from being a good villain no just look at Justin but unlike Justin he doesn't have as much depth and comes off more cocky he's the type who's to stupid to know what to do anything by itself and is competitive but at best that's what I see in him he's competitive I mean sure he shown a more antagonistic side in The Enchanted Franken-Forest but at the same time eliminating the biggest threat as your target when you have the chance is just common sense. To top it off he may love to be in charge but if he ever got the chance he'd screw his allies over in a second he isn't charismatic and at best he's got physical strength at least Justin was manipulative I just can't picture him being a villain in the show he's proven no point he could be great at least blaineley was smart and so were half the people on this list he's so dumb and to top it off he did terrible at challenges I mean last few maybe he was alright but to be fair he was up against scott and cam his best competition was zoey to sum it up he's not smart he's not manipulative not good at hiding anything and no good for allies he's mean and good at challenges against weak players making him bad but not a great strategist


Um ok her label is the compulsive liar so she must be mean and manipulative? um last I checked her lies were to impress people no one believed her she talked to much and wouldn't ever hurt anyone and wanted attention and to be loved so she's a villain? just as much as people need to look at traits they need to realize why they do what they do staci wouldn't hurt a fly but she lies a lot so she can be evil especially since no one believes her lies that's like saying someone who steals food to feed their family seems traitorous um not at all the case

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