Let's be honest this is better with keeping people who no longer have a plot having their stay. However this makes it obvious who is out once they finish the daters plot they kill them. the only ones who finished their original plot the sisters keep them in and had a last 2-5 episodes conflict with the ice skaters so you don't realize they're writers pets with no skill whatsoever. Since they want to keep them as long as they possibly can they will have devin say his feelings to carrie they start a relationship and get eliminated and though the sisters are writers pets there's there's no way they'd ever let them win when they have no point at all left and no plot also a old conflict they can mess with and the police cadets and the ice skaters that is also just great as a final 2 but obvious like heather/alejandro this is a different show but same writers who majorly improve but still predictable. Since it didn't come out early by a week which it always has on demand where I live except this week so I'm pretty sure we will still be voting on a winner in america. Since the main viewership is little kids very little they will only choose the "nicer" teams instead of the the better ones so

4th.Best friends


1st/2nd Police Cadets/Ice Dancers In America only I'm pretty sure will have this 2nd.Ice Dancers 1st.Police cadets remember just a prediction no real spoilers but i have never been more sure of it being true also not list blog since it mainly just says why they're going to get that place

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