One thing we keep forgetting about the ridonculous race is that it's a spinoff of total drama not total drama. Lot's of people are talking about there being an alternate ending but I doubt there even is one especially since 3 people were in the finale yes there was a halfway point but still. Also the writers never said anything about alternate endings but we marked macarthur and and sanders as if we know for a fact they get their ending. We don't this show has done quite a few things total drama would never do we cannot automatically assume it. I'd prefer not to trust it to do whatever total drama would do unless we have a source saying so that doesn't mean wait until you're proved wrong don't assume nless you have proof it does so far it came out in one country and fresh hasn't had a TRR blog in a while. Don't pretend we know it's going to happen find proof then talk about altrnate endings,

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