So, I'm gonna discuss my predictions for the upcoming 6th/7th season of Total Drama. I've been trying to get a good idea of who will be featured in the new season but obviously we can't be sure.


So, where would the season take place? Some would say they could go back to Pahkitew Island, but I'd rather have TD6 have a non-island setting. I don't see them going back to any other previous locations either, as the TD Jumbo Jet was blown up in TDWT and the writers seemed to have forgotten about TDA for the most part, so maybe a new place? I dunno yet.


HEERE'S the hard part. So first things first. I'm ASSUMING Season 6 is all returnees because an all-new cast would be unpredictable. Also while an Underdog season would be good, I don't see Fresh doing it as it would be kinda awkward to suddenly bring back a bunch of characters that were left for the dust. So, for the cast size I'm using a generous guess of 16 players. (a size that's in between the latest seasons of Total Drama and the upcoming Ridonculous Race.) 

Unresolved Conflicts

So first off when choosing the cast we should look at the major unresolved plots of the past few seasons, which IMO are:

  • Gwen/Scott/Courtney (I feel like this was only half-resolved)
  • Sky/Dave
  • Izzy/Owen (kinda????)
  • Heather/Jo (It wasn't a major conflict but it has potential)

So that gives us Gwen, Scott, Courtney, Sky, Dave, Izzy, Owen, Heather, and Jo. I think this is also reasonable because I believe most of these characters are well-liked by the writers. Owen is a stretch but if any TD character who appeared in RR is gonna come back for TD6, it's gonna be him. So sorry, but no Noah, Geoff, or Leonard. But this is only 9 characters out of 16. Who will the other 7 be?

Fan Favorites

So for Fan Favorites I tried to pick characters that seemed realistic. Brick, Dawn, Tyler, Lindsay and Noah, among others, are some major fan favorites of the series. I don't see Noah or Tyler coming back, Noah due to the reasons stated above and Tyler because... I dunno, I just don't see it. However, I can somewhat see Brick, Dawn, and Lindsay due to their massive followings. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, especially with Dawn, but I think they have a chance. 

Filling in the Blanks

So now we have 12 characters, who should the remaining two slots go to? Well, realistically, I think Shawn and Jasmine would return, as they were the main couple of TDPI and thus I think they're important enough to get another shot for the million. (even though Shawn already won.) I wouldn't mind seeing them again, but this isn't about what I want. This is about predictions. As for the final 2 slots, I'm going to give them to infamous "screenhogs" Duncan and Alejandro, as they are obviously well-liked by the writers and who knows, maybe we can get some development between Duncan and Courtney?.. Or they can continue to be enemies and nag at each other all the time again. I guess that works too. 


So, overall, this is my sorta prediction for Total Drama Season 6:


  • Gwen
  • Scott
  • Courtney
  • Sky
  • Dave
  • Owen
  • Izzy 
  • Heather
  • Jo
  • Brick
  • Dawn
  • Lindsay
  • Shawn
  • Jasmine
  • Duncan
  • Alejandro

Setting: Who-Knows-Where.

Now I realize that the female-to-male ratio is 9-to-7, but I don't see that as much of a problem and plus, half of the males in TDPI were fodder anyways. 

So, that's my prediction. Was it reasonable? I might expand on this prediction, but for now, that's a wrap! Good night everybody! 

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