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  • SuperSonicDarkness

    So, I'm gonna discuss my predictions for the upcoming 6th/7th season of Total Drama. I've been trying to get a good idea of who will be featured in the new season but obviously we can't be sure.

    So, where would the season take place? Some would say they could go back to Pahkitew Island, but I'd rather have TD6 have a non-island setting. I don't see them going back to any other previous locations either, as the TD Jumbo Jet was blown up in TDWT and the writers seemed to have forgotten about TDA for the most part, so maybe a new place? I dunno yet.

    HEERE'S the hard part. So first things first. I'm ASSUMING Season 6 is all returnees because an all-new cast would be unpredictable. Also while an Underdog season would be good, I don't see Fresh do…

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  • SuperSonicDarkness

    So, I'm kinda new here, but I thought I could maybe start a discussion! So, what are the characters from Total Drama (or the Ridonculous Race) that are liked by most of the community, but that you HATE?

    For me, I have to say that Samey is one of my least favorite characters in the series, and is my least favorite character from Pahkitew Island. Her character is so lazy because she uses the easiest method of making people feel sympathy for her: being put through constant pain and abuse and doing nothing else. She has a sibling rivalry with Amy and has literally no other character. Sure she was timid and she was friends with Jasmine, but without Amy, Samey would be just another generic character like Sky or Zoey. The thing is that Samey's plo…

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