• SuperMegaTaco69

    When Shawn's did his power ranking on who he wanted on his team for the final he ranked every at

    1. Jasmine (Not a shocker) 
    2. Rodney (Yeah this is fair, Rodney is a big guy) 
    3. Dave (Really? come on Shawn you know he not good at challenges) 
    4. Samey (WOW i didn't know Shawn looked at her as a strong player)
    5. Topher (Should be near the bottom) 
    6. Scarlett (She should be in the top four at least) 
    7. Amy (About the right place for her)
    8. Max (Should be near the bottom) 
    9. Beardo (About the right place for him)
    10. Sugar (should be higher) 
    11. Ella (poor Ella)
    12. Leonard (Even Shawn knows Leonard sucks)

    What i find weird about this is how high he put up Dave and Samey since both of them shown at challenges they where not very great, also it's weird how low he put Sugar and Scarlett …

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